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21st November, 2017

Stop Giving Our Money Away

Our government must stop behaving like EU vassals - unless that is what they really are - and if that is the case then they should be honest and come out and admit it to the British people - then we can have elections to rid ourselves of those who support the EU - against Britain's interests.

As things stand our government is not quite as bad as the Labour Party or their Marxist equivalents in the other parties  (who immediately capitulated to the EU (Germany))  At least the Conservatives gave some impression of wanting to fight for Britain's interests - in a country where our Parliament decides workers' rights and other laws - not some faceless bureaucrat in Brussels (Berlin).

But as each day passes the government seem intent on slowly giving in and presiding over a long drawn out charade, leading to keeping the UK trapped in the EU - as more and more is unnecessarily handed over to the EU on one pretext or another - while other MP's and Lords plot to rob the country of its wealth and heritage on the altar of Marxist dogma.

Meanwhile, they luxuriate in their parliamentary status, privilege, perks and expenses all off the backs of the British taxpayers' - while there is little doubt, that more than a few, have taken "Merkel's schilling"

Our elected Representatives have each sworn an oath to the British people and are duty bound to look after our interests - but there is scant evidence that they owe allegiance to anything other than the EU or their own vanity and greed - it is time for the MP's, Lords and others to act together against the dictatorship of the EU or resign from office - but there is little expectation that any of them would take such an honourable step. 

So Much For Taking Back Control

The Article 50 negotiations are clearly being dragged out deliberately in order to keep the UK under EU control until another General Election, or they can jointly manipulate a second Referendum, or our country is so overrun (through collusion with Brussels) by EU supporters given residency, that the votes of native British nationals is overwhelmed. The proposed extension to these talks is a pure sabotage of Britain's position and interests, creating further uncertainty - while big business quite falsely claim they need more time in order to adjust - and costing Britain many more billions in payments to the EU and, by virtue of being under ECJ control we will have open borders and EU laws for an indeterminate period.  

It is long past the time that our government should be looking after the British people - it needs to stop looking after everybody else in the world - in a mindless drive to impoverish ourselves in the name of an EU fantasy of Empire. 

We need to look after our own first and get out of the EU as quickly as possible.

That way we will not need to borrow as heavily and we will be able to give our children free education - rebuild our infrastructure, NHS, schools, revitalise and extend our manufacturing base - and have enough houses at an affordable price for our children.

We are in this current situation because of the Labour Party / LibDems / Conservatives (1997 - 2016) - and being part of the EU was the enforced driver (Directives and Regulations) for the policies laid down by our politicians - and that remains the case until we leave.

Stop building on our "Green Belt" just to make it easier for developers' to grab quick profits  - build on already available land and on "Brown Field" sites; close our borders to illegal immigration and restrict immigration to those we actually need, not blindly follow orders from the EU which are designed to destroy our economy and our national identity.

When we have a recovered a viable economy then, by all means, be more charitable, but in the short term rebuild Britain.

Dealing with the EU

We can only take back our true sovereignty by getting out from under the legal supremacy of the EU - that is in control of our Parliament (Commons and Lords) and our Judiciary - the EU has, through stealth, infiltrated every aspect of our society over the past 44 years.

We have paid our way - and lost much in the process.

We need to obtain the following from the EU:

  • an independently audited set of accounts of our assets and liabilities to the EU - which should be published
  • a legally binding guarantee that we will not be under any kind of legal control from the EU that impacts, in any way, upon our sovereignty, domestic or international laws
  • a legally binding guarantee that we will control all of the UK's border areas, and all immigration and asylum matters without EU interference.

Pay the EU only what we legally owe them, do not extend the EU's legal control over Britain beyond the 29th March, 2019 and if these conditions are not met - then we must trade through "Most-Favoured Nation" status - under WTO rules. 

These negotiations are not a divorce - Britain joined a community - the European Economic Community (EEC) (ECA, 1972) - it is a club and we have paid our dues. As time has passed the EU has become a cult, and like all other cults it won't allow its members to leave  without shaming them and threatening their destruction.

But since staying in the EU would also lead to our destruction - as a people, a Nation and an identity - we have nothing to lose by leaving.

So, Mrs May just get on with it - get us out of the EU on the 29th March, 2019.