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19th March 2018

The EU is Not our Ally

The EU is not an ally of the UK nor is it our friend - at best it is our competitor, at worst it is an enemy of its Member States - and while it is true that Member States of the EU may be our allies from time to time, individually and perhaps - collectively - if there was a common enemy or when it is politically expedient (free trade talks) - but even that is not guaranteed, as we see currently. 

The EU has carefully stage-managed the quite false impression that it has been a force for peace since WWII and works for the benefit of its members - despite the fact that the EU has only existed as a legal entity since 2009 and prior to which we were in the EEC then the EC trading arrangements only - or so we thought - so nothing could be further from the truth.

The EU - a Political Project

The name "EU" is a recent invention (as far as the general public are concerned) - appearing in the Maastricht Treaty (1992) but the EU only gained a legal personality when it became a separate organisation from its Member States and was bestowed with legal superiority over them (in International Law) - courtesy of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which was accepted in a majority vote in our Parliament - without the promised Referendum - and the Treaty was Ratified (given Royal Assent) in 2009.

Prior to that the legal control of the Member States by the EEC (Treaty of Rome(1957)) was facilitated through Section 2(1) and 2(2) of the European Communities Act (1973) (or its equivalent) which gave it "Henry VIII" powers - so that EEC laws (Directives and Regulations etc) could not be legally blocked by individual Member States - thus removing their ability to protect their own citizens from onerous EU legislation. For example, centrally controlled EU-wide taxation - direct from our bank accounts to facilitate the EU's objectives - the next phase of EU integration.

The EU treaties that all the current Member State politicians have signed their populations into - together with their Heads of State who have Ratified those treaties - have handed over the future of their own countrymen to an ideologically driven (Atheist) "Statist" system under the control of a bunch of appointed "Presidents, Bureaucrats and Judiciary" whose only loyalty is to the EU project - which is to build a new Superstate (Empire) from the demise of its formerly sovereign Member States.

The EU is a foreign power whose ambitions are to break-up its Member States and administer them through appointed Governors and Prosecutors; so as (in our case) to bypass the Westminster and devolved Parliaments - see Breaking up the UK - Note that these EU Regions for the UK have been added to the UK base Map for the recently proposed UK political boundary changes.

The establishment (Politicians, Heads of State and Judiciary) of the 28 Member States have effectively disowned their own populations - since they are now legally powerless to thwart any Law (Dictate) that the EU may wish to enact upon their citizens - at any time in the future, in perpetuity - the EU treaties have no termination date and the only escape route is through the EU controlled Article 50 Clauses.

New EU Powers

Under Article 48 (TEU) the EU can acquire any power it requires to reach its objectives - even if such powers were not in the original treaties. To cover future eventualities (Article 48) is effectively an "Enabling Act" which allows the EU to grab more of any powers whenever it thinks necessary. The EU can be reformed - but only by the EU - for its own objectives.

The EU has the Constitution of a Dictatorship (hidden in the Lisbon Treaty), the Laws of a Police State (Corpus Juris) and a political structure modelled on the old Soviet system, with appointed and unaccountable law makers, and is already moving towards becoming a Totalitarian State - this is the  future for those who remain or stay tied to the EU.

"The Fundamental Law of the EU" is a new formal Constitution that the EU is planning for the Member States - on the road to the EU becoming a proper State (a real country) in its own right - with subservient regions (the old Member States)

The next stages include; centralised control all of the borders of its Member States and all Fiscal / Financial matters and is rapidly building its own EU Armed Forces - it already has the remaining paraphernalia of state, Flag, Passport, Oath of Allegiance, Motto, National Anthem and already utilises the Embassies and Consulates of the Member States - not forgetting a Super National President (appointed Dictator) in waiting - and Merkel plans EU Olympic Games as propaganda to exploit the medals of its Member States as the EU's own achievements. Boris Johnson was pointing his finger in the wrong direction.

What the EU wants from its Member States

The Article 50 negotiations have highlighted the true nature of the EU with its emphasis on taking money from its Member States to fund its own objectives - and the EU has clearly stated that the EU's "assets" are not for sharing - they belong not to the contributing members who paid for them, but only to the EU - "including its extensive wine cellar" - they boast.

This is the essence of the EU (and not just because we are trying to leave) it wants its wealthy Member States to subsidise its indulgences, its vanity projects, salaries, pensions, world travel, expenses, propaganda programmes and inducements, and any funds returned to the contributing states are also subject to control by the EU - with the requirement that those funds must be declared as courtesy of the EU -  in other words we pay for EU propaganda in the UK - out of our membership fees - D'oh!

The same Member States are also required to underwrite the EU's expansion programmes by guarantying loans to new Member States - from which not all contributors benefit directly or indirectly, if at all.

