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​​18th July 2018

Taking Merkel's "Schilling"

The title phrase relates to the idea that by accepting a coin with the image of the head of the leader (King or Queen etc) of a country or group then you join their army or effectively swear allegiance to that leader - and in reality that is what the UK would be signing up to if it accepted the "Chequers Accord" ("White Paper") - the equivalent of Merkel's "Schilling" 

The "Chequers Accord" was identified by Martin Howe QC at Lawyers for Britain (18/7/2018) - as the same as the Association Agreement between the EU and some accession countries . "Martin concludes that the Government’s proposed UK-EU legal dispute procedure is based on EU deals with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and notes that as far as he is aware, "no other non-member state has agreed to being bound by rulings of the ECJ"  

In dictating / presenting / agreeing to such an arrangement Merkel is probably showing her true feelings about Brexit and the British people - and it looks like May and the rest feel the same.

We would be signing up to the EU Armed Forces, Corpus Juris, the Euro, Unified Taxation - straight from our bank accounts to "Fund the Objectives of the EU (Germany)" and everything else that is wrong with our current relationship with the EU through the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - it is certainly the case that the White Paper was either given to May by Merkel or it was approved by Merkel.

Unfortunately, it is little more that a starting point for negotiations with the EU - capitulating further even on a the terms of that surrender document. The British people deserve better than to be sold out by their Prime Minister, all the Opposition Political Parties and a majority of its MP's, Peers, Judiciary and its Civil Service. 

Fighting like "Cats and Dogs"

Currently our Parliament is in the throes of trying to keep the Prime Minister in place and ensure that the "Chequers Bill" goes through the Commons - before the Summer Recess - the European Research Group (ERG) represented by Jacob Rees-Mogg  tabled four amendments to the Bill in order to mitigate the effects of some of the more onerous parts of the BIll. 

The Four Amendments:

  • Demands that the UK should scrap an offer to collect taxes and duties on behalf of the EU unless the remaining 27 member states pledge to do the same for Britain.
  • Force the government to commit itself in law not to allow a customs border down the Irish Sea.
  • Require the UK to have a separate VAT regime from the EU
  • Force the Prime Minister to table primary legislation if she wishes to keep Britain in the customs union.

Meanwhile the Tory Remainers' - the usual suspects - "Heidi Allen, Kenneth Clarke, Jonathan Djanogly, Dominic Grieve, Stephen Hammond, Phillip Lee, Nicky Morgan, Bob Neill, Antoinette Sandbach, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston".

Some of whom had been seen previously in a secret meeting at Chatham House with A Campbell and A C Grayling on the 14th of June, 2018 - "a tea and cucumber sandwiches, without the crusts" party, no doubt - plotting amendments of their own to nullify the four ERG amendments, which will no doubt continue when the Bill reaches the House of dishonourable Lords. 

The Whips must be thinking that they should give-up this madhouse occupation which is now more like trying to "herd cats" - with two "strays" Cable and Farron apparently mysteriously absent from proceedings; disappearing instead of voting - out on the tiles perhaps?

Looking at the voting numbers which are very similar generally it appears that some 300 MP's certainly have accepted Merkel's Schilling without question - by voting for the Bill - whereas the remaining 300 odd are either not sure, keeping their "powder dry" or simply don't want to see Corbyn in Number 10 Downing Street.

Fighting the Wrong Battle

The problem is that the Prime Minister and the political "elite" are deliberately fighting the wrong battle - all the energy is going into "fine-tuning" an agreement which is designed to keep Britain in the EU in the short and long term and prevent the UK competing, directly or indirectly with the EU - because the EU would be at a disadvantage - they are working together to keep us under control.

Our establishment really is at war with it own population and the "Chequers Accord" is little more than a "skirmish" the government have run away from the real battle and hope we won't notice.

The real problem is quite straightforward and goes to the heart of the matter - the EEC was a trading relationship which is desirable - the EU is a political project which as far as British people are concerned is highly undesirable - that is the fundamental difference and why it was done by stealth for the past 45 years.

The British public should be campaigning for the UK to revert to the "Davis Mutual Recognition Model" agreement - which the government deliberately side-lined at Chequers - the type of agreement which the EU already has with other countries, but does not involve political union with the EU and more damagingly under the legal control of the ECJ. 

We are in a unique position in that regard because we are fully aligned with the EU and therefore there should be no difficulty in continuing to trade; and maintaining the "complex supply chain" methodology (designed for greater national integration) - and that could proceed as we diverge from the EU - that overcomes all the pretend difficulties that have been invented.

The difference is that we would trade with the EU as a sovereign nation and would comply with the EU where it is our interest - at a inter-government level - not as a captive nation (Vassal State) - under the "Chequers Accord" supranational model.

The EU would object of course but we in Britain value our independence and the EU has agreed to the same arrangement in Canada - and it would be possible to make the agreement more EU friendly under that proviso if the EU was not so paranoid and obsessed with Empire building.

Lobby our MPs to have the Davis "Mutual Recognition" inter-governmental agreement model put before Parliament and properly debated instead of fighting a phoney battle designed to fool us into believing that the "Merkel-May Accord" is the only option for the UK - leading us in only one direction towards another Referendum - where the options will be "Merkel-May" or revoke Article 50 and Remain.

We should be looking after our own people not enriching the international Banking Community and the Multinational Corporations - they don't care where they reside as long they can exploit its people and infrastructure - and get away without paying any tax. 

We provide a copy of the Davis draft "White Paper" for Reference

Update:  We include Boris Johnson's resignation speech in the Commons, which was not as disloyal to Mrs May as might have been expected - it is worth reading in its entirety - since much of his speech was dissected in the Press only or mostly on the basis of an expected "attack". 

Johnson summarised the expectations of the Leave voters and how they were not represented by the "Chequers Bill", and gave an optimistic note stating that it was not too late to deliver the "Brexit" that was required. 

Since there was no suggestion of a large majority in favour of the latest Remain amendment to tie the government to the "Customs Union" - it was defeated 307 to 301 - with the help of four from Labour (Kate Hoey, Graham Stringer, Frank Field and John Mann) - well done - for her efforts though there are moves to try and have Kate Hoey deselected - appalling behaviour from the EUphile Labour Party.

So, there are grounds to indicate that the "Chequers Bill" will be modified, to produce a better UK "Brexit" negotiating position as far as the Leave voters are concerned - whether May can remain in post is not certain.