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11th June 2018

​Subversion of Democracy

The behaviour of the Remain Camp related to the implementation of the result of the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum is no different from having a General Election in the UK where the government loses - but refuses to vacate number 10 Downing Street.

But it is worse than that - because the Cabinet that the government subsequently selected contains those who are ideologically opposed to the UK leaving the EU - which is equivalent to the Conservative government winning the election; but deciding to form a coalition government with the opposition Labour Party, the SNP and the Lib Dems  - instead getting on with implementing “Brexit”.

This is despite a Manifesto promise from the largest party in Parliament to deliver on the Referendum result.

These actions were taken in spite of a majority win by those who have realised that being in the EU is a disaster for freedom in UK: the Lisbon Treaty (2007) spells that out clearly - despite attempts to hide its true purpose.

British Democracy
Our Democracy is built upon the basis that the Sovereignty (the Legal Authority to make laws) of these Islands belongs to the people of these Islands who elect Representatives in order to enact laws on their behalf and in return the people agree (mostly) to respect and adhere to those laws – it is a system based upon trust – that the Representatives will act in the interests of the people who elect them.

But that Sovereignty is only ever on loan to those Representatives – given to the political party which wins the largest number of seats in the Parliament – and after a subsequent election (say 5 years) if that party loses – then it also loses the trust of the people and Sovereignty is then entrusted to a new political party; and the cycle continues.

In 1973 the Sovereignty of the British people was given to the EEC(EU) by those once trusted elected Representatives -so that the power to enact laws to which the British people are subject has, since then resided with Brussels (Berlin) - but we have not had any say in establishing that arrangement; which took place behind the backs of the British people.

They also agreed to give “Henry VIII” powers to the EU through signing the European Communities Act (ECA) (1972) Section 2(1) and 2(2) et seq. which also signed the UK up to the Treaty of Rome (1957) – which contains the blueprint for the EU and all its attributes - e.g. “Ever closer union” and the so called “Four Freedoms” etc.

The planned future direction of the EEC and its development, including its metamorphosis into the Political EU, were well known to all Politicians and Peers all along - but deliberately withheld from the public - and that conspiracy continues today. 

On those grounds the British people do not have any franchise in the arrangement - and no reason to obey laws made by such a Foreign organisation - but we have no choice as long as we are in the EU and subject to actions of our own elected Representatives who are doing their utmost to prevent the Sovereignty of the British people being returned to them.

That is because the British population were totally unaware that the Laws were being made outside of our Parliament and not by those who we had elected to represent us – that is out and out treachery – since we believed that we could trust our elected Representatives.

Clearly we have not had elected Representative who we could trust for the past 45 years - save for those who have consistently voted against EU “Ever closer Union”.

As a result of ECA (1972), which is what the “Withdrawal Bill” is trying to repeal - against all opposition in the Lords and Commons - the EU can enact any Laws it wishes upon the British people and even if every single British politician voted against them - such laws, however onerous, cannot be amended or blocked.

In signing ECA (1972) our elected Representatives committed Treason under English Common Law – which is what our forefathers died to protect for us – to keep us safe from internal or external Tyrannical rule.

They are Traitors
Since 1973 our elected Representatives have been holding the Sovereignty of the British people hostage on behalf of the EEC(EU) and those who support the UK remaining in the EU (for whatever reason) know full well that if we stay in the EU we will be trapped as a Province of the EU and under the control of a Foreign Power in perpetuity.

There is no termination date for the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which we were signed up to without our permission; based upon a totally shameful lie by Gordon Brown and the Labour Party - "that it was only a Reform Treaty..." 

More importantly they have been legislating without our consent on the most important areas of our lives for the past 45 years: they have allowed our Constitution and laws to become subservient to the Laws of a Foreign Power.

Where were the 15 Amendments to the Lisbon Treaty (2007), Nice (2003), Amsterdam (1997), Maastricht (1992) Single European Act (1986) and the original European Communities Act (1972) - where was the outcry that we have seen lately from the petulant Peers when we were signed up to those?

With our Politicians and Peers - they look the other way when it is against Britain’s interests and only seriously scrutinise legislation and act if it furthers the aims of the EU.  

