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27th November 2018

The EU's Plot

The UK population voted to leave the European Union on the 23rd June 2016 and Theresa May signed the Withdrawal Bill on the 25th November 2018; 29 months later.

We have no reason to believe that any real negotiations took place during that time; more likely, meetings in Brussels and Berlin were convened simply to find a means of overturning the result of the EU Referendum - in such a way as to present a form of words that could be interpreted as the UK leaving the EU - without having any such intention; that is to say "Delivering a kind of Brexit that the British people could be fooled into believing was what they had voted for."

The Withdrawal Bill is an EU written document dictated from Berlin, padded out by Brussels, and coordinated with the principal EU collaborators in the UK and Eire - the EU has "form" for this kind of behaviour, and deception in general - notably the rewriting of the Constitution for Europe (2004) and hiding it in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which is now classified as a "Constitutional Treaty".

What else would be expected after more than 46 years of infiltration and political alignment between our Civil Servants, MP's, Peers and Judiciary and their counterparts in the EU.

The Withdrawal Bill is a capitulation document designed to punish the UK in the same way that Germany was punished after WWI; which built so much resentment in Germany that it led to WWII - yet the EU Referendum has been claimed by some to be a means of settling the EU question in the Conservative Party for good.

What is clear is that advice for the "plot" was taken from all political parties in the UK - with leaders of the Labour, LibDems, SNP and many others involved in the plot; as they continue to be during this present phase  - and it was not just the government and Civil Servants who were visiting the EU for clandestine meetings with EU "negotiators"

This plot was devised to be delivered in such a way as to make it impossible for the UK to accept the terms of leaving that would be acceptable to the EU; scare any other potential EU member that might wish to leave, and provide, in the eyes of the EU, only one viable alternative option - to remain in the EU.

They could go for a General Election, or a 2nd EU Referendum, but those options would be risky and would lead to further disruption, increased rancour and delay - without any certainty of outcome - and of course,  leaving on WTO rules has been demonised and subjected to the greatest concentration of fear mongering  and false narrative, since the first EU Referendum - which the EU lost.

The bottom line is that if the UK wants to leave the EU for any reason it will not be allowed to do so - the EU exhibits the characteristics of a cult; where its adherents must submit to its dictates or they are shunned, ridiculed, subjugated and destroyed. We were never dealing with a Golf Club  type membership or a Divorce - but something far more devious and sinister. We are part of the rise of a German hegemony in Europeand we are being treated as traitors to that cause because we do not wish to continue to be subjected to its control.

Meanwhile Theresa May has been busily signing the UK up to continued control by the EU through association with EU institution; including Defence and Security, Justice and Home Affairs - which will require the UK continue to pay "through the nose" and to  pass our civilian and military assets to the whims of the European Council; continue to be subjected to ECJ supervision and keep on supporting the offspring of EU nationals who do not even reside in the UK; and, unable to make free-trade agreements outside the EU - and that is even if we eventually really do "leave" sometime in 20XX.

What has also become clear is that Theresa May is a Globalist - an open borders protagonist more aligned with George Soros than the people of the UK, and her participation in this EU scam - along with the rest of the majority Remain camp in Parliament - is a scandal of epic proportions.

In December she will visit Morocco and sign the UK up to the the UN's "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration" effectively ensuring that the UK will continue to participate in uncontrolled mass immigration even if we are not in the EU; as part of the UN plans to break down national borders - a plan that Merkel followed in 2015 in order to breakdown the EU Member State borders; which spectacularly backfired.

The British people were never Consulted

The development of the Common Market and EU took place behind the backs of the British people over the past 46 years- and only glimpses of the change of legal order in the UK came into the public consciousness  - in the "Factortame" case (1991) and the "Metric Martyrs" case (2001)

The latter case was lost because it was ruled that:

  • "There is a hierarchy of statutes: there are regular statutes, which can be impliedly repealed; and ‘constitutional’ statutes which can only be expressly repealed"
  • "The EC Act 1972 was deemed a ‘constitutional’ statute, therefore the Secretary of State’s amendments were effective"

or in plain English - the ECA (1972) (EEC) law overrules UK law and more importantly it cannot be repealed by being superceded by another regular law; it has to be repealed expressly through a majority in the Commons and the Lords - sneaky EU made sure that their control of our laws could not be easily removed from our legal system- without agreement of all of Parliament, and as we have seen both Houses of Parliament are controlled by the EU.  For more see below, under  "The EU Plot"


However, in 2001 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO:30/1048 (1971) and associated documents were released from their hiding place under the 30 year secrecy rule. Even after that remarkable document was released there has not been any public discussion about what the EU really is and its ambitions - the UK politicians dare not engage with the British people about the true nature of the EU.

The documents reveal the ambitions of the "Common Market" to become a fully-fledged Federal Superstate - and these facts, known to the Heath government at the time (1971) have been kept from the public ever since.  Consistently denied by our politicians who never discuss the EU's plot to take over Europe - for obvious reasons.

Instead they divert attention by focusing on trade and apply all their scaremongering towards loss of trade and phoney predictions of doom if we do not do as we are told. Meanwhile they deny the fact that the EU is developing into a Miltarised Totalitarian Police State - all laid out in detail the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and they assume that ordinary people will not be able to read the treaty let alone understand the implications (which is not true) : FCO:30/1048 is available online; tedious, but not unreadable.

