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20th October, 2016

Stop Lying To Us

It is bad enough that the Home Office under Amber Rudd brings in military age men under the guise of "vulnerable child migrants or refugees" and that they are from Afghanistan rather than from Syria, but there is no evidence that these new arrivals have been properly vetted by the security services for links with terrorist groups - in fact there has not been any mention of security risks. Indeed even if the new arrivals were under the age of 10 they could still be loyal to terror groups and a threat to the UK and with the leaky EU borders we are in a situation in which anyone: from genuine refugee and skilled worker; to criminal or terrorist can gain entry without proper checks (since they were not checked within the EU either) and do untold damage .

When will the government come clean and explain that as long as we are in the EU we cannot prevent anyone coming into Britain, for any reason - unless we have a priori intelligence to suspect such an individual is a threat to national security or is seen to be carrying a highly contagious disease  - and since most of the migrants don't have any documentation or if they do they are likely to be false, everything is taken on trust - which has been demonstrably shown to be either flawed or the Home Office, and the entire political establishment, are complicit in a fraud on its People - entirely contrary to its primary duty to protect its citizens.

We are supposed to be leaving the EU and the idea that during this process we will continue to place our country under threat and deplete its resources is an abomination - we need to declare a halt to any further immigration on the grounds of national security and negotiate with the EU only on terms that are acceptable to the British People. If the current government is not prepared to act in Britain's best interests then they should either call a General Election or show some background and stop giving away advantage to the enemies of Britain - those in the Remain camp with their noses in the EU trough - and invoke Article 50 now or when Theresa May gets back from reporting to, and taking instruction from, her masters in the EU; much as David Cameron did before the Referendum. 

For those in the Remain camp attempting to overturn the Referendum result; they need to understand that we had a General Election in 2015 and the Conservative Party won on the basis that they would offer a Referendum on leaving the EU that would be binding - that was voted on in the Referendum Bill (2015) and agreed by the House of Lords. Now they behave like a bunch of dodgy used car salesmen reneging on a deal, and attempting to subvert the very sovereignty that they claim to represent - and took an oath to uphold. Not in the History of Britain, since the time of Charles I, have so few unworthy people sought to destroy the lives of so many - they should be stripped of their titles and honours, paraded through the streets in disgrace, to be finally held in stocks outside the Houses of Parliament for all to see.

If anyone objects to the Referendum result or tries to subvert its implementation they need to act properly and have another General Election - not try to block what was clearly decided - nor to try to alter the terms - the vote and its outcome is what must be adhered to - to do otherwise is treachery and will not go unpunished.