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26th July 2015

Referendum Date? - Put off till September, 2016?

It was announced today that the EU Referendum might take place in June, 2016, but the actual date would be announced at the Conservative Party Conference in October, 2015.

In the meantime, Cameron and, also Osborne, would lobby the EU leaders in order to obtain reforms acceptable to them for presentation to the British public.

So the saga continues as the EU formulates its defensive strategy to ward off any attempt by Britain to leave the EU ;

In response to the Greek crisis Germany and France are getting together to form a closer structural arrangement between various core members.

From the comments made by Hollande it would appear that the plan would involve a two tier system with tighter controls on those countries which are part of the Euro and a second group who would be, effectively "Associate Members", which may be offered to Britain as opposed to full exit.

Germany and France may well invite Norway and other EFTA group members to join that Associate Members group – in order to cut-off one of Britain's potential "escape" routes from the clutches of the EU.

Bringing forward the EU Referendum, may have been facilitated because the EU inner circle countries, led by Germany and France believe that they will have such a definitive plan ready by the summer of 2016, to either, thwart, or at least put off, any the UK Referendum vote against leaving the EU.

We should all bear in mind that on the basis of the Lisbon Treaty (Ratified in 2009) the EU is a Dictatorship (all EU laws take precedence over all UK laws) with the Laws of a Police State (which are replacing our Common Law system), and anyone who believes that there will be any real reforms, not just cosmetic, is simply misinformed.

In the unlikely event that the Cameron or Osborne manage to obtain any, apparently meaningful reforms they will have come about through a process of a mutual deception by our government and those controlling the EU; Any such “reforms” would be unlikely to be implemented in the short or even longer term.

This cynical view is based partly upon the previously secret Foreign and Commonwealth Office folder FCO: 30/1048 1971, entitled “Sovereignty and the Community”, released under the 30 year rule.

One comment is particularly pertinent at this present time:

After entry (to the EEC in 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community.

Of course, this goes to the heart of the matter of trust between the people of the UK and their government.

The document also reveals that the author (minister and/or civil service) believed, at the time, that it would take 30 years for the people of Britain to wake up to the true nature of the EU project.

So it is time to start getting the politicians of all parties to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the EU before we have a referendum – so we can make a properly informed democratic choice based upon the revelations about true nature of the EU – as defined by the Lisbon Treaty; and not based on the EU/UK government / opposition political spin.

If you would like to see more excerpts from the FCO document click the link below

FCO 30/1048