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​​​28th March 2018

The EU Police State - Page II

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Free Speech

"The Advocate-General of the ECJ gave a legal opinion (ref. case C-274/99) that criticism of the EU was akin to blasphemy. Punishing someone for allegedly criticising the EU, whether such allegations were proven or not, were (said he) not an infringement of free speech.[45]" 

"The EU is also creating "new crimes" whereby it can make illegal expressions it deems to be "xenophobic" or "racist". Terms it will define of course."

We understand that the very offensive Mr Blair was a prime mover in the instigation of these convenient new "offences" - designed to give more rights to selected groups within the Member States - as part of a campaign to control the populations of Europe using "Cultural Marxism" methods. ​


​​"Europol, the new European Police force, is not accountable to an elected body. It answers to a committee formed by the Council of Ministers. It has a much wider function than fighting crime, being possessed of the ability to store information on a central database (provisions for which were made under the Maastricht Treaty) on anyone (criminal or not), including a record of an individual’s political and religious affiliations." Europol is the EU's Secret Police - its "KGB" with Diplomatic Immunity

"Common Law presupposes that everything is permitted that is not expressly forbidden by law whereas the Civil Law of Europe takes the view that everything is illegal unless expressly permitted by law."  Why is our establishment so desperate to have its population subject to foreign laws - enforced by a foreign power?

Self Defence

"The right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the English Bill of Rights (1689) which, in part, reads: "The subjects...may have arms for their defence suitable to their condition and as allowed by law." This is a declaration of a lawful right and is not subject to infringement by governments of the day; its inclusion was and is for the very purpose of protecting from such infringement.[50]"  The EU wants all of its citizens disarmed - beware of the next EU Dictator or even the current one (Merkel)

Free Association

"The EU is also looking to fund political parties with taxpayers' money, a proposal that is so clearly wrong it is a wonder anyone could support it. Although the EU claims this will bring more democracy and transparency (which it will not) the real effect of state funding will be that the EU will control which parties are legal and which are not." 

It difficult to comprehend the level of hatred of their own people that anyone could harbour that they would wish to trap their own countrymen and women in the EU.

The trivial nature of what the Atheist EU is offering as benefits are so far outweighed by the sinister nature of the EU organisation itself and its plans for the subjugation of the populations of the Member States - that it could only appeal to political classes of the Member States who would be happy to dispose of their responsibilities to their own populations - and so totally betray their trust.

For a detailed elaboration of the items highlighted above and the [..] references cited in this article - and very much more please see "Freedom in Jeopardy:The case against the EU and Supernationalism" by D Andrews  (

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