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21st June, 2016

The Status Quo is Not an Option  

Britain's only chance to survive as a sovereign nation is outside the Political EU

Since the signing of the European Communities Act (1972) our Queen, and individual British Prime Ministers, have signed six European Treaties, most by Blair and Brown, which have changed the nature of the UK from that of a democratic sovereign nation to that of a province of a Godless, Undemocratic, Supranational Capitalist State (see Article) 

Anyone who tells you it is all about workers' rights, shared concerns for the planet, pooling sovereignty and working together is taking you for a fool. The EU has only one objective - to take over the nation states of Europe, asset strip them through privatisation of their public services and sell off their infrastructure; enroute to a single government in Europe. 

All the remain camp have to offer is a desire to stay in and reform the EU; because they are not happy with the way that it works!  

But the EU is legally separate and superior to its member states - courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - so it is autonomous and cannot be reformed - as far as the member states are concerned 

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) treaty is also a self-amending treaty (Article 48); a disguised "Enabling Act" which allows the EU acquire any power it needs to reach its objectives without any reference to the member states. Continued

The leaders supporting remain must be aware of the facts about the EU and the Lisbon Treaty (2007), signed by Brown and D Miliband - so they are simply reading from EU prepared scripts.

Furthermore the EU's avowed intention is to rid Europe of its Nation States 

“National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our
time and of the steady march of humanity back to tragic disaster and
barbarism…The only final remedy for this supreme and catastrophic evil
of our time is a federal union of the peoples.”
- The words engraved on the wall of the EU visitor centre. 

The four free movements of Capital, Goods, Services and Workers form the basis of the EU-Bilderberg Cartel's free-market, free-for-all (set out in the Treaty of Rome (1957) unleashed upon the nation states of Europe and are the primary methods of taking over the nation states of Europe; by destroying their homogeneity, their borders, public services and infrastructure and flooding the existing Nations with alien, preferably non-western European, but pro-EU government supporters - dependent upon benefits from the taxes of the existing populations. 

The true intention of the EU though has always been to build a Superstate with its own SuperNationalism which will lead down the very path that they decry as the cause of evil and misery - the EU is likely to be the future cause of the annihilation of western Europe.

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