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8th January, 2016

So It Begins

The open societies in Europe are being deliberately eroded and replaced by Totalitarian oversight, familiar and comforting to many of the older EU leaders, and many others in political parties on the Left and extreme Left in the UK.

The more terrifying aspects of Totalitarianism (we are already under an EU Dictatorship courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007)) will spread throughout the west. Britain will also succumb unless we leave the EU, tear up the EU treaties and restore our own Parliamentary Sovereignty.

What we are seeing in the most welcoming countries in Europe, such as Sweden, Germany and the UK is widespread abuse of the kindness offered by the native populations.

More worrying is that the abuse is being encouraged by the Left and deliberately hidden (where it can) by the EU - dominated by the Communist trained Merkel and aided and abetted by her current and former colleagues; along with other EU leaders with Marxist (Communist, Maoist and "Otherist") backgrounds or sympathies.

More sinister is that the taxpayer funded BBC seeks to mislead and hide the truth about the impact of this mass migration or imply that all of its negative aspects can be blamed on those in the host country who object to EU policies - Despicable.

For such reasons, and the fact that they accept propaganda funding from the EU, they should lose their taxpayer funds and have their broadcasting licence revoked. However, they are not alone, other Left wing commercial commentators are also following the same modus operandi as practised by the Marxist dominated BBC.

In terms of immigration, most people don’t seem to realise that it is official UN and EU policy to flood Europe with migrants in order for the EU (Merkel effectively) to undermine the homogeneity the nation states of the EU and make them multicultural (a policy predicated upon faux economic arguments).

What is worse is that the Austrian, Norwegian and Swedish governments also seem to be in on the scam, with Britain not far behind.

Inviting mass migration into the EU, by Merkel and Juncker, had nothing to do with compassion nor economics, it was pure opportunism on the road to implementing UN policy and move closer to their goal of a multicultural EU under the control of a single government.

The policy has been pushed publically since at least 2012 by Peter Sutherland, the UN Special Representative for International Migration. The veracity of this claim is simple to test from information which is widely available on the internet.

For example: “EU should' undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief.” Brian Wheeler Political reporter, BBC News 21 June, 2012

The methods of forcing acceptance of this mass migration and hiding the problems created are reruns of how Trotsky overcame native Russian opposition to Russia being turned into a Communist Dictatorship.

Methods well practised by the Marxist leaders in the EU, including the Communist trained Merkel, who will try to convince you that black is white, that good is evil and slur any opposition at every turn; in order to fulfill their own ambitions.

One should be tempted to ask though, if multiculturalism is such a great advantage why does the Marxist Left only try to force it on the white, predominantly Christian communities in the west, surely they should also force it on Israel, Saudi Arabia and other monocultural societies in the Middle East.

Pushing the mantra (a la “Animal Farm”) multiculture good, monoculture bad, requires that it applies to all societies.

The political Left must start campaigning for the refugees and economic migrants to be allowed into these countries if they insist that they are allowed into Europe; and if it is as wonderful as they proclaim then they would be welcomed with open arms.

European populations need to push the counter argument and insist that we will take only the same quota of refugees as Israel, Saudi Arabia etc. otherwise stop accepting any more until they do take an equal share.

 Blame for migrant deaths and refugee camps in northern France can be laid squarely on the altar of UN and EU political dogma; not helped by the fast tracking of refugees across Europe to lay siege on Britain by Greece, Italy and France. 

It is time to change leaders when they don’t respect nor represent the best interests of their people.

As the Spring of 2016 approaches the migration into the EU will accelerate and the EU will no doubt push back further the boundaries of free speech and escalate reporting restrictions as many more incidents impact and diminish the lives of those offering sustenance, friendship and a brighter future for the real refugees from Syria.

This is the beginning of the end of Freedom in Europe.

Happy New Year