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21st April, 2017

Paris Terror Attack

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the families of those who were so maliciously attacked in Paris - we would also like to thank the police, who so bravely put themselves in harm's way in order to maintain our Democratic way of life. We want to also express our abhorrence at the behaviour of terrorists who have no place in any civilised society, and should be rooted out of Europe. 

Regressive Alliance

In an interview with Andrew Niel yesterday, and after being accused of simply trying to thwart "Brexit" the self-styled "superwoman" stated that "In an ideal world, we will have time to put together a Progressive Alliance -  but there simply isn't the time". So, are we now seeing the Blair connection?

The idea of a Progressive Alliance began in Leipzig, Germany in 2013, and comprises 140 members around the world and revolves around a mixture of the Social-Democrat / Liberal-Democrat banner of "Centre-Left Politics" - which of course, is nothing of the sort, as we witnessed with New Labour's successful attempt to pretend to be Centre-Left, only to turn out to be just another Left wing, anti-UK party. We also know from the recent blatant attempts by 85 LibDem Peers to block the triggering of Article 50 (TEU) - and hence block the will of the British people, that the LibDems are many things - but Democratic is not one of them. 

With the deception of "Centre-Left" politics, New Labour managed to gain and maintain power for 13 years, but were, and still are - (in the Fabian controlled PLP)  and more widely - at least as far left as Corbyn was ever that way inclined. Even the SNP which is apparently all about Scottish "Independence" was led, and still influences, if not controls its policy and tactics, by  Salmond who is a Maoist; and the Shadow Chancellor McDonnell deigned to bring out a copy of Mao's little Red Book to offer advice on Economics to Osborne during his last Budget speech. After all a Communist by any other name ...

But whereas Corbyn shouts his far Left credentials through the roof tops, they were better hidden within New Labour -  Blair in particular, though Brown was more clumsy - together they did more damage to Britain on behalf of the EU (a Communist dominated political group) than any other group up until the installation of the Communist Merkel, with whom they subsequently worked to ensure the final demise of the UK through the Amsterdam Treaty (1999), the Nice Treaty (2003), and the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) / Lisbon Treaty (2007).

To add insult to injury, they set about diminishing the UK through institutional changes within the UK, again in favour of the EU - to present only a few - we saw the establishment of the pretend British "Supreme" Court, Devolution and Regionalisation of the UK, changes to the Treason Act., and to the requirements for the oath of allegiance for the Police  - in order to allow EU nationals (loyal only to the EU) to enter our Police service - thus breaking down the idea of a Police-Community cohesion and Policing by consent in Britain; the introduction of the European Arrest Warrant and the sidelining of our English Common Law protections from agents of the State, in favour of an EU Corpus Juris system; a legal system designed for control of countries under occupation. 

If you believe that we are not better off outside the EU then you need to do a lot of research to protect yourself before you vote in the 8th of June, 2017 General Election - during which a UK Progressive Alliance (a new New Labour) is attempting to ensure that the UK can never leave the EU. In which case, we would be overrun (the Left always refuse to put any upper limit on immigration) and lose every aspect of our society (identity and way of life) to one designed by a bunch of Communists who miss being told what to do 24/7 - from cradle to grave.

Economics is important, but when it is controlled by someone else and you have no power to change adverse rules that keep you poor, then you are trapped - and that is the direction of the EU with its members states - it has been for the past 44 years.

Without your freedom you are lost and unable to change direction - don't give away your children's future to the EU. Our parents fought and gave their lives to ensure that we would not become slaves to any Foreign power - do not give our freedom away to the EU without a fight.

We have only one chance to escape from the clutches of the German dominated EU / UK Regressive Alliance - don't waste it.

A very happy 91st birthday to our Queen Elizabeth II