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​​24th May 2018

Remainers' Re-Boot

Following the government defeats in the House of Lords on 15 Amendments to the EU "Withdrawal Bill" George Soros has once again set about funding political interference in the UK - the fact that he, as a foreign national, is allowed to intervene in our political system - even vicariously and on behalf of a foreign power is shameful. 

The Electoral Commission should be all over the "Best for Britain" organisation (originally set-up by Gina Miller) and whose aim is to bring about a second EU Referendum.

Is Soros funding attempts to bring about a second Referendum without abiding by any Referendum funding rules? - pretty much like the Cameron government did with the EU Referendum in 2016.

If anyone from Britain were to openly carry out such behaviour in order to influence the democratic process in any other sovereign country (or is that the point - Britain is not sovereign any more) they would be hounded out faster than David Miliband's "International Rescue Charity" was hounded out of East Ukraine for alleged "spying" (BBC report 30 April 2015  International Rescue Committee forced out of East Ukraine)

Soros's funding has the following objectives - as reported today by the Express newspaper - based upon a leaked document:

  • persuade “soft” Leave voters to change their minds,
  • mobilise hardline Remainers' into action, and
  • shift the Labour Party into an anti-Brexit stance by using trade union influence  

This is a new Referendum campaign - in all but name - it needs to be properly scrutinised, its activities and alliances carefully monitored and its funding levels audited. This new campaign is ramping up as the UK establishment moves ever closer to a position where it can rig a Referendum in favour of the EU - with staying in the EU as the default position: 

  • EU-UK collusive manoeuvring within our parliamentary system will provide options that no-one in the UK could accept - with a default position of staying in the EU the only viable alternative.

Final Results from the Lords

A look at the final tally of votes in favour of the 15 Amendments which the Lords are trying to stop "Brexit" shows clearly that the EU is the favourite with those on the political Left with average votes against the government from Labour [~73%] (137 out of 187), Lib Dems [~84%] (82 out of 98) and Cross - Bench [~30%] (54 out of 181) over the 15 defeats - there are a total 244 conservative; 26 Bishops; 1 Lord Speaker; 28 Non-affiliated and 15 other Peers eligible to vote in the House of Lords (

Adrian Hill former Diplomat with 30 years experience (see 19 May 2018) revealed how his experience of candidate selection for elections over the past 45 years included their views on the EEC(EU) and those who opposed were not allowed to stand anywhere that the selection board thought they might win a seat - and added ..."Mrs May’s transition deal is straight out of the FCO/Treasury joint scheming department manual – staying in the Customs Area until the next general election so that Labour take the blame for applying to rejoin the European Union on supplicant terms."  

This certainly explains why there is such a widespread Remain lobby in our system and this is the tip of the iceberg because it also effects every part of our society from the local council through to the devolved parliaments, the Civil Service, Public Services, Judiciary and anyone in a position of power or those appointed to NGO's and QUANGOs etc.

To illustrate the extent of EU supporting organisations in the UK and why they don't want to leave:

"The Guardian newspaper, in 2009 reported that there were 1,162 QUANGOs, employing a total of 714,430 staff, with combined funding of £63.5 billion and expenditure of £101.8 billion". 

Euexit have not been able to find any up-to-date-figures (later than 2010) for the NGO's/QUANGOs - can anyone help? 

We could easily get rid of our National debt without these organisations.