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3rd March, 2017

Remoaners' Plan "B"

When a Remoaner explains that they accept the Referendum result and that they just want the best deal for Britain (which obviously they love - really?) and, that they really, just want it done in the "proper way" through Parliament - what they mean is that they totally reject the Referendum result. They will do anything that they can to ensure that Britain stays trapped within the EU -  to add insult to injury - they are actually doing this for the benefit of the EU - since none of their actions will benefit Britain.

All of the EU Treaties that have been foisted upon the UK have been ratified without Parliamentary scrutiny, by Prime Ministers using Royal Prerogative or through other devices that have prevented proper scrutiny - with the most recent being the Lisbon Treaty  (2007), upon which we were offered a Referendum - which never materialised - because the New Labour government decided it was not necessary! The Ratification of these EU Treaties is illegal under English Law and those who brought them into our country are traitors to the UK population.

The EU controlled High Court and Blair's "Supreme" Court (which are subservient to the European Courts of Justice (ECJ)) each ruled that Theresa May was not allowed to use the same Royal Prerogative, previously used to force Britain into the EU - to allow Britain to escape from the EU. Further, they ruled that the triggering of Article 50 (TEU) must be approved by Parliament - a victory for the Remoaners', and a blatant interference in the British Parliamentary process on behalf of the EU by the "British" Courts.

Over the past 44 years the EU has gradually removed almost every aspect of British sovereignty through connivance with enough people in the British Parliament to allow a smooth takeover of Britain and this has largely taken place through stealth, and continues today - as one example HS2 is part of the EU Trans National Railway system - which we have to pay for, but we have no say in its route. The government has not once mentioned that it is required to follow orders from the EU and build HS2  - this has always been presented as the government's own infrastructure plan. Another example, would be the privatisation of the Royal Mail, another EU directive - but you would not know it, since everything is passed onto us, as if it came directly from the British government.

Having failed, thus far, to stop "Brexit", and also failed to get the Commons to strike the Article 50 (TEU) Bill down, it was left to the Lords, to interfere on behalf of the EU. Knowing full well that Merkel had already refused to guarantee the rights of British citizens living in the EU after Britain leaves the EU - the Lords (with the undemocratic Liberals in full flow) saw fit to tie the hands of the government in any negotiations, and deliberately pass the advantage to the EU, effectively abandoning  those UK citizens to their fate. Have the Politicians and Peers still not learned the lessons of appeasement, which only emboldens the adversary, and exposes the British negotiators to a profound weakness in their position, which can easily be exploited - of course they have, isn't that the purpose of their actions?

It is this kind of interference by the EU in the "Brexit" negotiations, through the High / Supreme Court rulings, that deliberately gives the advantage to those wishing to damage and thwart the process of leaving. The next vote in the Commons will determine whether the Bill returns again to the Lords or the amendment is accepted - this is only about delaying, and ultimately blocking the triggering of Article 50 Bill - in effect the Lords have stated that they have no concern for the future of British citizens in the EU - which means that their "concern" for EU citizens in the UK is simply a political pawn, in their opening gambit - the reality is that they only care about blocking the Bill - whatever it takes.

Plan "B"

So far, plan B can be summarised  as follows:- (i) hinder the EU - UK process as much as possible with one sided, unrealistic, and unhelpful demands enacted into law  (ii) ensure that the British government is prevented from leaving the EU whatever deal our government manages to achieve - using a second amendment to allow further interference in the Parliamentary process - no doubt to be led once again by the undemocratic Liberals in the Lords.

The pretence that the Remoaners are only concerned with getting the best deal for Britain is a blatant deceit - the founding principle of the EU is the destruction of the Nation States; by taking away their National sovereignty and individual identity, breaking down their social structure and dividing them into smaller regions of a greater EU (Germany) - Replacing them with a Nationalist EU Federal State, under a single government - which would be of no benefit to either Britain, or the any other member of the EU - apart from Germany.

They have no interest in Britain getting the best deal - they have already proved that, by dismissing UK nationals living in the EU as being of no importance - whilst only those EU nationals living in the UK being worthy of any merit, in the eyes of the current composition of the Parliament of the British people. The Lords, and the undemocratic Liberals in particular, have shown that their loyalties lie only with the EU.

The worst possible deal for the UK is the best possible deal for the EU, which includes forcing Britain to remain as a member of the EU Single Market, these are the goals of those forcing the amendments onto the Article 50 (TEU) Bill and trying to interfere in the final deal - they are no friends of Britain - they are simply, Quislings.