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11th June, 2016            

The Big Lie
Having watched the ITV Referendum debate on Thursday the 9th of June, 2016 - I have to ask why Nicola Sturgeon kept on repeating the same old lie; that countries will be independent within the EU? Is it because, if you tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough, eventually people will believe it? (see UK Regions)

Right now there are only really two ways that we can find out the truth - (1) voting to stay and take the risk that she is correct or (2) voting to leave and take away that uncertainty; since we will then be independent and sovereign as a nation, once again - guaranteed.

In case (1) we have to trust those who have setup the EU and its "stooges" in Britain (DC,NS,etc); look at their track record, and ignore their propaganda, in case (2) we have to trust our own instincts.

To help with case (1) we can provide background information (Short EU Summary) which you can check online and critically assess our material - then you decide how to vote.

For case (2) we can only state that, from our research it is clear that (a) the EU is only partially built because it failed to get its Constitution for Europe (2004) ratified and; (b) if it had been successful we would now be living in a Totalitarian Police State - for back-up material supporting that conclusion  (EU Constitution) - if we vote to remain we will be subsumed within such a Supranational Dictatorship and destined to live in perpetual servitude to an EU - Bilderberg Cartel.