We were refused a Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) by the Labour government under Gordon Brown to prevent the people discovering what the EU was plotting - Blair had jumped ship by then.

Our elected representatives have systematically deceived the British people as far back as at least the mid-1950's - very few can now be trusted to look after our interest above their own - most of them, including the Prime Minister are now lying about the "Withdrawal and Implementation Bill".


The only Referendum we were allowed before 2016 was in 1975 and was about "staying in the Common Market" and that was based upon lies and misdirection of the public - in particular about the fact that most of our important Parliamentary law making powers had been transferred to the EEC in Brussels.

We were not allowed a vote on the European Communities Act (1972) - through which device we entered the "Common Market" - and which our elected representatives used to hold the sovereignty of the British people "hostage" on behalf of the EEC; allowing laws to which British citizens would be subjected to be made by unelected bureaucrats and politicians in a foreign country - Belgium.

The European Communities Act (1972) is totally illegal under English Common law - treasonous acts that have continued ever since and which are clearly in widespread use today - including the "Withdrawal Bill and Implementation period". None of the 6 + days of debate on that 1972 treaty were even broadcast (see Occupation without Force) - only the result of the vote to take us into the EEC - a majority of 112 - pushed by the Heath government and supported by the Labour Party.

Neither have we been consulted about any of the five subsequent EEC(EU) Treaties: " Single European Act (1986); Maastricht Treaty (1992); Amsterdam treaty (1997); Nice Treaty (2001) and the Lisbon treaty (2007)  - the last one containing the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) - which, since 2016, has held primacy over our English Common Law and our entire legal system - all brought in through stealth - a criminal enterprise (Treason) against the British people; by their elected representatives - under English Common Law (see Failure of Representative Democracy)

EU Austerity

One important instruction in FCO:30/1048 was that the government and major political parties must protect the EEC(EU) from scrutiny by the British people- so that adverse effects on the UK economy caused by EU Regulations and Directives - are blamed on the UK government instead of their real cause. One of which is "zero hours" contracts and related food banks which were created by EU liberalisation policies, resulting in 860,000 homeless people in Germany (EU Directives - see "Poor Germans")  and forcing the UK to privatise our Royal Mail Postal services. for example; and that will be extended to other Public Services.

Austerity was also forced upon the UK through our compliance with Maastricht Treaty (1992) provisions which require the UK to control its national deficit (<3% GDP) and debt (<60% GDP) - in order to prepare the UK for entry into the Euro - the UK is signed up to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)  Corbyn will not mention the fact that the UK is following orders from the EU - because he sees the potential to grab power if the blame is placed on the government - though much of the blame belongs with the Blair / Brown Labour government (1997-2010)

The EU Plot

Whether or not we were to stay in the EU the plot has always been to asset strip its Member States - now May's capitulation has given them the perfect opportunity - the "Transition or Implementation Period".

As far as betrayals go this "plot" by May and the EU, in collaboration with the CBI and other vested interests has placed Britain in the most precarious position imaginable - effectively we are under a "punishment regime" by the EU - not just by those bureaucrats and politicians in Brussels but each individual state will be allowed to pick at the prone body of the UK - like Harpies; and the UK will be overwhelmed by Directives and Regulations until the UK is no longer recognisable - simply because we voted to leave.

Clearly, it has nothing to do with businesses adjusting to new conditions because because the final deal will only be agreed after the never ending extension, and will change during the extension period - which makes a nonsense of a 2nd EU Referendum because the vote would be taken blind - not knowing what final arrangement would emerge.

Under her plan there is a conflict between the new Bill and the Repeal Bill 2018 - because the European Communities Act (1973) has only been partially repealed and the part not repealed is Clause 2 - which allows the EU to pass its laws into the UK domestic law without Parliamentary scrutiny or opposition - so we are being taken into a trap by Mrs May, our Politicians, Peers and the Judiciary - effectively the UK is being dragged "naked" before its enemies in the EU - a humiliation indeed.

This will be for an unlimited period - and we have no reason to trust May or our Parliament - bereft of control of fishing rights and all aspects of independence; the 27? will ensure that the UK will never be in any position to be a competitor of the EU - and they will give that very same 8% incentives to move out of the UK and relocate to other EU Provinces - nullifying the stated reason for May's "Withdrawal and Implementation Bill".

We will be subjected to "Taxation without Representation" - the ultimate insult from May; siding with "Big Business" is happy to inflict that on the UK - it also has a familiar ring - wasn't that what happened with the American Colonies and why they broke away from their Colonial power (under George III) in the America War of Independence.

But we will never be allowed to leave unless we fight back - and effectively "throw EU's goods into the sea" as the Americans Colonists  symbolically threw tea into Boston Harbour. To prevent such an eventuality in the future though, the EU will become more and more oppressive; which is its modus operandi, though largely contained up to now  - so much for peace in Europe.


The "Withdrawal and Implementation Bill" that May has pretended to negotiate with the EU is a triumph for the EU (Germany) and a travesty for the British people: it is top prize for 8% of the UK businesses that actually trade with the EU (and can move out of the UK with little notice) and the wooden spoon for the other 92% who don't trade with the EU; it is a Utopia for international Bankers and Multinational Corporations; a Dystopia for the rest of us; a repressive new world where the British populations are taxed (Tariffs and VAT) without any representation - and will never be allowed to leave if Parliament colludes in this treachery.