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4th August, 2016

Recent Events 1st - 4th August 2016

Attack in Russel Square, London (3/8/16)

We would like to offer our condolences to those who were affected in the attack in Russell Square last night, we hope that those injured will recover quickly and the family of the bereaved will find the strength to endure their pain and loss; our thoughts are with you. 

According to the Police "mental health was a significant factor", in fact, though there were two "perpetrators", one of whom escaped on a motorbike; according to reports in the press. In spite of the claims that mental health has been put at the top of the Police motive list (no criminal motive, if insane, by definition) however the streets are to be flooded by anti-terror police, rather than mental health care professions.

Most people will be aware that in Europe there has been a widespread attempts, in particular, in Germany and Sweden, to either blame any attack, terror related or not on "mental health" issues or downgrade the attacks to limit their effect on the psyche of the populations. Understandably, this would be needed to limit retaliatory actions and maintain order, but hiding the truth which is then subsequently discovered or leaked only leads to a major loss of respect and credibility of, not only the Police and Security Forces, but also the government itself; leading to accusations of clamping down on our freedom, which is almost inevitably the end result.

All our governments since 1973 can be legitimately tarred with the same brush, in terms of collusion with Brussels to bringing about a European Federal State (Totalitarian Police State) in which the Britain ceases to exist either as a Nation or as a National identity (at least the English) through uncontrolled mass migration. 

In Particular, since 1997 there has been an ongoing, massive loss of credibility from the New Labour years, through the ConDem coalition and the Tory Party governments in terms its duty to protect its citizen's when these successive governments have deliberately failed in the following areas: Border control, Immigration Monitoring / Control, National Security and the replacement of our Common Law system with the EU Corpus Juris system by stealth; none more so than under Theresa May who has left vast areas of the British Isles vulnerable to incursion by foreign nationals who have not come under any form of scrutiny and, if caught, which is mostly by accident they are given leave to stay, along with all the perks usually offered (

It needs to be said that the incident in Russel Square may not be related to these acts of treachery by our so called representatives, but uncontrolled access to the UK can only result in the inevitable destruction of our society.

Peers Threat to Prevent the Invocation of Article 50 (1/8/16)

Earlier this week there have been a series of threats by members of the House of Lords, notably Heseltine and Wheatcroft, to either have the House of Commons overturn the Referendum and have Parliament stop Britain invoking Article 50 or have the House of Lords delay the passage of any Bill to invoke Article 50 until the next General Election in 2020, in the hope and expectation that a new (Labour?) government would prevent the UK from leaving the EU.

Heseltine's argument is that Parliament is sovereign and represents the people and therefore they should have the final say. But Parliament gave away their sovereign power to the EU (which did not belong to them) when they passed the European Communities Act in 1973, so they are effectively an EU controlled Parliament (prior to the Referendum MP's who stated their position on Brexit declared 75% to 25% to remain in the EU - they cannot therefore even claim to be in any way representative of the the British people) and under no circumstances should they be allowed to vote on whether or not the UK should leave the EU.

There are also other compelling reasons why the Theresa May does not need the approval of Parliament - that the decision to leave or stay in the EU would be decided by the people of Britain - was contained in the Tory Manifesto and secondly the Referendum Bill had the same effect, and was not restricted to an advisory status and did not require any minimal requirements regarding turnout percentages or other a priori restrictions. (

Regarding the House of Lords, the majority in the Lords are also in favour of Britain staying in the EU, and a number of them have personal interests in the EU, such as pensions - which they are not required to disclose, as no doubt is also the case in the House of Commons - so neither the Peers nor the Commons should be allowed to even vote on the invocation of Article 50; create any delays or any other EU matters on the grounds of conflict of interest - clearly as long as Britain is contained within the EU its parliamentary governance is entirely corrupted by EU control. A published list of MP/Peer EU interests is required to assess the voting correlations going back to 1973 or as far back as is doable to analyse the extent of "conflict of Interest" in our political system.

Housing Crisis (2/8/16)

Home ownership in Britain peaked in 2003 (71%) and is currently - February 2016 (64%) - according to the Resolution Foundation (Guardian report) According to the report London has a full blown housing crisis and this is spreading to other large cities such as Manchester, by the same token many people are now unable to find a sufficient deposit to keep up with the increasing house prices and as a result many are renting and trying to save: but the dream of owning a home is rapidly fading for many - and the Media are starting to push the idea that people should not want to buy a house and instead should be content with renting - even as rents become more and more unaffordable - there is clearly a policy of creating an ever increasing "slave" class within British society by deliberately removing home ownership and hence degrading community cohesion. 

These trends have been explained variously by increased population, foreign investors holding onto unoccupied properties as an investment, lacking of house building by successive governments, buy-to-let, Thatcher selling off Council Housing and changes in the household size.

 A quick check on the ONS UK population data versus NatWest house price data (1973 - 2014) shows a clear correlation, as expected, with rapid rise in both from 2003 onward - the correlation is not likely to diverge anytime soon - particularly since the EU are planning on a massive expansion of migration by allowing into Europe anyone and everyone, refugee or economic migrant or anyone else - to be supported by the European populations - UN Agenda 30 in full swing.

This exponentially increasing mass migration is  aided and abetted by agencies who seem determined to ensure that Europe is overrun and its social cohesion completely destroyed; as advocated by the UN former Migration Representative. In recent days it has become clear that the migration is simply a mass resettlement programme - as used by Stalin and Mao Zedong - rather than a programme of refugee relief for people fleeing various adverse conditions. The invitation by Merkel was not to help refugees escape adversity, but an invitation to take over Germany and settle permanently, in order to destroy the existing German culture; to be followed by the rest of Europe.