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20th July 2018

Respect the Referendum Result

A couple of days ago at the time of the Boris resignation Shelagh Fogarty on LBC was suggesting that Theresa May had a very difficult job trying to satisfy both the Leave and Remain voters because of the closeness of the vote result - hang on a minute why is she trying to look after the interests of the Remain voters who simply do not want to leave the EU and are doing their damnedest to overturn the result and keep the UK trapped in the EU!

​We all know that the UK establishment did not want the result they got and that had it gone the other way then the Leave voters would have been totally ignored as the UK was systematically absorbed and asset stripped by the EU.

Under normal circumstances with say a Referendum on whether or not we should get rid of British Summer Time (BST) or if we should reform the House of Lords we are generally expressing a view, and such views can then be turned into Law if there is sufficient desire from the general public - but the EU Referendum was different; not only in the eyes of the British population, but also in eyes of the government; what made it different is that we were legally allowed to participate in a Referendum whose result would be enacted into Law. 

The Commons and the Lords voted with overwhelming majorities - specifically to allow the Referendum to take place and the public received a cast-iron guarantee from Parliament, and the Prime Minister that the result would be honoured. The fact that the Referendum was manipulated (Project Fear) and fiddled by the government (government spending ~ £9 million on a leaflet which did not come under Referendum spending rules) and it still went wrong for them is their problem - they were "hoisted by their own petard" - but they can only cheat the British public once on such a grand scale and then all trust will be gone; and May is very close to doing exactly that.

Such an action could be followed by chaos and civil disobedience on a scale not seen previously in Britain and the British won't be beaten back by the EU's Gendarmerie Force that Theresa May has previously threatened to bring to the UK from the EU - should she need assistance to quell discontent - like that seen in Spain with Rajoy acting against against the Catalan people - but the British don't take kindly to occupying forces. 

Whether or not the establishment realises it the 23rd June 2016 was a defining moment in British history which cannot simply be swept under the carpet nor can it be negated through connivence between enemies of Britain in our establishment and enemies of Britain in Europe.

The EU is a real and present danger to the UK - as much as it is to every EU Member State - which will end up with each one of them in the parlous situation that Greece found itself enduring at the hands of the Troika - European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund (EC, ECB, IMF)  - see more about the Greek Crisis

​In reality the biggest obstacle to Britain Leaving the EU is Angela Merkel - even with her current difficulties she is still running the EU and the negotiations from the background - Merkel is an East German Communist who is fighting for EU domination of Europe and sees Britain outside of her control as a major threat to her ambitions. Which is why she is even willing to sacrifice German industry to stop Britain leaving the EU - to have a victory over Britain. Merkel needs to be removed (Democratically) for the sake of the Britain and the rest of Europe.

No Member State is safe, not Britain, France or even Germany - because the EU is not a Member State it is a separate organisation with a "Legal Personality" in international Law - whose Laws and Constitution have primacy over the Laws and Constitutions of all its Member States viz.

Legal personality
"The Lisbon Treaty established legal personality for the whole Union in the very important Art. 47 TEU. It replaced the European Community by a legally new European Union."

"It abolished the existing pillar structure, thus bringing foreign policy and security, and crime, justice and home affairs -  which were previously inter-governmental, with States retaining their sovereignty -  either wholly or largely within the ambit of the new Union."

"Treaties between the EU and the various sovereign States in the world can therefore now cover all policy areas and become the most important legal instrument in a globalised world with increasing scope for involving international law."

"The EU can negotiate international agreements and sign treaties on behalf of all the EU member states."

"International treaties signed by the Union will be directly binding and will have primacy over national laws and constitutions. Most such agreements can be concluded by qualified majority vote."

"This makes the EU an independent international body, comparable in many ways to a State. From the inside the Union may still look like an arrangement between states, whereas from the outside it would look quite like a state itself."  (

Our comment: Through qualified majority voting we can be signed up to international Treaties without our consent - How did this come about?

The Legal System of the EU

"Common policies, which are the essence of multinational integration, are based on common legislation. Inherent in the concept of a common policy is its binding force on the Member States." 

The latter must give the common institutions the legal means to implement common policies and to enforce their decisions on all the parties concerned and on their citizens. Hence, common policies are shaped by legal acts agreed by the common institutions, implemented by the Member States and/or the common institutions and controlled by the common institutions [see chapter 4]."

"The national laws of the member states are harmonised in a great number of fields in the context of common policies. A special law, based on the treaties, which was formerly called acquis communautaire and now ''acquis of the EU'', is thus built to bring into being common policies, a law that is superimposed and takes precedence over national law, even the constitutional law, of the Member States, whether national legislation predates or postdates European legislation."

"In fact, according to the Court of Justice, the Member States have definitively transferred sovereign rights to the Community (and now the Union) they created, and they cannot subsequently go back on that transfer through unilateral measures [see Case 6/64], unless they decide to break away from the EU." 

"If they do not opt for such a radical measure, they cannot contravene European legislation, to the making of which they have contributed, by invoking their national, even their constitutional law. This is another feature of the multinational integration process, which distinguishes it from intergovernmental cooperation, where decisions may have political consequences but do not carry a legal binding force on the participating states." 

