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​​​27th June, 2016

The Enemies Within
Since we have not yet obtained our Sovereignty and we are therefore still under the effective control of the EU, via our "vassal" politicians, there is little doubt that Merkel's office has released a "Blitzkrieg" of subversive activity upon the UK - facilitated by their supporters within the Fabian Society membership; politicians within the Left in the UK, the bloated House of Lords, the interests of Big business and many other activists. 
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Merkel alledgedly has form with regard to subversive activities - reportedly using ex-Stasi contacts to bring about her Militarised EU Superstate dream within Europe - which would be nightmare for everyone else in Europe. Even as a student she was reportedly Secretary (i.e, in charge) of "Agitation and Propaganda" in the Academy of Sciences Communist Youth Movement at her University in East Berlin.

​​Clearly the political EU will not have any truck with Democracy in their ambition to rule Europe with an Iron Fist - as demonstrated by the sidelining of the Democratic concerns of the Dutch when objecting to the provision of "Visa Free" access for the Ukraine into the EU - voted against in a Referendum - and not forgetting the Irish being forced to have a second Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

Actually we should be more specific about who the subversion is directed towards since it was the English and Welsh who had the temerity to tell the political EU that their services were no longer required and that we did not wish to become slaves within a Militarised Totalitarian Police State known as the political EU. 

Whereas the Scots and Northern Irish, but by no means all of them, sided with the political EU powers against Britain. But It was New Labour - Blair, Brown et al., - whose love for the political EU Dictatorship knows no bounds - for their own ambitions - and who, between them signed 4 out of 6 of the Treaties that exist between Britain and the EU. 

Blair signed 3 of the Treaties - including the Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004) - which was later rejected by the Dutch and French in 2005.
Brown signed 1 treaty - the Lisbon Treaty (2007) which gives the EU the power of a Dictatorship (Declaration 17) and the Laws of a Police State (EU Corpus Juris). 

If that was not bad enough, that Treaty is self-amending; in effect it is an "Enabling Act" disguised as a Reform Treaty - it is perhaps no coincidence that Blair and Brown and many others associated with New Labour have shown no loyalty to Britain and its people.  

Brown went as far as ensuring that no Referendum on that Treaty would be allowed; claiming that it was only a Reform Treaty - despite the fact that it contains the ~95% of the "Terms and Conditions" of the rejected Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004). 

More recently Salmond, and now Sturgeon following in his footsteps seem to have taken up the mantle from New Labour and has been working feverishly to break up the UK; at any cost and under the rather obvious, and extraordinarily transparent diversion of promoting Scottish Independence.

Subject to contrary evidence these aforementioned politicians can only be considered to be working on behalf of the Political EU - and in direct conflict, not only with the best interests of Britain, but also against the best interests of the populations of Europe.

Our politicians must not allow the political EU Dictatorship to overrule our Democratic Referendum through manipulations by their "Puppets" in our political Establishment - Freedom for Britain is far more important than the hunger for absolute power of a few fantasist politicians in Brussels and Berlin.