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11th February 2018

The Anti-Britain Campaign

Typical of the "Doublespeak" from the Left and its allies is the campaign set-up by Gina Miller "Best for Britain" which is clearly a pro-EU campaign which seeks to prevent Britain leaving the EU and keep us trapped within the protectionist block.

Despite the fact that Miller has moved away from the "Best for Britain" campaign group that she established, she is still, nevertheless, acting along the same principles of that campaign - calling for a second Referendum which would offer alternatives such as accept or reject anything that the government agrees with Brussels or alternatively simply remain in the EU.

In an Evening Standard interview in 4th November 2016 (Brexit legal challenge: Gina Miller argues 'defending democracy is the best way to spend my money') Miller stated that those who voted (in a record breaking voter turnout) on the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum vote "... believed whatever way they voted they were doing the best for their families, but the politicians misled the public into believing whatever the outcome of the advisory referendum was would be made law, knowing well that would not be the case. That unleashes anger.”

That statement, some 4 months after the EU Referendum vote, is particularly revealing for two reasons (1) it shows that she was knew that the government would not implement the Referendum vote result and (2) that she considered the Referendum to be only "advisory" - along with the rest of the British establishment - Politicians, Peers, Civil Servants and Judiciary.

The second part of the statement is at odds with the idea that she now supports a second Referendum vote, unless that is also only advisory, and the first part - it simply supports the idea that her campaigning is really about assisting the establishment to thwart the original Referendum vote.

The Brexit Legal Challenge (2016)

The Brexit Legal Challenge referred to in the previous paragraph is even more interesting and revealing - since the legal challenge was supposedly about British democracy - but it was more likely an attempt to simply prevent the triggering of Article 50 - predicated on the fact that the UK parliament (Upper and Lower chambers) is predominantly Europhile.

That attempt to nip "Brexit" in the bud certainly backfired - for a number of reasons, but none more so than the fact that Parliament had already agreed to honour the EU Referendum result - voting in large numbers - the fact that they didn't mean to agree to it is irrelevant - they were "hung by their own collective petards". * and it did not prevent the triggering of Article 50, but that only meant that the establishment would have to find other, more devious, means to prevent the UK leaving the EU.

It is also certain that David Cameron was given permission (by Merkel) to hold the Referendum on the basis that it would, once and for all, settle the matter of the EU in the Conservative party; and the vote would certainly be in favour of staying in the EU. Cameron used almost the same tactics that Wilson had used in the 1975 EEC Referendum - but this time it was the EU not the EEC and the "Cat was out of the Bag". 

The actual court case though brought about a new tactic to stop Brexit which is still being used - more "Doublespeak" - in which the Remain lobby was claiming that the Leave voters should not be complaining about the tactics of Ms Miller et al, because all she had done was to ensure that our Parliament was in control - and "Wasn't that what the Leave voters' wanted?"

Sleight of Hand

The UK "Supreme" Court was a Blair (New Labour) invention in order to pretend that British citizens were really a Sovereign democracy in its own right, with its own Sovereign Parliament and Judiciary - in reality its Constitution and Legal System are under the control of a foreign power - the EU (ECJ).

So the supposed victory was a foregone conclusion - the UK "Supreme" Court did not have to do anything about the way our government operates because our elected Representatives had given Henry VIII powers to the EEC (EU) in 1973 - and our government would not have been allowed to use them to escape from the EU or prevent the imposition of EU Laws (Directives and Regulations) anyway.

Just as the New Labour government was not allowed to give the British people a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - courtesy of Angela Merkel who was not prepared to accept another defeat for her beloved "Constitution for Europe (2004)" - which had subsequently been carefully restructured and and redistributed within that treaty.

The claims that the Leave voters had achieved their much vaunted Parliamentary Sovereignty - courtesy of Ms Miller - was a sleight of hand by our establishment - nothing of the sort happened, but the politicians have played their part - treating the public to endless displays of hubris and self-indulgence in a giant confidence trick being visited upon the British people, and carefully managed by the Left wing press.

After all, if Ms Miller was so concerned about British Democracy - where was she when the Lisbon Treaty (2007) was brought into UK Domestic Law, and why wasn't she fighting to prevent that treaty being ratified in 2009 - since that treaty gave the EU the Constitution of a Dictatorship and the Legal System of a Police State and forced the UK into its clutches - but perhaps she is not aware of the contents of that treaty - not surprising since even Caroline Flint the Europe Minister under Blair had declared that she had not even read the treaty.

Indeed, why would any UK politician bother reading the treaty? there was nothing they could do to prevent whatever the (EEC)EU wanted to impose on the UK (even if they cared) - not since Heath (supported by the Labour Party) had handed the UK over to Brussels "On-a-plate" with the European Communities Act (1973): along with our fishing grounds and our right to protect our fishing infrastructure, jobs and marine ecology.

Our Establishment's Plan B (or is it C or D ...)

In recent weeks and months our establishment has been trying to find a formula which suits the EU and can be kept under control and yield the desired result - that the UK population stays trapped and under total control by the EU - the preferred arrangement comprises two possibilities (a) a General Election or (b) a second Referendum - though neither could guarantee the EU would win unless the franchise was changed - by reducing the voting age for example - though even that did not work for the SNP in their Scottish Referendum. 

Embarrassing displays of collusion: where Conservative and Liberal Democrat Europhile MP's / + an unelected Peer, and the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet members or just Jeremy Corbyn on his own, nipping across the English Channel for clandestine meetings to plot with EU representatives on ways to thwart Brexit shows how little our elected representatives and "Lord" Adonis respect their fellow countrymen and women.

What are we supposed to think when we are told, for example, by Anna Soubry that she will not reveal any details about her visit to the EU negotiator because it was a secret meeting - she is supposed to be (as are the others) representing our best interests - but our best are not a secret - so what is she and the others hiding?  

Outspoken declarations that Brexit must be stopped have increased since some Tory MP's voted against the government and the "Withdrawal Bill", as the MP's became more emboldened and will increase further when the Bill moves to the anti - Britain support act; the Lords. The MP's and other EU supporters who had previously gone out of their way to claim that they respected the EU Referendum vote, now show little respect for anyone who supports leaving the EU.    


The method of bringing about the desired change of government or a second Referendum has also been slowly evolving, once again through the faux sovereignty of Parliament bringing about a final say on the deal from the EU - a straight forward plan which simply requires collusion between the EU and our MP's / Peers / Civil Servants and Judiciary - which has been well practised daily event since 1973 - whereby Britain is offered a bad deal or no deal or even any deal - which our Parliament refuses to accept - the government falls and / or calls a 2nd Referendum - and a 3rd ...?

Just remember who betrays us when it comes time to vote - assuming that the EU doesn't dissolve the UK political parties and merge them into larger EU wide political groups during any so-called "Transition Period" -  before we get another General Election vote.

Elsewhere Ms Miller is looking to have the Conservative / DUP arrangement declared void, which could bring down the democratically elected UK government and Momentum are allegedly working with the Unite Trade Union to replace moderate Labour election candidates with their hardline Marxists - vultures waiting to take advantage of any call for a General Election. 

Talking of foreign powers - the ubiquitous George Soros - a foreign national acting on behalf of the EU donates £500,000 to an organisation which is intent on overturning the democratic vote of the British people - why is he not in jail?

I think that we all know the answer to that.

*by which I mean "they fell into their own trap / and are being hurt by their own plan to foil Brexit"