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8th February, 2017

Scottish "National" Party show their True Colours

On the day that Theresa May obtained a stunning endorsement for the government to take us out of the EU - without the hindrance from those in the Remain camp - with the Bill authorising the triggering of Article 50 passing without a single Remain amendment. The reaction of the SNP at the end of the voting programme was to sing the anthem of the European Union in the Chamber of the House of Commons.

Mrs May and the government should be congratulated for their commitment to Democracy, and the SNP should hang their collective heads in shame - they are clearly not "Scottish Nationalists" - in reality, they are "EU Nationalists" (EUNP) and hopefully, the Scottish people will soon wake up to that fact, and act appropriately. 

The MP's now go on a "Half-Term" Break and return on the 7th of March,2017, at which time the Article 50 Bill goes to the House of Lords, which contains many EU pensioners with an obsessive desire to keep Britain in the EU - they need to look beyond their own personal interests and not obstruct the Democratic will of the British people.

Housing White Paper

The recent announcement issued by the government comes in response to the massive increase in population, and there are varying estimates of the current and predicted population of the UK over the coming years. Once Article 50 is invoked the government needs to obtain an accurate (as possible) estimate of the population at that time to act as a baseline for proper migration statistics - for use in planning: not only for housing need, in terms of types and location; for purchase and renting, but also, for estimating the cost of new infrastructure, new schools and expanded healthcare provision.

The government statistics are one source, but without a new nationwide census, which includes those living in sheds, and in houses of multiple occupation, how reliable are they in reality?

Much more reliable information can be derived from statistics that are routinely collected by the various retail outlets which acquire and administer till data, and loyalty card usage - this would provide a more reliable estimate of total population, and its geographic distribution, which could be published - without personal details, and give a much greater, more reliable estimate of population and its distribution - differing shop types can also indicate the general level of income, and many other factors which affect the country as a whole.

Seasonal Workers

A report in the Express today gave an interesting insight into the world of seasonal workers on our vegetable farms - with fears that they would not be attracted to Britain after "Brexit" (and even now)  because of the change in the value of the Pound and the Euro is making it less attractive for the workers who would have previously sent more money back to their home country., Joe Barnes, 9th Feb., 2017: "Farmers building 'luxury' accommodation as migrant workers shun Brexit Britain"

In response to the shortage of seasonal workers, some farmers are planning to offer more luxurious accommodation to entice more to the UK - and some homeless migrant workers have been offered shelter in a local church. According to the report, others claim that the "workers have left because of threats and intimidation or because they are just fed-up". 

This kind of exploitation and abuse, which extends to many other industries, needs to be outlawed when we leave the EU.