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7th June 2018

Soros - Funding EU Open Borders

George Soros appears to have one primary objective - along with the rest of the not so Liberal Left - to bring about a world Socialist (neo - Communist*) government and he operates by allegedly facilitating the collapse of western society through funding programmes to encourage mass uncontrolled immigration and politically interfere in countries which do not subscribe to his worldview - that is to say western Democratic countries. Soros sees sovereign national borders as barriers to the free flow of people across the whole of the West - Europe and the USA; barriers which must be removed in order to fulfil his own vision of a world government.

Soros has been effectively marginalised in Hungary by President Viktor Orban for activities which are considered dangerous to the Hungary's Christian identity but he still operates elsewhere in the EU to help bring down the sovereign borders of non-EU compliant Member States - through mass migration.  


Soros is not alone in his ambitions which are also common to the Fabian Society which established the UK Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and whose coat-of-arms is a "wolf in sheep's clothing" carrying a red standard with the initial F.S - all part of a stained glass window depicting "The forging of a new world from the destruction of the existing one". 

This window was commissioned by George Bernard Shaw to illustrate ambitions and modus operandi of the Fabian Society, which are: To end the existing order through stealth - using the Democratic system - and build a new one in its place; a trend throughout the Socialist organisations in the UK (LibDems, Greens, SNP (more Statist) - and many in the House of Lords etc and in most other parts of the world.

Out of interest all Labour Party Prime Ministers have been members of the Fabian Society - does this explain explain why the Labour party oversees persistent national deficits/debt crises whenever they gain power in the UK?

But it is more widespread than just the Socialist / Liberal Democratic and outright Communist political organisations it extends to the UN, the EU and some Democrats in the US. This was most clearly demonstrated during the 2015 refugee crisis - when Angela Merkel exposed the German people to a mass movement of migrants; without any authority from her political party or the German Bundestag; without consulting other Member States or even the German people themselves.

Merkel's actions were ostensibly Humanitarian - to prevent further deaths of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea, but it increased their number and increased the number of people smugglers; precipitated a forged Syrian / EU passport industry and allowed undocumented (those who "lost" their documents) migrants (genuine Refugees and opportunist Terrorists / Criminals) to trample across the "Sovereign" borders of EU member States into the heart of the EU itself where they spread out in order to find the best benefit systems - which is where they settled - and who could possibly blame them for that.

Meanwhile Jean-Claude Juncker jumped on the bandwagon and offered EU visas and work permits to anyone from anywhere in the world to come to the EU and settle - and this was all welcomed and encouraged by the United Nations - see later.

Merkel's actions though are not uncharacteristic behaviour for a Communist Dictator; which she is, and she continues to control the EU - just ask Macron, the Italians, Greeks, Poles and Hungarians - to name only a few and found favour with the Obama Administration. 

The most damning part of the whole episode though was with the United Nations and its Chief of International Migration - Peter Sutherland - who died in January this year. Mr Sutherland contributed throughout the crisis by encouraging further mass migration from Africa into the EU, but more important was his speech to the House of Lords Migration Committee - reported by BBC reporter Brian Wheeler in 2012.

At the meeting Sutherland emphasised that the EU should do its best to "undermine the homogeneity of its Member States and make them Multicultural" on the grounds that the populations of the EU needed young immigrants in order to work to pay taxes for the pensions and care for the ageing European populations - but the following problems arise:-

  • (a) it only works if those who come to the EU don't bring their own elderly and infirm dependants with them (or later reunite) - as Germany discovered with the Turkish "Gastarbeiter" - "Guest Workers'" in the 1950's to 1970's.

