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7th October, 2017

The Communist Labour Party

On this Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917) an Early Day Motion (EDM) was presented in the House of Commons by Romford Tory MP Andrew Rosindell in an attempt to get MP's to condemn the loss of life under Communist Regimes during the past 100 years.

"Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has said it estimates there were 100 million victims of the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia (Khmer Rouge), Cuba, North Korea and other Communist Regimes since the Bolshevik revolution led by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin imbued with ideology of Karl Marx."

"It further notes that Communism subjected millions to theft, surveillance, terror and ultimate destruction; acknowledges that the cultural, political and economic legacy of Soviet Communism still negatively affects vast numbers of people today; and accordingly believes that the crimes of Communism – together with those of its mirror image, National Socialism – must forever serve as a warning to humanity of the terrible consequences of totalitarianism.” 

The motion stated that "This Houseregrets that 7 November 2017 marks one hundred years since Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution which subsequently demonstrated, time and again, that Communism is a murderous political ideology, incompatible with liberty, self-government and the dignity of human beings, and injurious to the national, ethnic, and religious traditions of the world’s peoples.”

Mr Rosindell has had support from the Democratic Unionist Party for the EDM but Labour MPs approached to sign it declined.(Labour MPs REFUSE to condemn Russian Revolution that left 100 million dead, David Maddox, Daily Express 7th November 2017)

"This EDM comes at a time when there is a push backed by Boris Johnson to include the atrocities of Communist regimes on the national curriculum alongside Holocaust education about the Nazis", why was it not always included?

Today's Labour Party

Mr Corbyn has previously expressed support for brutal Communist regimes including the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela - he has also supported terrorist organisations, including those which have attacked the UK - clearly his support suggests that he has no problem with the actions of these Regimes.

During the last General Election and throughout his political career he has opposed the UK having nuclear weapons to defend its interests - on the premise that innocent people would be killed - yet that does not align with his support for Regimes which have carried out mass murder.

The divergent view can be explained by the assuming that he is not against nuclear weapons because of their devastating effects, rather he is against Britain being able to defend itself from aggression with nuclear weapons or, indeed actual armed forces - which, if he ever gained power would be removed in order to completely remove Britain's ability to defend itself.

This fits better with the Labour Party's aspirations within the UK, which are simply to gain power in order to economically, socially and literally destroy the UK, and Corbyn is no different from Blair and the PLP, in that aspiration - in fact the only difference is that Blair (PLP) and Corbyn is presentation - where New Labour pretended that was not their objective - and Corbyn simply makes it plain that it is exactly his objective.

New Labour and the New Communist Labour Party

New Labour - adopted UK friendly policies, suggesting that they supported "free-market business friendly outlook, economic competence, no Nationalisation and a faux patriotic fervour" on the surface (the antithesis of their true nature) - and systematically working to restructure the UK into a form suitable for absorption into the EU, changing the social structure of the UK with mass immigration and "Multiculturalism", and attempting to destroy the UK economy through uncontrolled spending and increased massive borrowing - for more see Labour's Plan to Destroy the UK - on behalf of the EU.

Corbyns' New Communist Labour Party - has stuck with his Socialist (Communist) roots and with the pretence gone, he is simply planning to finish the job of destroying the UK economy; where Blair Brown and the PLP left off - at a stroke - by borrowing £500 billion, probably from the EU (Quadriga - Troika plus ESM)* thus giving the EU total control of the UK.

No doubt Germany would then acquire our nuclear weapons, together with our armed forces. Incidentally, Germany is reportedly planning a massive rearmament programme and instigating new satellite surveillance system - independent of those available from outside agencies. In addition, the Bundeswehr recently completed (September) exercises related to envisaged scenarios which they think might take place in the EU, including its breakup.

But Corbyn and McDonnell are planning much worse than just a change of government - they are planning the establishment of a Communist state in the UK with all the attributes that they admire in the murderous Regimes that they support.

McDonnell has already shown his Bolshevik credentials by calling for insurrection over Grenfell Tower fire and now Corbyn is attacking our Queen, as others (Dent) have attacked the Monarchy - all part of a "New Bolshevik" strategy copied from the original to stoke discontent - coupled to political collusion with the EU to bring down the elected government.

But conditions in Britain are not anything like those in Russia in 1917, no matter how much Corbyn and his stooges in Momentum (Corbyns' little red army) try to make them appear, and no matter how things are now they would be infinitely worse under a Corbyn - Momentum Totalitarian state.

Corbyn sounds gentle and well meaning (sometimes), but he needs to be judged by his associations and those he supports in order to properly appreciate the darkness that he really represents.

*Troika comprises European Commission (EC), European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF - ESM is the European Stability Mechanism