"A multinational integration process, such as that of the EU, could not function, if each Member State could circumvent the common legislation by bringing into play its national - including its constitutional - law." (

Our Comment: We voted to leave the EU precisely because we do not want to be a minor part of this Empire building - Frankenstein monstrosity - where the Member State populations are simply controlled from "Cradle to Grave" for the benefit of Bankers and Multinational Corporations while the EU "elite" parade on the world stage at everybody else's expense.

Lying, Cheating British Establishment

We have had enough of being lied to and cheated by our elected Representatives and their "Mouthpieces" appointed to the House of Lords; backed up by appointed Judiciary who pay lip service to a Foreign Court. 

We took our part in the EU Referendum in good faith, willing to accept that we might lose, but determined to win - we played our part and it is now the turn of the British establishment to stop making excuses and "pony up".

Theresa May's attempted act of Treason with the "Merkel-May Accord" - aka the "Chequers Bill" must rank near the top of the top ten list of betrayals of the British people and others who have trusted the government / establishment.

May is not alone, she is just one of many related to the EEC(EU): 

From Heath illegally signing the European Communities Act (1972) and treacherously giving away control of our Fishing grounds to the EEC; through Wilson claiming that the 1975 EEC Referendum would not lead to any loss of British Sovereignty; then Thatcher and the Single European Act (1986); Douglas Hurd writing-off £3.6 Trillion War Debt which Germany should have repaid (1990); Major with the Maastricht Treaty (1992); Blair with the Amsterdam Treaty (1997), NIce Treaty (2001), The Constitution for Europe (2004) Treaty, and infamously Brown and the Labour Party with the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - no Referendum - it was only a "Reform Treaty". But which gave the EU its legal personality, its Legal and Constitutional Primacy over the EU Member States; Cameron with his faux EU Referendum treachery 2016, and now Theresa May and the "Chequers White Paper" - "Capitulation" Treaty (2019)

Most of these traitors to Britain are Conservative leading lights, with the pseudo Conservative (crypto-Marxist) New Labour - but it is only possible with the support of our establishment and all the other political parties, Labour, SNP, LibDems etc; in the Commons, Lords, Civil Service and Judiciary, at least in majority.

Not once throughout the past 45 years have the British people been told the truth about the EEC(EU) either by HMG or other Political party - even now; deceit, corruption and obfuscation related to the EU pervade the upper echelons of our society.

Yesterday our nefarious MP's enacted a law to stop the public finding out how much they are stealing from the taxpayer through the medium of their "expenses", or anything else they don't want us to know about them; following suit with their contemporary MEP's in the European Parliament who feel no compulsion to account for their MEP expenses:

  • MEPs allowed to claim £120,000 in expenses without proof of how money is spent. A court heard EU officials don't want to saddle MEPs with an 'administrative burden' which would hamper their freedom (Daily Telegraph: Victoria Ward, March 2016)

These "crooks" (those who voted for this) need to be flushed-out and never given any future public office, and should never be allowed to be elevated to the Lords - they should all be stripped of their "Honourable" titles - no wonder the EU needs £40 Billion from the UK - none of which it should ever receive.

The EU Referendum is no Different to a General Electiion

The British establishment have behaved as if the EU Referendum was only advisory and have treated it that way since the 23rd June 2016, but it was not advisory it had a legally binding basis. We also had a General Election in 2017 and overwhelmingly (>80%) the people voted to support political parties that promised to Leave the EU: 

  • to leave the Customs Union, the Single Market and Britain's legal obligations to the ECJ; 
  • to control our borders, enact our own laws through people we trust or can remove if they fail to comply with our wishes
  • take back control of our Fishing Grounds
  • and most of all decide our own destiny - not have it dictated to us by a foreign power who can impose its wishes upon our people and we have no legal means to prevent it

The government were given the Mandate to carry out those actions and the Conservative Party should not have anointed a Remain EUphile as Prime Minister to conduct negotiations with the EU - which she did not do anyway - she simply plotted with the EU; ably assisted by the Blair Civil Service (whose upper management layers should have "culled" as soon as the EU Referendum result was published) - to reverse the result of the Referendum and ignore the 2017 General Election Manifestos. 

If the Labour Party had won that General Election the country would have been turned into a Communist hell-hole, assisted by the SNP and the LibDems etc. even with the same majority that May obtained - and they would have overridden every objection to their programme.

May also had enough of a majority to push through "Brexit" - but she never had any intention of allowing Britain to escape from the EU trap.

The false excuses of a small majority vote for Leave are also nonsense excuses - it would not have prevented the Remain camp and the EU from rushing headlong into full UK integration had they had won the Referendum with a margin on one single vote - EU Armed Forces, Corpus Juris, open Borders and full integration - Hell that is what she is doing anyway - without any Mandate from the British people. 

When the Swiss had a Referendum on joining the EU the vote margin was 0.3% against, but it still counted and they did not join the EU - the UK vote margin was ~4% but the result has been used to pretend that we therefore should cater for the interests of the minority vote - that never happens except in a cross-party coalition - but the Conservatives won so the result must be honoured; not diluted, not subjected to Remain camp veto or manipulation, and not reversed through a fraud on the British people by its own government. Theresa May must be removed and the government must become a "Brexit" government, not the government of EUphile collaborators that we currently have.

In the next General Election the British people can vote again - and if the EU has changed for the better or even still exists - then they can take another look and decide their future then; just like any other General Election - but the government must first implement the result of the EU Referendum on the 23rd Jun 2016 and take Britain out of the legal control of the EU.