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5th September, 2017

The Failure of Representative Democracy

This article was written in anticipation of attempts by various Politicians and Peers to wreck the European Communities Act (1972) Repeal Bill.

The UK population owes nothing to the EU because that was never the arrangement that was agreed with the British people - we were duped, and we do not pay protection money to an organisation with a gangster mentality, particularly one which seeks to subjugate our population - no matter how much its agents in our establishment try to subvert our actions in leaving the monstrosity that is the EU.

The Ultimate Betrayal

This current situation was brought about because of the failure of our Representative Democracy - which works well unless the Representatives start to only represent their own interests, above those of their country - even after swearing an Oath of Allegiance to its people.

Sovereignty is the legal power, right and ability to enact or repeal laws of the land - and belongs to the British people (Parliamentary Sovereignty is the most important part of the British Constitution., and it is only ever on loan to elected Representatives for the period during which they are elected, and in power. Once there is a General Election and a new party gains power, that Sovereignty passes to this new Party in government - who then take over the power to make and repeal laws of the land - but it is still only ever on loan to those Representatives, for as long as they remain in power. In return, the population agrees (most of them) to be bound by the rules (laws) that the Representatives enact on their behalf - and if the government steps-out-of-line - it is changed at the following General Election.

At the time of the Heath government in 1972 though, our elected Representatives struck a deal with the EEC, behind the backs of the British people, under which, effectively, the EEC would be allowed to make "our laws", which would be used to govern the British people, and which our Representatives would enact into Domestic Law on their behalf (thus giving the EEC the Sovereignty of the British people - sovereignty which did not belong to the elected Representatives.

In order to protect themselves from the Treason legislation, the elected Representatives retained the power to take back that Sovereignty from the EEC - but only if both Houses of Parliament agreed. In which case, a majority in our current and former elected Representatives, and their appointed Peers, have been systematically betraying the British people since 1973.

Judging by the recent behaviour of the Labour Party (PLP), and its co-conspirators this week - these dishonourable individuals have decided to continue with their loyalty to Brussels, rather than abide by their Oath of Allegiance to the people of Britain; their fellow countrymen and women, who pay their salaries, expenses and pensions, and who democratically voted, by a majority, to leave the EU.

Perhaps this is their way of being paid twice - once for disloyalty and once again for treachery - one wonders though how such people, who would sell out their own country, could ever be trusted by those in the EU.

The Repeal of the European Communities Act (ECA) (1973) is the only way of taking back our Sovereignty - but not just from the EEC (EU), but also from our own elected Representatives - and that is what our current elected Representatives, and the rest of the establishment, mostly on the political Left - but by no means all of them - are trying to prevent us from achieving.

In order to prevent any backsliding or recurrence by our elected Representatives; our existing Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament, and Judiciary, along with the wider establishment need reforming, and new procedures put in place to ensure that there can never be any future loss of our Sovereignty, however temporary, to any foreign power.

The Net Effect

Since 1973, our elected Representatives have held the Sovereignty of the British people hostage through continual deceit and collusion; they have protected the "EEC -> EC -> EU -> Europe" Project from scrutiny by the British population, and simply rewarded themselves. The motivations are many and varied - from ideology (Marxism - with all its variants), or lavish expenses and pensions, or the prizes on offer for treachery, such as the Coudenhove-Kalergi (Charlemagne) prize or the Légion d'Honneur, to the idea that it would be better to be part of a big project, which could enrich them further and massage their vanity, rather than look after the interests of their constituents.

This act of treachery have been maintained by the majority of our elected Representatives (and unelected ones alike - the Peers appointed by the elected Representatives) during the past 44 years, as candidates are carefully selected for their EU compliant credentials - and it is clear that under the political Left, in particular, in addition to the EU nationalist SNP, that such a state of affairs would never be changed - In fact, the EU would be helped to accelerate its control programmes, in order to consolidate its power over Britain; and proceed to full integration and total control of all aspects of life in the UK, in perpetuity.

The only way to be completely free from the legal control of the EU is to repeal the ECA (1973), which automatically repeals every other integrating mechanism that we have been signed up to - and we need to get rid of any politicians who stand in our way - for if we fail we will have lost everything that we ever held dear to a foreign Marxist cabal, living as parasites on the populations of Europe.

