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19th July, 2016

Remainers'  Revenge

Last night Channel 5 ran a programme entitled "The Big Brexit Debate Live" which was little more than a re-run of the pre- Brexit vote debates with the usual mix of the general public; guests and celebrities and  including all the usual "thuggish" behaviour from the petulant Remain camp, the invited celebrity ethnic minorities to push the idea that anyone who voted to leave was a racist and no one who disagreed with them was allowed to argue about the facts in case their argument could not be countered.

Added to the mix were the doom merchants who were accompanied by desperate poor souls who cried that the Leave campaign told lies and presumably they were too poorly educated or not sufficiently interested in the arguments and statements to actually get out of bed and do the research to establish the facts for themselves.

Of course the Remain camp never spoke the truth throughout the campaign; produced "Dodgy Dossiers" from "experts" which purported to show the "true" benefits of the EU when in fact they were based upon made-up figures (guesstimates); since the data that they represented were never actually collected in any detail or were of limited accuracy; or were predictions based upon unreliable assumptions - we have not had an accurate assessment of the effect of being in the EU since New Labour came to power and even before that reliable data were deliberately not collected or hidden from public view. The last thing the governments and the EU want is for the European populations to know what is really happening to them.

In fact, the entire campaign relied upon stories of the apocalypse and any other fear factor that they could dream up - supported by partizan associates within the commercial world, foreign governments and investors all eager to exploit the populations of the "largest single trading bloc in the world" - except that it would only be such if Britain were part of that bloc - and of much less interest to anyone if Britain withdraws. 

In any event the Fear and Loathing Campaign did not frighten nor intimidate the vote Leave campaign -  but it clearly frightened lots of the "Remainers" into hiding under their duvets rather than venturing out to vote, or was it just the rain that kept them away from the Polling Booths?  

In contrast to the exploitative Remain group, some members of which had clearly entered into Faustian Pacts with the EU; the Leave group were clear in their understanding of the true nature and threat that the EU poses to peace; stability, our future prosperity and our values of freedom and democracy. For example the behaviour of the EU, regarding Democracy, Youth Unemployment and Austerity in Greece and the southern European Countries did not ever really become part of the campaign or was it just tacitly accepted as the way the EU does business by the Remain group - it certainly is not acceptable to the Leave group?

These continual attempts to undermine the properly constituted Referendum result and do Britain down are concocted by the media, no doubt encouraged by the EU; particularly the BBC which disgustingly receives funding from the EU, whilst wasting funds provided by British taxpayers on second rate productions and overpaid luvvies - is running a Newsnight version of a similar Brexit Debate later in July 2016 - also appear complicit in the Marxist attempts to alter the Democratic will of the British people and thereby undermine the economy by promoting instability; in the the hope that the Referendum result will be overturned.

In contrast to the antics of the EU partizan media the invocation of Article 50 seems to be being confined to the long grass - a flanking move being supported by May? - no doubt following the first world war Generals tactics in their attempts to move their drinks cabinet two feet closer to Berlin each month - to defer to "Blackadder".  

Not forgetting the "fits of pique" that certain American credit  agencies have exhibited by downgrading Britain's credit rating even though Britain has not yet left the EU and will continue within the EU for at least another two to two and half years. The fact that President Obama had threatened consequences for Britain if it voted to leave the EU in order to "scare" the "Brits" into doing what they were told - obviously had nothing to do with those actions - and the same, no doubt goes for today's IMF forecast from the pro-EU Lagarde - which would be expected to undermine the British economy and help bring the British to heel.

One also senses the grubby hands of those bankers who are intimately involved within the EU - and who actually paid money to support the Remain campaign - and who control the EU banking system are doing their damndest to bring down the pound; whilst making a "few bob on the side" - we have to feel sorry for those though who bet against the Brexit vote and had to make do with a German lager rather than a French Champagne.