Those new members will receive EU (ECB etc.) loans - using their state assets as collateral - which will be subject to seizure should the new member default (as with Greece) or the EU calls in the loans - but those assets will then be owned by the EU (or Germany) not by the states that underwrote the loans - to be sold off to add to the EU coffers. The EU is a giant scam which never stops giving for a few wealthy so-called "elite", EU apparatchiks, sycophants, corrupt failed politicians, Peers and the banking fraternity et al., - meanwhile the EU presides over mass youth unemployment in its southern Member States.

The EU is not about jobs, Human Rights or the welfare of its Member States - quite the opposite see Article 6 (TEU) - the EU only recognises rights and freedoms as long as they don't affect its powers (Competences)

EU Defence and Security

The funding priorities not listed in the previous paragraph are Defence and Security and the EU's requirements are spelled out clearly in Article 42(3) Treaty of the European Union (TEU):-

"Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy, to contribute to the objectives defined by the Council. Those Member States which together establish multinational forces may also make them available to the common security and defence policy."

"Member States shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities. The Agency in the field of defence capabilities development, research, acquisition and armaments (hereinafter referred to as “the European Defence Agency”) shall identify operational requirements, shall promote measures to satisfy those requirements, shall contribute to identifying and, where appropriate, implementing any measure needed to strengthen the industrial and technological base of the defence sector, shall participate in defining a European capabilities and armaments policy, and shall assist the Council in evaluating the improvement of military capabilities."

Clearly, the other costs that the EU require its members to fund is its own EU Army - an EU Army which will make all of the Member States forces swear an Oath of Allegiance to the EU - over and above any Oath to their own country - so by contributing even after we leave - our politicians are signing us up to giving away our armed forces - which could be used against us.

The EU is creating a new Feudal system in Europe where the Vassal - "Member States" - are required to provide arms and men for their new masters - get used to living in a new Europe - the EU's European Dystopia - where the populations of Europe will be controlled from "Cradle to Grave" -  old Soviet style - with a modern technological and Politically Correct twist - free speech will not be allowed.

Our government is surrendering UK sovereignty to the EU - by essentially removing the UK's ability to defend itself - an act of high treason - illegal under our Common Law - an act which our establishment and elected representatives have been colluding in since 1973.   

NATO - which has maintained peace since the end of WWII is being undermined by the actions of the EU - most of whose members have not paid their dues - Germany is one of the worst example by only paying 1.19% of GDP (instead of 2%) to NATO funds; whilst expanding its own military - the Bundeswehr armed forces - and integrating its own Police and Military resources. 

Basically the EU (Germany) is diverting funds away from NATO; re-arming itself and using the assets of the EU Member States to build an even larger armed force to keep those same Member States under its control - they are conducting a conquest through economic warfare and it looks like the UK armed forces will be part of that - courtesy of our current government.

Is Theresa May trying to out do Edward Heath?

When it comes to appeasement Mrs May had already out shone Neville Chamberlain with her own Munich agreement on security cooperation - and with the latest UK capitulation to the EU today she could be inflicting even more damage on the UK than Edward Heath and Roy Jenkins (Labour Deputy and later EU Commission President) did - the UK does not even have a cast iron guarantee that we will ever be free of the ECJ's control of our legal system or the continued payments into the bottomless pit that is the EU after we leave.

For good measure we will be under enforced EU rule for an extended faux "Implementation" period (during which the rules do not change in our favour - so it is just a confidence trick) which keeps everything that is bad about the EU, along with the potential for worse to come when the EU begins its punishment phase with new EU rules - in which we have no say (not that we ever did in reality).

Our continued subjugation under the EU will result in our fishing grounds being plundered, fishing stock decimated and the UK subjected to a continuation of uncontrolled mass migration into Britain - which will deliberately alter the UK voter franchise and likely bankrupt our country.

The UK government's implementation period is little more than an extension of the Article 50 negotiations by deception - which is de rigueur behaviour by our Politicians, Peers, judiciary and Civil Servants - and is more like a punishment regime on the UK population designed by our own elected representatives - because we voted to reject the EU's dystopian nightmare that they have planned for our children and grandchildren.  

Democracy Lost

The deliberate attempts by the EU-phile Government, Parliament, Judiciary, most opposition parties and the controlled Media to delay leaving - so as to aid and prolong the attacks on those who voted to leave the EU, and to continue anti-leave propaganda are not acceptable - nor are attempts to delay leaving in order to force a second referendum.

it is now clear that any semblance of Democracy ceased to exist in Britain after we were illegally shackled to the EU in 1973 - now it is all play acting with a common purpose - the destruction of Britain from within - at the hands of its elected representatives - our dishonourable political class - whose members have brought shame to our society ever since.   

Our Parliamentary system and Judiciary have lost all credibility - they abandoned their citizens to their fate in the EU without any protection - they therefore cannot claim to represent their interests - only their own. Day by day they give more to the EU and in doing so they disrespect the will of their citizens - they do not deserve any respect in return.

Get on with repealing the European Communities Act (1973) and take us out of the EU control of our legal system.

We need to be out of the EU on the 29th March 2019 - to avoid being trapped in the EU by our Parliament