The EU Business Model

The EU is the world's biggest scam, and is even worse than a giant Ponzi scheme - through which the member states pay in, and the EU uses the money (after skimming off the top for the elites and their vanity projects) - and only scraps are handed back to the contributors. Everything given to the EU belongs to the EU - as so eloquently stated during the present negotiations.

The EU business model relies upon bribing sections within each member state with development aid, using contributors' money etc. - to buy loyalty, and new recruits to the EEC -> EU project, and thereby remove their loyalty from the central governments of the member states - e.g, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland etc., and by providing loans to new member states.

These loans are backed by state asset collateral from the new member - which is collected when that new member state defaults, after spending its "new found wealth" on German manufactured goods - as with Greece.

The EU has been merrily "shopping" around for new "mugs" to entice, and from whom it can secure more assets, but now it is reaching a tipping point because of the EU Referendum, June 23rd 2016, which threatens the withholding of funding for further expansion and loan guarantees.

We are currently (and have been for the past 44 years) a NET contributor, but there aren't many such others likely to be joining any time soon - only takers. Meanwhile, the EU backers and the International bankers just keep getting richer, as the EU acquires more assets and ever cheaper labour - but the contributing member states just keep getting fleeced - whenever the EU needs more cash for its vanity projects and bribes; even if that means that personal bank accounts are accessed by the Eurogroup.

None of the contributing members will ever receive back from the EU anything close to what they have handed over - that is, apart from certain core members, such as Germany. Germany is laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the outer core members such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, where they have induced mass unemployment, through enforced austerity, in order to keep the value of the Euro low to gain massive advantage for their manufacturing exports - these too will be asset stripped and politically neutralised within the EU, as Germany seeks to concentrate more power.

The Real Cost of Membership
The real price of being in the EU though is the huge loss of independence and freedom of action - as a reward for our contributions the member states individually have no say in how the EU develops - we can play the EU Parliament tick-box game, where we endorse or reject laws handed down to us - but those handing down those laws (elected by their own populations) have sworn an Oath of Loyalty to the EU, which overrides their oath to their own people - so in the end the EU gets its own way, as more and more power is acquired at the expense of the member states.

Referendums, that the EU does not currently prevent, are simply ignored if the results don't suit their agenda; slowly and surely power is centralised, and the very social structure is dictated from the EU. Voting rights are systematically controlled (QMV), as the EU membership increases, in order to diminish any real oppositions to EU plans, as its membership list rapidly increases - some openly and well publicised; but the more controversial additions (such as those included in the Barcelona Agreement (1995) (which will give the EU's "Four Freedoms", and benefits from EU countries, to those in North Africa and the Middle East) are kept low key.

To add insult to injury our overseas aid is also controlled by the EU and we are required to financially support the low paid in other member states, and subsidise foreign cheap labour in the UK through our benefit system (courtesy of New Labours' Working Tax and Child Tax Credits) - effectively, payment upon payment to the EU, as money directly from our own taxpayers is piled upon our contributions, which provide cheap labour for "Fat Cat" organisations in the UK  - and every contribution we make is abused, as a Communist redistribution of wealth from the UK taxpayers to the rest of the EU.

The EU Legacy
We can see all around us the rotten fruits of being in the EU - from Housing shortages to excessive demands upon our infrastructure and public services - including the requirement for UK taxpayer's to pay for the building of HS2 - an EU project which we have no control over - not even on its route - at a time when we are also required to meet EU targets *Maastricht Treaty(1992)) through austerity, which create even further demands on our resources.

The programmes for the future of the EU are well documented within the EU Treaties, though never discussed nor debated with the member state populations, and it progresses through the gradual changes to the voting system and through the transfer of power (Competences in EU (French) legal speak), in a gradual, yet complete, surrender of all Fiscal and Financial: under a Common Currency; Common Immigration and Asylum; Legal, Social, Military, Criminal and Civil Law to the EU - leaving the member states impotent and administered (top-down) by a single government in Brussels (Berlin). At which point, or en route, EU Nationalism will rise from its currently hidden store room and dominate all future  activities of the EU.