Don’t believe what our elected Representatives tell when they claim that they are acting in the best interests of the UK because they have nurtured only the best interests of the EEC(EU) and protected it from scrutiny by the British people for the past 45 years – in line with the instructions to Ministers in 1971 FCO:30/1048 prior to the signing of ECA (1972) - when our elected Representatives and their ennobled Peers originally sold the British people to the EU for personal gain.

FCO:30/1048 was kept secret from the British people for 30 years in order to develop the EEC by stealth - in the expectation that by that time the EEC would have so entangled the Member States in Regulations and Directives related to trade that it would be virtually impossible for any of them to leave the EEC.

Our Politicians and Peers are all aware of the dire consequences of Britain staying in the EU and are willing to say anything to look after their own interests and those of the EU - they are no different from any other subversive.

The actions of the Lords’ in attempting to control the government against the wishes of people is further treachery; worse since they are not elected - they are acting vicariously on behalf of our elected Representatives and the EU; placed in position courtesy of elected Representatives who ennobled them (mostly Blair and Cameron)

They had no business trying to alter the “Withdrawal Bill” - in any way – other than to ensure legal certainty of its contents and application – they had no mandate to rewrite it in favour of Brussels (Berlin)

What the Lords’ did when they voted to add 15 Amendments to the “Withdrawal Bill” was to put two fingers up those who do not want to be enslaved in the EU and are attempting to remove any chance for the British people to ever be free of control by the EU. See Amendment list below - all designed to keep the UK trapped under EU control.

The Sorry State of British Politics
One interesting side effect of the conduct of the EU Referendum is that it has exposed the true nature of our “British” establishment in all its gory detail – the sight of our Politicians, Peers and Judiciary desperate to look after their own interests - against the interests those who voted to leave the EU to save the UK.

The fact that most of those in our parliamentary have each willingly entered into a Faustian Pact with a German dominated foreign enterprise whose intention is to asset strip its Member States and subjugate their populations under a common Judicial System in which the State and its agents are above the Law and English Common Law protections are side-lined.

Where every aspect of life of EU citizens will be under central control; dawn to dusk, from cradle to grave.

The EU is a Dictator’s paradise with its own Enabling Act (Article 48
* (TEU)) in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) resurrected in Europe after 62 years (1945 - 2007) - leading to a Totalitarian Police State modelled on the coercive political / security systems of the old Soviet Union.

But the really sad part is how Britain has been dismantled from the inside through their connivance with their new masters - typified by the unedifying open display of shameless behaviour where our politicians actually visit the EU negotiators in order to help the EU to prevent the UK escaping from its clutches - through coordinated actions in our own Parliament!

To cap it all we have agents of the EU funding campaigns to bring about a second Referendum - and subvert what is left of British Democracy after 45 years (1973 – 2018) of EU infiltration.

The UK parliamentarians have one more chance to repair the damage caused since 1973 when the Commons votes to overturn the treachery of the House of Lords and complete the repeal of the European Communities Act (ECA)(1972) by passing the “Withdrawal Bill” without any Amendments and extricating the UK from “Death by a thousand cuts” in the EU.  

 These EU controlled Politicians and Peers should be stripped of their titles, privileges and taxpayer funded lifestyles and placed on Tumbrels to be paraded through the streets, then kicked out of the UK.

*just out of interest the Enabling Act (Emergency Powers) in the Weimar Constitution was also Article 48.

List of Lord's Amendments

1.     Forces minsters to try to seek a customs union with the EU
2.     Keeps EU law relating to employment, consumer and environmental protections
3.     Keeps the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
4.     Removes right of ministers to challenge EU law kept by the UK
5.     Allows Britons to bring legal cases when their rights, enshrined in EU law, are flouted
6.     Limits the scope of the Government's so-called Henry VIII powers 
7.     Gives Parliament a meaningful vote at the end of talks
8.     Gives parliament a veto on the Government's negotiating position 
9.     Ministers must report on what they are doing to ensure refugee families reunited within Europe
10. Ministers must abide by 1998 Good Friday Agreement
11. Reaffirms that the UK can keep EU laws and stay in EU agencies
12. Gives parliament a veto on the exit day
13. Ministers must try to keep the UK in the EEA and therefore the EU single market
14. Extends how EU laws will be trawled through by Parliament 
15. Enshrines EU environmental protections

After the Daily Express 11th June 2018