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26th October, 2016

Stop calling them Remainers, they are Subversives

Tell it like it is - they are Subversives. Forget their claims about our being better off in the EU, it is better for them not anyone else - their true motives are the destruction of our society on behalf of the bigger project, the new Totalitarian EU Police State in Europe - designed for the 1950's and modelled on the failed old Soviet Union.

Their latest tactic, begun by Blair and New Labour was to use multiculturalism and mass immigration (by stealth under New Labour, but quite blatantly in the open by Sutherland at the UN in 2012, and under Merkel and Juncker at the EU in 2015) in order to to overwhelm our infrastructure and public services, and to bring despair and hopelessness to millions as Merkel has so successfully achieved in Germany; copied by Sweden and ongoing by the ne'er-do-wells in the UK.

The end game is quite simple - create chaos and spark a reaction in the indigenous population and use it to set up the EU Police State, and invoke Europe wide censorship - the project has operated largely through stealth for at least the past 59 years (1957) soon it will be able to continue to its final stages under the cover of a system of Martial Law throughout Europe.

Today a spokesman for famous company in Britain called for "open borders" (as does the speculator George Soros) in order to keep his lifestyle and aspirations - not his exact words though, they were about importing cheap labour - apparently something that Britain should aspire to - Really we should be simply a country of cheap labour - so we can compete with China? 

So without a single thought for the wellbeing of the country as a whole nor that of those who will inevitably end up on the streets and hanging around street corners waiting for work - reminiscent of the poor souls caught up in the Wall Street Crash in the late 1920's and 1930's America; desperate for work at any price and willing to work and live under any conditions. To be exploited by gangs and other opportunists alike to avoid paying proper wages or to exploit the benefit system and avoid paying tax, but still able to take from the public services. 

This is of course not unique to the UK  - this is just a part of four freedoms - which the Subversives see as a glorious opportunity to visit Europe, in their 21st century version of the Grand Tour - which they were never previously excluded from in any event - but they will pay their way and not live off the benefit system of the countries that they visit, at least the self-respecting ones won't, and they will not be exploited as cheap labour in Europe nor will they suffer as the migrants will suffer the exploitation seen here in Britain.

A few numbers

In the news recently were quoted numbers related to the costs associated with immigration into Germany, whether they are economic migrants or refugees - and one quote, which is obviously not true in every case and used as much as propaganda as anything else to grab the headlines, but nevertheless it does give some insight into the reality of the costs that Merkel is imposing (since they were never asked) on the indigenous German population.  Nor have we in Britain been asked if we wish to support, in perpetuity, a group of migrants with an alien culture, en masse.

In Britain, it appears that the Lords decide how to get as many migrants into Britain as they can, and the Commons duly passes a Law to ensure their wishes are granted and it is against the law to object (Totalitarian tactics from those who declare that they represent Democracy) - one never hears of any truly independent cost-benefit analysis nor impact studies of their effect ever taking place - the migrants are then simply brought in and dispersed, in order to hide their true extent and distribution. 

The published figure in Germany was for a Syrian migrant family which comprised a man, four wives and 23 children and amounted to £320,000 equivalent per annum, but this does not include any eligible extended family - it is normal in Syria for a man to have more than one wife and for each wife to bear 2 or more children, so a typical family might comprise a man, two wives and four children, plus there extended families.

Another headline stated that the Home Office had admitted that 3 illegal immigrants per hour had been caught entering Britain since 2010 - under Theresa May's watch. Apart from the fact that since at least the time that New Labour got into power immigration figures have at best been very unreliable and at worst massaged, these figures are probably the highest that the government thought they could get away with stating and very much larger in reality. In any event, each one of these represents an enormous impact upon the British public purse, its social housing stock, benefit system, the NHS, schools and its infrastructure. The figure for the number of illegal immigrants entering since 2010, by the way, works to be around (March 2010 to March 2016) some 157,000 - that is 157,000 houses (or flats) lost to the indigenous population, assuming that the illegal migrants are accepted as asylum seekers.

The logical conclusion

Many Labour, SNP, LibDems, Greens and Plaid Cymru politicians are simply variations in the spectrum of the same Left wing Fabian fraternity, even if they are not members of that club. They have one common theme, that there will be no upper limit to immigration, as issued by their leaders, and if you don't agree, they will call you a Racist. When we are told that immigration is a net benefit remember two things - most of the immigrants will bring dependents who will not work, and the organisations who produce such reports are in some way connected to the EU propaganda machine. 

It is not Racist to care for your country and your fellow citizen's (i.e. to be Nationalists), after all the EU wants all its members to be flag waving, anthem singing, motto quoting, European (EU) Nationalists; and they will have their own army, loyal only to Brussels, with big parades - just like in Moscow and North Korea.  

The consequences of unlimited immigration are out of control, spiralling costs, burdening an economy already crippled by the debt that New Labour deliberately imposed upon the country through reckless spending and widespread use of PFI funding. The inevitable end will be the breakdown of British society and lead to open hostility spreading across the country, as is occurring throughout the EU (except in the Visegrad areas) and is quite deliberately being engineered in order to bring about the Marxist "Revolution" - and the complete takeover of its member states (and Britain) by the EU.  

The use of mass migration is similar to the tactics that Stalin and Mao Zedong used to occupy new territories, as no doubt would have been taught to Angela Merkel during her alleged tenure as Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda at the Academy of Sciences' Communist Youth Movement, at the East Berlin University she attended.  This is the very same "Revolution" that John MacDonnell danced for joy about in a video, after he thought that Capitalism would be destroyed through the worldwide recession in 2008 - and the Left wing EU Fifth Column in Britain seek to bring about the very same outcome in Britain on behalf of the EU.

But what of the immigrants? Well they are just pawns used by the Left to achieve the reincarnation of the Soviet Union in Europe - once they have served their purpose they will be discarded along with the rest of us - no benefits, no free housing, no public services they will have all been destroyed, and the infra-structure will be left to rot, until the new 5 year plan is implemented - after which Corbyn will give his report on tractor production to the Brussels' Politburo and praise the efforts of the new slave class in the forced labour camps.