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17th May, 2017

The Grand Delusion

There are many false promises and false hopes contained within the EEC (EU), because the aspirations of those who set-up and run the EU are totally different to those of the populations of its member states - which are many and varied, but based upon a desire for security, prosperity and self-esteem, for themselves and their offspring. But during the recent "Brexit" negotiations the EU negotiators clearly spelled out the true nature of the EU (either in a "fit of pique" or deliberately) that:-

“There is no shareholding in the European Union. All of the union’s assets belong to the union and that includes buildings, other assets tangible and intangible, financial, drinkable and non-drinkable.”

More recently Italy has been told that it must return money given by the EU, if it chooses to leave, but the Dutch who have a surplus of 100 billion Euros with the EU, cannot have any back if it leaves, according to the ECB. So for those who set their hopes upon a community which works for the best interests of it populations, it is clear that the vision of those who run the EU, and that of those who to partake outside the "elite" level is entirely different - but that was already spelled out in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - which contains the previously rejected Constitution for Europe (2004); secreted within its texts.

Very few people seem to have read that treaty - even some of the politicians. There was a very good reason why the populations (apart from Eire - for its own Constitutional reasons) were never allowed any referendums on the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - that was dictated to each member state government by Merkel.

The EU has only ever been a one way street, leading to a single government, and the real "motto" of the EU is

" Everything of value in the EU will be taken from its Member States for its own purposes"

(The Conquest of Europe by Economic warfare)

and to add insult to injury the populations of the EU are pushed around, told what to do, and how they must live their lives.

In light of the above, why on earth do the EU populations continue to support such a deceitful organisation as the EU - which so obviously, only takes from its members - whilst seeking to subjugate them?

Whereas the French population under Macron see the wonderful image of peace and prosperity in the EU and believe that they will have a strong place themselves in its final metamorphosis. This is far from the view of the EU itself who have only one aim - the ultimate power grab - by stealth, as much as possible; through economic warfare, through the EU's courts where necessary, and through intimidation, as needed. Paramilitary and Military force, through" emergency measures", if others methods don't work.

Apart from the last two techniques, we have seen all of the others applied against the UK, Poland, Hungary Greece and also Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Cyprus, and by and large the EU has successfully proceeded to obtain all of its objectives, to-date - largely through stealth and the collusion of the Parliamentarians in the member states.

Those who have colluded in the conspiracy against the populations of Europe should be aware though, that if the EU finally succeeds to its objectives, it will have no need of them and, in any event, why would the EU hierarchy trust anyone who has sold out their own countrymen (people) within their own hierarchy - since they could never to assured of their true loyalty to the EU.  And, unless the EU can get the members states to pay for them, the Quislings simply represent an ongoing financial liability.

Going Forward

After Merkel is re-elected in September, she hopes to have in place her own EU Armed forces, under German command, together with Border forces ready to (a) to take-over and enforce the EU outer borders - wherever they may be (including in North Africa and the Middle East) to ensure a migrant flow of unprecedented magnitude throughout the EU, in line with the UN programme (b) to intimidate the "Visegrad 4" into compliance with migrant quota's - Britain will fall under this same regime if we do not extricate ourselves (c) clamp down on the growing political antipathy to the EU - expressed through ordinary people marching against destructive EU policies - but labelled as extreme right.

The process of integration now has to be implemented as fast as possible for the EU, in order to take over completely, otherwise the EU will make no further progress - the areas that the EU needs to control include, as a matter of urgency the borders of member states who are objecting to immigration quotas. Today there was a vote in the EU to strip Hungary of its voting rights in the EU Parliament, for serious and persistent breaches of EU ethics, including refusing migrant quotas! This will be an ongoing process until either the EU gets its own way.

The Grand Delusion is gradually being exposed, but if the EU member states don't stop the EU in its tracks, then Europe could descend into conflict of the EU's own making.