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​10th February, 2017

Taxes Up - Services Down

A local authority in Surrey wanted to raise the Council Tax by 15%, but were unable to go beyond 4.99%, since any larger tax rise would require a local referendum - and referendums haven't gone well for people in power recently. The reason, apparently, is the rapidly increasing need for social care provision for the elderly in the community, and its associated rising cost.

Meanwhile the government announced that it would limit the number of "Child Refugees" entering the UK to 350, rather than the agreed 3000, as a result of some councils claiming that they were reaching the limit of what could be accommodated - this seems to be related to an estimate of £50,000 for ongoing provision for each child - which for 3000 participants would amount to £150,000,000 each year - and that does not include the cost of their family members who would then be invited to the UK - the entire exercise is out of control. Apparently, there are also, over 70,000 families already in the UK awaiting asylum application outcomes - again all paid for by the UK taxpayer.

So, have we reached the point where our country is having to make conflicting priority choices which lead to decisions that affect our general population; in effect have we reached saturation point, for what we can afford to do in terms of helping others?  

If the local councils need to increase taxes to maintain our services then we need to have a clear idea of what the situation really is - the cry "No taxation without Representation" which came as a precursor to the American Revolution in 1776, has a certain ring when applied to the current proposals for new local tax increases in the UK.

It is true that we do have periodic control over the councils through local elections, but that provision is being overtaken by rapidly changing circumstances. Before any new taxes are imposed, we need a honest discussion about precisely why those taxes need to be raised; a full published detailed costing of what current and future council liabilities amount to, and the plan to bring that situation under control - we cannot simply keep on spending like a Labour Chancellor.  

On Question Time last night, Labour MP Owen Smith claimed that his local council had no problems related to its tax payers taking responsibility for a number of refugees, presumably without any need for their taxes to rise - so what is the true situation - does this only affect England or has it been exaggerated?

​The attitude of the Marxist Left in the Labour Party to mass immigration was best expressed by Labour MP Rachael Maskell in September, 2015; as reported by the Daily Express at the time:-

"We need to shout so much more and say 20,000 is not enough, 30,000 is not enough, Britain should continue accepting refugees until our services buckle under the pressure." 

"We will keep going until we hit our saturation point because what does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit?" "Or if our class sizes are slightly bigger; Or if our city is slightly fuller? "What does it matter if things are slightly more challenging?

​Clearly, if we continue to pursue such policies then almost everyone will suffer; the UK population - and the refugees - so the Left are not really interested in the refugees, or their plight, except for their own ends - since through the chaos that they create, they hope to attain lasting power.


Apparently, Mrs Merkel has now placed a ban on refugees for two years and also banned families; wives, children and elderly, from joining those already in Germany - if that wasn't enough she is also embarking on a programme of deportations - all of this because of the burgeoning cost of supporting them - estimated to be £37 billion just for this year alone. This was revealed at a time when a leading German academic warned that 80% of the migrants have little or no formal education

​Why are the Lefties not complaining about Merkel stopping refugees coming into Germany because of cost?

Merkel though is planning to bring in 12 million more immigrants (or to put it another way - Left wing voters) into Germany over the next four decades, at 300,000 per year, to counteract the effect of the declining German population - which is partly due to birthrate, but also to Germans leaving Germany for a better life.  The problem is that Germany is simply bringing in more people who will be dependent upon the ever dwindling number of German taxpayers - which might explain why the EU is trying to get the UK to pay £49 billion to mitigate the mess that Merkel has created - Article 50 makes no provision for payments when we leave the EU and they are simply acting ultra vires.

Every EU member state should begin a programme of increasing their own birthrate, to counteract the their own declining birthrates, and reduce the need for mass immigration.