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20th December, 2017

The Battle for Britain 

Once again Germany has a Dictator, this time it is a Communist from East Germany - and even though her wings were clipped in the recent elections she is still pulling the strings, and she also has a collaborative France headed by a new "Napoleon", and once again Poland is under attack - this time because of its refusal to do what the EU demands - and the EU continues to expand into its neighbours as it encroaches into the Russian satellite states and ever closer to its borders - in a relentless search for "Lebensraum" for its new Empire.

Undemocratic EU

The model for this new European order is that based upon the undemocratic old Soviet Political system with a sham Parliament which cannot propose laws or change laws once enacted.

EU Commission - is the only body to propose EU laws - it comprises 28 unelected and unaccountable commissioners. The Commission has a President (currently Jean-Claude Juncker); elected by the European Parliament - his name was the only one on the ballot paper. The Commission is strongly lobbied by vested interests; so that Regulations and Directives can be passed onto Member States for the commercial benefit of those vested interests. 

EU Parliament
 (President Martin Schultz) is made up of 751 MEPs who are elected by the people in EU Member States every five years. National parties arrange themselves into European groups of similar parties throughout Europe.

Parliament has no right to propose laws  - it is just a façade, created to make the EU look democratic, rather than give the public a real democratic vote. Instead Parliament votes and can make amendments on laws proposed by the Commission - but the Commission can ignore them.

An EU law cannot be changed by the EU Parliament - and it cannot propose any change to any law. The Commission has ultimate power over EU law making - the EU Parliament is just for show - to pretend that the EU is democratic - the elected representatives are of no consequence in the EU.

European Council  is where the Member States meet and Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) predominates - which means that the UK or any other individual Member State can be outvoted and so cannot protect the interests of its own population - any law passed by other members will automatically pass into UK law.

In fact, since 1996 - when records began - the UK has never managed to block a single piece of EU legislation. (  We has been outvoted on every occasion, and because the UK only has limited veto powers - once the European Council / Council approves the proposals they become EU law.  New EU laws take the form of Regulations or Directives.

Regulations  automatically apply to the Member States

Directives  require national Parliaments to change their national laws - they have no choice. 

Court of Justice of the EU is supposed to interpret EU laws to ensure that they comply with the EU treaties. Unfortunately, it does not only do this. It happily ignores the treaties when it wants to - if the EU is pushing its own federalist agenda. It is a kangaroo Court which applies the law as it sees fit - in order to maintain its remit to protect the EU and push the EU's integrationist programmes.   

By virtue of its Soviet model, designed to bring about single state, the EU is an undemocratic organisation grabbing more and more power at an alarming rate - ignoring all opposition.
The people who control the law-making process are unelected and therefore unaccountable. The only way to secure genuine democratic control over our own law makers is to get Britain out of the EU. (after Matthew Ellery Programmes Officer at The Housing & Finance Institute - The Undemocratic EU Explained - It will Never Change)

EU Member States are Trapped 

The EU states are effectively trapped within the EU by their accession to the Treaty of Rome (1957) - The EU is an Atheist organisation ruling over a largely Christian western Europe which seeks to control and subjugate all the populations of the former sovereign Nation States. The EU controls its members through threats and intimidation, under which any country which tries to escape is threatened with destruction - through isolation, shaming, shunning and economic warfare - (as are Member States which don't conform to the cult of the EU) - in a manner most often associated with other Cults or similar groups of Fanatics. 

Sovereign Nations Trading for Mutual Benefit - Not the EU

The false promise of Peace and Prosperity through trade within the European Economic Community (EEC) was used to bind and trap the Member States, behind the backs of their populations - but through the collusion of their elected Representatives, including our own. 

Since joining they have all been systematically disenfranchised and regulated in such a way as produce an integrated single country - their cultural identities have been under constant attack, and in Britain, our Christianity, our traditions, culture and identity is being destroyed on the altar of Marxist doctrine using the methods of Cultural Marxism (Political Correctness).

We have been corralled into a captive audience whilst the EU "Elite" enact laws to suit the interests of multinational corporations - to the disadvantage of the ordinary citizens and small and medium enterprises (SME's) - they manipulate our thoughts, the price of our food, clothing, our taxes, utilities and our future, to form a so called "Federal State". But in reality former Sovereign States become mere "Regions" of a single state, administered from Brussels (Berlin) with an EU prosecutor in each Region to ensure compliance with EU laws (Corpus Juris) - A single government, and one all powerful ruler - the dream of Empire runs through the veins of the EU - not the promise of Peace and Prosperity. 

With the help of our elected Representatives the EU has overridden our Constitution and Parliament (Lisbon Treaty (2007)) taken control of our borders, our laws and marginalised our position in the world, compromised our relationship with our Commonwealth and artificially controlled our economy through restrictions, tariffs and VAT; while depleting our fish stocks and vandalising the natural balance of our marine ecosystems. The EU is a force for exploitation, manipulation and the dismemberment of European society - which has a simple endgame - to finish what Germany failed to do by force, the Occupation of Europe - this time through economic  entanglement.

Escaping the EU Future

Last week's defeat of the "Withdrawal Bill", Amendment 7, Clause 9 by a majority of 4 in Parliament shows the disdain and contempt that the majority of our elected Representatives feel for the wishes of the UK population who have finally woken up to the long suspected reality of the EU's ambitions. We can also see the MP's motivation - after all when these MP's / Peers have left Parliament they can expect to obtain lucrative employment within the EU - so they have no fear of deselection - as long as they are willing to sell out their country and the people they pretend to represent - as many have done. The real irony though is that their disloyalty is rewarded by British taxpayer's money handed over to the EU - so it can buy our politicians etc.

With astonishing arrogance some of our MP's have finally "blown their cover" (others were always in plain sight) and shown both their true feelings, along with their ruthless nastiness towards those to whom they have sworn an Oath, and upon those they parasitise, even as they show their loyalty to a foreign power.

The distinctive deceitful nature of their very existence, now exposed for all to see - as they have operated in our society as a "Fifth Column" within our midst. None more so than the Labour Party (PLP) - whose support for Communist Regimes around the world - which have murdered at least 100 million during the last century - defies belief - but nevertheless might explain their connection with the Communist dominated EU. 

Still, we now know exactly how the establishment, our MP's, EU Lords' Pensioners and Judiciary (who are quite happy with the status quo) works, and its true feelings towards the UK population. We would, perhaps, never have realised the true extent of their connivance with the EU - but for the EU Referendum vote on the 23rd June, 2016 - which brought them scurrying out to protect their own interests. 

What stands out is the extent of the desire of the Statist (SNP) and Marxist (Labour Party, LibDems, Plaid Cymru Greens, those in the Conservative Party /and placemen Peers) - to sell out the UK population to a foreign power and subject its populations to servitude and abject poverty within the EU just for their own vanity and reward - but perhaps that is to be expected after 44+ years of EU infiltration - we truly are in "A Battle for Britain"