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17th May 2018

Repeal the European Communities Act (1972) Now (updated 18th May 2018) *

In 2016 we published an article warning against the government using Article 50* to get out of EU control - we publish it again here since it is clear that the government has lost focus and needs to concentrate on repealing Sections of the European Communities Act (1972) which tie us up to the Treaty of Rome (1957) and all the bad parts of the EU - including the so called "Four Freedoms" and keep the UK trapped inside the EU.

In particular Sections 2(1) and 2(2) should be repealed as a matter of priority along with their dependant parts which allow the EU to force laws upon the citizens of the UK even if every British Politician vote against such laws - if the Lords attempted to block or amend such repeal then they have "nailed their colours to the mast" - without any of the "mealy-mouth" excuses for those Sections to be in Britain's interests that they currently rely upon for their recent despicable actions. 

At the present time the Politicians, Peers and Judiciary are "arguing the toss" about peripheral matters - which suits them and creates diversions away from the central problem. Of course we do have to be concerned about which EU laws that are already in force in the Uk - and how they are to be dealt with after we leave but these are not as important as getting out of EU control and fixing a leaving date (already under attack on behalf of the EU) 

Meanwhile the EU controlled Peers and some in the Commons (controlled by Lords ennobled by Blair and Cameron) plot to keep the UK in the EU and deliberately work to block the UK leaving by attempting to tie the UK to EU agencies and already established EU-wide organisations - including the ECJ, the EUCHR and Environmental legislation - and more (see Bare-Faced Skulduggery) each impacting on Britain's ability to act as an independent Nation and even attempting to prevent the UK being able to forge new trade agreements outside the EU - by trying to force the UK to stay in the Customs Union. 

*24th June, 2016
Britain should not Invoke Article 50​ in a Hurry (article from the euexit archive)

We should not invoke the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) in a hurry because that Article is designed to make it almost impossible for any EU member to leave the "Club" without the risk of being "assetstripped" and entangled in continual onerous obligations to the EU.

The best action that the UK can take is to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) (or use it as a bargaining tool) - which will make all UK/EU Treaties null and void and allow Britain to regain control of its fisheries and agriculture - and all our other Sovereign assets which our treacherous politicians; from Heath to Wilson through Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown gave away without our permission. 

This would remove Britain from all its obligations to the Political EU and in a position of strength rather than weakness when negotiating our future relationship with the EU.​​​

Repeal the ECA (1972) as priority and deal with the peripherals later - that will give the UK the upper hand.

*Theresa May to add 10 Peers to the House of Lords

Very pleased to read that  TM is planning to add 10 new Peers to the House of Lords - a hundred would be better - but if one of them is Peter Lilley then he is worth many more of the existing Peers - Peter Lilley is fully conversant with the EU, its ambitions and its inner workings - and will expose all of its flaws and how dangerous it is to the populations of the EU Member States - let's hope they follow the debates, listen and take more action.

An excellent move - worthy of mention -  until it is realised that there were in fact only 9 and 5 backed Remain in the EU Referendum - so nothing has changed unless these vote for the government. 

What really matters though is that the Commons vote with the majority who voted to leave the EU and overturn the damage the Lords are trying to inflict.

Otherwise it is an establishment stitch-up

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