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7th July, 2016

​Single Market - Free Movement of People

The free movement of people within the EU is primarily designed to undermine the homogeneity and cohesion of the societies within the Member States; as a prelude to destroying their National identity - it has no beneficial relationship to the functioning of the single market - other than depressing wages and taking away jobs from the indigenous population – a boost for businesses only. 

On the contrary, analysis of immigration statistics in the USA shows that it is only beneficial if immigration is controlled and that the right skills, not available in the USA, are brought from overseas; where needed.

Indeed up until the early part of the 1900's America had an open door policy, but the government realised that such mass uncontrolled immigration would lead to loss of social cohesion and a breakdown of society and introduced threes laws to prevent its impact - 1917 (Literacy Tests); 1921 (Emergency Quotas Act) and 1924 (National Origins Act) 

The very idea that an uncontrolled - political EU style "Wild West" immigration system is of benefit to any host Nation State in the short, medium or long term does not stand up to even the most elementary analysis and simply exposes the fact that it has one purpose - the destruction of the cohesion of the society within those Member States - we cannot allow this wholesale destruction at the hands of the EU - Bilderberg Cartel to continue.

The EU using restrictions to the single market as a means of continuing the mass migration into Britain must be resisted since that will be the downfall of Britain – As an alternative we can pay the tariff and re-organise our economy to absorb the extra cost and control migration.

If we don't get free access without uncontrolled mass migration, then we must trade outside the political EU and persuade other EU countries to join us and trade independently of the political EU - a
fter all the mechanisms for free trade have already been established by the EU (when it was just the over regulated EEC) and if the other Member States extricate themselves from the political EU, we would all then regain our respective sovereignty; as it was always supposed to be - before the political EU tried to subjugate the populations of its Member States - but this time established with a Democratic mandate from the European populations, with rules that benefit the Nation States; not for the benefit of an all controlling political ideology.

Neither us, nor the other Member States need go through the route of Article 50 and get bogged down with EU attempts to asset strip our country and bind us in unacceptable, onerous obligations to the EU – we can denounce the EU Treaties through the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (CVLT) (1969) to which the EU is bound – we could be out and free within a one-year period; without even having to give a reason, and in less time if we used mitigating circumstances see (using Article 50?)

Uncontrolled mass migration into Britain is neither necessary nor beneficial for the operation of a single market - it is a major net financial loss to the UK (and other host countries) since the number of unemployed dependents, together with aging migrant populations - all supported by the taxpayer's - increases at a far higher rate than the tax revenue needed to support them and this leads to bankruptcy of the host country.

The uncontrolled mass migration programme is just a giant Ponzi scheme which allows the EU to expand its borders and bring in ever more dependents relying on an ever increasing supply of ever cheaper migrant labour; further subsidised by a dwindling mass of taxpayers - which will result in a total breakdown of European society - sacrificed on the altar of Marxist dogma. 

The stories (expert reports) that uncontrolled mass migration into Britain is a net benefit are totally false because it is clear that the necessary records; of accurate population levels, tax receipts and public services usage based upon nationality were either never kept or have been hidden from public scrutiny. - see Jonathan Foreman's Telegraph recent article about Theresa May and Immigration (Tory Leadership)

Blair and New Labour, acting as agents of the EU from the start, enacted a programme of uncontrolled mass migration into Britain from 1997; as a test of how free movement could be implemented by stealth in Britain and how the British population would react before the single market free-for-all was instigated by Merkel; when she and Juncker invited anyone from anywhere in the world to come to Europe in 2015. Brexit was the verdict of the British population to that uncontrolled mass migration - I wonder if those in Brussels were surprised.

Now is the time for the rest of the EU Member States to stand up and be counted, before they are entirely subjugated by Brussels.