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8th April 2018

Spain's German EAW Reaction

It appears that for the Spanish government - one of the best things about the EU is that it has laws that allow citizens to be arrested without due process and extradited to any foreign prison in the EU to be tried under alien laws (alien to the UK).

The following comments relate to the fact that the German court refused to extradite Carle Puigdement for rebellion to the custody of the Spanish legal system and released him on bail - the court is however considering the charge of misuse of pubic funds.

To be more precise -"Esteban Gonzalez Pons, a member of Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular party, said- Freedom of movement in Europe made no sense if the European Arrest Warrant system did not work."

Later he stated  “If the European Arrest Warrant system doesn’t work, the Schengen Area and the elimination of border controls doesn’t work.”


and added If the European Union involves some member states questioning others, the EU loses its purpose.” (Daily Express 8th April 2018)

The above comments alone should have any sane person realising that the EU legal system (Corpus Juris) is that of a Dictatorship where anyone could be falsely accused and transported out of their own country and into jail in any other EU Member State without any evidence and no other country would be allowed to object. 

The above description of the EAW system - (enacted in the UK by Straw / Blair and New Labour in 2003) - (and is set to continue because of Theresa May - even after we leave the EU) - is the one that the Spanish and many other members assumed would be the case - and they seem happy to be part of such a system.  

In fact, the Spanish government is so annoyed with the fact that they cannot do whatever they want - legally - and not be questioned - that they openly criticise the very existence of the EU.

Meanwhile the EU - Brussels (Berlin) - remain quiet - presumably because at this time of "Brexit" they do not want the EU Member State populations to realise that the EU is a Police State - perhaps they do know but don't care or simply they trust their elected representatives (as the UK population has foolishly done for the past 45 years) 

It seems that the EU though does not want to show its true nature in such a high profile manner and is pretending that it does not really operate such a system - despite all the evidence to the contrary from Spain - no doubt the Remain camp are also happy for their kith and kin and their children and grandchildren to be part of the EAW and the EU Police State system - without our Common Law rights and protections.