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5th May, 2017

The EU's Trojan Horse

In today's Brexit Central report they have highlighted one of the Negotiation Directives from the EU - relating to the rights of EU citizens in the UK - which the EU are insisting upon even without any guarantee of rights for British nationals in the EU - this should be read by anyone with an interest in the welfare of the UK, and, as usual with the EU, the devil is in the small print - "Tusk taken to task | EU's position on role of ECJ could wreck Brexit talks" at

The real problem is that the EU are insisting that EU citizens (and their families) in the UK maintain their rights as EU citizens and are subject to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) which acts on behalf of the European Commission to enforce EU Law (along with the Court of Justice( CJEU). That would mean that the EU would be able to interfere in the UK legal system after we left the EU - including the fact that any and all new EU laws would have to apply to those citizens in the UK - thus the EU would effectively, maintain their control over the UK - as if we had not left the bloc.  This situation is pervasive throughout the EU - in effect, the tentacles of the EU have extended into the heart and soul of every member state - so that they too can be controlled - in perpetuity, from Brussels (Berlin) - through the use of EU citizens and migrants with EU citizenship, dispersed throughout Western Europe..

The EU are using their citizens in the UK (who are foreign nationals, as far as the UK is concerned) as a veritable Trojan Horse to block "Brexit" - even after we repeal the European Communities Act (1972) - that is to say if we concede to these demands, before the repeal of the ECA (1972), we will not have left the EU, and Brexit will have been thwarted before the negotiations even begin.

The EU could not care less about its Citizens

Don't be fooled into believing that the EU cares about its citizens - they are just EU Eco-Fodder for the "elites" in Brussels (Berlin) to manipulate on behalf of big business - the EU despises it citizens, and its member states, which it is feverously doing all it can to dismantle. The EU denies the wishes of the populations after Referendums (e.g. the Dutch and their opposition to visa free access to the EU for Ukraine, etc.); treats the populations of Greece (see Greek Crisis - 2015), Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Cyprus, with contempt, and has dipped into the bank accounts of its citizens in Cyprus - when it needed cash for a bailout.

But we now know that the EU is awash with cash and assets, which it claims for itself; as is clearly demonstrated by the damning comments from Michel Barnier's team yesterday (3rd May) - made in response to the UK government request for its share of EU assets.

The EU's position was made perfectly clear:-

"Member states do not have any right to those assets, there’s no shareholding in the EU" - "All of the EU’s assets belong to the EU and that includes buildings and other assets both tangible and intangible, financial and non financial, drinkable and non drinkable." 

This claim is based on the fact that, by virtue of the Lisbon Treaty (2007), the status of the EU was elevated to that of a legal entity in its own right in International Law - separate and superior to its Member States - so anyone who pays into the EU effectively says goodbye to their money, and later it won't just be money that the EU wants, it will also include all the member state  assets.

After that revelation (admission)  from the EU - every member state should be looking to cut their losses; protect their own assets and search for a way to escape from the protectionist bloc - which is just looking after its interests and protecting "its assets" - all of which were obtained at the expense of the populations of the EU member states - watch out Scotland when the SNP start giving away your assets to the EU - it will be too late to complain then - we did warn you.

What is even more worrying is the attitude of the Political Left / SNP in the UK, including, the LibDems in Parliament and those in the House of Lords who would give "Carte Blanche" to the EU on any terms - "Because, if Britain is kind / nice to the EU, then the EU will be kind to the UK, and its citizens' in the EU" - what utter liberal tripe from the EU's supporters - who are too often allowed to get their own way through emotional blackmail and propaganda.

Our citizens in the EU need to be protected from any onerous EU condition being imposed upon them for any reason, but we do not seek to interfere in the internal sovereignty of other member states or the EU itself, but equally we cannot be blackmailed into accepting EU dominion over our population and our Common Law - through any devise that the EU creates.

The EU citizens in the UK can only ever be given the equal rights of all other UK citizens - nothing more and nothing less.

It is vital that all links to the EU which can allow legal control over the UK by the EU, or any other foreign power, are severed and cauterised to prevent any re-emergence of threat from any source.