  • (b) "Multiculturalism" by definition and practice is simply the segregation of different ethic groups who have no desire to integrate; and do not innately share the values and traditions or aspirations of the indigenous population - as clearly described by Wolfgang Schäuble

  • "German Finance Minister says too many "Gastarbeiter" were allowed in" - Wolfgang Schäuble enters multiculturalism row, saying problems of integrating Turkish guest workers have grown with third generation. "We made a mistake in the early 60's when we decided to look for workers, not qualified workers but cheap workers from abroad, Turkey," said Schäuble. Some people of Turkish origin had lived in Germany for decades and did not speak German, he said. Guardian March 2011 by Larry Elliott and Julia Kollewe in Berlin

If there is any mystery to Merkel's actions it lies in the fact that she knew that "Multiculturalism" would not work in 2015 any more than it did from 1960's to the present - and Germany was the primary source of that proof - so the mass migration has nothing to do with the age dependency ratio - in fact it was more likely to make things worse, rather than better.

The more likely logical explanation is that it was enacted to create problems within the EU that could only be solved by "Ever more EU" and that was the reason why the EU / UN instigated the flow of migrants into Europe in the first place.

Removing EU Borders

In 2018 it is clear that the appetite for mass migration into Europe and the US has not changed amongst the rulers of the EU, UN and political parties on the Left in the UK, some in the US and in Europe.

  • In the EU, Merkel has had her wings clipped (a little) in the latest round of elections - but she is still running Germany and the EU; mostly behind the scenes and she still plans mass immigration into the EU; if she can get away with it - with a view to breaking down the Member State borders to facilitate the further integration of the EU.

  • In the UN another Migration Chief (William Stacy Swing) has taken over from where Peter Sutherland left off - but with the same ideology and mantra - claiming that "mass migration is in the “national interest”, and that concerns about migrants are based on “false stereotypes and unfounded fear”. But it is not in the national interest and obviously does not work to solve the dependency ratio problem (if you import labour and also their dependents) but it is a good way of breaking down western Christian society, its traditions, values and borders; and creating problems for the future. 

  • In the UK the Labour party and its ilk refuse to even contemplate limits on mass immigration or the level or speed of population growth - as Labour MP Rachael Maskell explained: "BRITAIN should continue accepting refugees until our services buckle under the pressure, a Labour MP has blasted"  Daily Mail report 15 September, 2015  by Macer Hall, Political Editor.

She later went on to state that

  • "We will keep going until we hit our saturation point because what does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit?" 
  • "Or if our class sizes are slightly bigger; or if our city is slightly fuller?"
  • "What does it matter if things are slightly more challenging? "
  • If we have to pay a little bit more into the system?"
  • "Surely it is worth it to see those lives being restored again."

The problem is that the political Left use all the right words and phrases to elicit support and sympathy; but it is not genuine - after all if we were to take mass immigration to where the Labour party and the EU, UN etc., want to take it; then no-one would benefit apart from the puppet masters in the UN, EU and UK - neither the Refugees nor the indigenous population would benefit from such indulgences upon the UK taxpayer - our society would simply collapse; 

it is heading that way right now following the New Labour financial mismanagement (1997 - 2010) and the continual control from the EU's so-called "Four Freedoms" together with the imposed EU Austerity as the UK attempts to abide by European Stability Mechanism (ESM) constraints on public spending (keeping within 1992 EEC(EU) deficit/debt rules) - even though we are not in the Euro - that is unless we are able to escape the EU's legal shackles. 

The Labour party et al., do not differentiate between Refugees, Economic Migrants, Criminals or any others - as long as they are likely vote Labour etc., after gaining citizenship - and the EU want to ensure that all its Member States are in the same situation - borderless and vulnerable to societal collapse and ripe for "Ever more EU" unless they wake-up to the imminent danger - which they have done recently. We do not blame the Migrants or Refugees - just those who are using them as pawns - to gain power for themselves and their much lusted after super State.  The UK only has two real options:

  • Leave the EU - knowing that the EU will try to destroy the UK - but with a chance to escape and flourish
  • Stay under EU control with the knowledge of certain destruction of the UK within the EU "Empire" - courtesy of Lisbon Treaty (2007) and EU collaborators within in the UK political establishment.

Soros in the UK

Soros entered UK politics through the organisation set up by Gina Miller - "Best for Britain", but she then left the organisation, meanwhile George Soros has invested some £500,000 in the organisation to fund a campaign to stop "Brexit" on behalf of the EU and for his own personal ambitions.

In effect, Soros is funding a campaign to bring about a second EU Referendum in the UK - an EU tactic used in Eire to overturn an original "No" vote - which successfully managed to change the minds of the Irish through guile and misdirection.

In this case Soros is anticipating such a second campaign and he is therefore spending money in advance which will not be counted as Campaign funds, since it will be spent prior to any official Campaign begins and he plans to sell the EU door-to-door to the British people through his paid activists and volunteer Socialist sympathisers. When this Soros campaign begins it should be remembered primarily what its objectives are:- 

  • subvert the will of the majority of British people to be free of EU control using propaganda and fear mongering - typical EU belligerence 
  • keep Britain in the EU and keep its borders under the control of the EU at any cost 
  • facilitate mass uncontrolled immigration on an unprecedented scale  - Soros's modus operandi
  • continue project fear with prophesies of financial doom if Britain does not bow to the will of Brussels (Berlin) 
  • keep Britain under European Court of Justice (ECJ) jurisdiction

In order to counter the anticipated onslaught - which has already begun - their propaganda needs to be countered with questions about the very nature of the EU itself and how it is designed to take over the Member States and subjugate the populations of Europe - perhaps even "turn" some of Soros's supporters.

Beginning with the nature of the EU one should ask:-

  • why was the EU built on principles of the old Communist Soviet Union without proper checks and balances - instead of using the USA model? 
  • why are EU laws made in secret (EU Commission) by appointed officials (Member State Representatives) who are required to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the EU and "Ever Closer Union" - so that they cannot protect the interests of their own country against corporate lobbying for Directives and Regulations which suit only Multinational Corporations and Special Interest Groups?
  • why do the EU Commissioners have immunity from prosecution for life and Commission offices cannot be searched for evidence of wrongdoing?
  • why are EU officials given pensions with the caveat that the pension will be lost should they not act only in the interests of the EU?
  • why are ex-EU employees with EU pensions who subsequently work in the UK Parliament not required to declare their pensions?  
  • why does the EU need an Armed Force to operate within its own borders?
  • why would the UK want to stay in the EU which operates a uniform Justice system (Corpus Juris) based upon the Napoleonic Code (Martial Law) - Where the State and its agents (Police) are above the Law; and our Common Law protections such as Habeas Corpus and Trial-by-Jury would be lost in Britain? 
  • why does the EU need its own Public Prosecutor? 
  • why does the EU have a Police Force (Europol) that can act within in the Members States with Diplomatic Immunity and utilise the Police resources of each Member State - Is Europol the EU's KGB?
  • why does the EU have a paramilitary Police force - the European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDDFOR) - which is used to quell Civil disobedience in the EU - e.g. those used to brutalise the Catalans for wishing to vote for independence from Spain? 
  • why don't many EU Member States pay their NATO contributions - in order to keep peace in Europe - which it has done for the past 69 years (1949)?
  • why was the "Constitution for Europe (2004)" - which was rejected by France and the Netherlands in Referendums in 2005 - hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and no Referendum allowed (except in Eire) - how can the EU be trusted?
  • how can a single individual (Merkel) dictate the policies of the entire EU and get away with it - where are the means to stop a new Dictator emerging in Europe - and wasn't that the primary purpose of the EEC?
  • why would any European Nation wish to give its sovereignty away to such corrupt organisaton like the EU which has only legally existed since 2009? 
  • why does the EU need an Enabling Act (Article 48 (TEU)) to unilaterally grab more powers, even if such powers do not exist in the Treaties? 

We have pointed just 15 reasons why it is not in the interests of the British people to stay in the EU - without mentioning the financial side of our relationship with Brussels (Berlin) - which is designed to asset strip each Member State and impoverish their populations on route forming to a new German dominated European Empire "For the Few on the backs of the Many"

* Neo-Communist government - in the sense of Communist methods and coercive control but incorporating Capitalist principles - to enrich themselves.