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​​16th January 2018

The Great Deception

From the moment that it became clear that the EU Referendum vote had been lost by our "Establishment" - our elected Representatives, Peers, Civil Service and Judiciary, together with the EU, collectively set about trying to nullify the result - a programme which continues today - under the headings of "only advisory" or " not a large enough majority" or "based upon lies" or "only voted for by uneducated, old bigots and racists" or "they did not know what they were voting for" - along with other invented excuses to shut down the call to get out of the EU - the same modus operandi applied to the Eire Lisbon Treaty (2007) no vote in 2008. 

To be clear we voted to leave the EU because we do not want to be occupied by a foreign power with all that it entails - but since the EU will never offer that - we have only one alternative - to leave completely and trade under WTO rules.

The problem for the establishment arose because Cameron (who must have been given permission for a Referendum by the EU) had assured the establishment that there was no way that it could go wrong and, in fact it would settle once and for all, and silence opposition to the EU in Parliament and in the country more widely. With this in mind they all agreed and allowed a Referendum on staying or leaving the EU - the terms or other details were left out because it was designed to fail, and so not thought necessary. 

The EU Referendum was simply a deception upon the British people by its elected Representatives in collaboration with the EU - a deception which spectacularly backfired.

Having largely exhausted attempts to dismiss the result of the EU Referendum without actually being able to thwart or overturn the result, they regrouped to form a plan involving the majority (led by minority of diehard Europhile groups) of our MP's, Peers, Civil Servants and Judiciary to work with the EU in order to protect their beloved EU project and this has been evolving since.

The end game being that the UK population will be manipulated into engaging in a 2nd or subsequent EU Referendums - until the matter is settled in the EU's favour.

Interestingly, Referendums have been a firm favourite with a number of other recent Dictators - Mussolini in 1934, Hitler in 1936, Marcos in 1973 and Franco in 1947 - and the EU also forced a 2nd Referendum on Eire after it voted against the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the EU won the latter after making concessions, and with some manipulation.

The EU also ignored the Dutch Referendum, rejecting Visa free access for Ukraine, and more significantly, ignored the rejection of Constitution for Europe (2005) by incorporating its Articles, Declarations and Protocols within the text of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and preventing each member state government (apart from Eire - which required a Plebiscite in order to alter its own Constitution) from holding a Referendum.

The EU dubbed any attempts for independence within the EU as a "poison" following Spain's brutal suppression of the Catalan independence Referendum voters - 1st October 2017.

Calls for a 2nd Referendum

Now even Farage is siding with the EU (and UKIP is in terminal decline) - shamefully, Farage suddenly changed his mind following a recent secret meeting with Barnier - notice that all the meetings between our politicians and the EU are in secret - no transparency when it matters to the British public, and Anna Soubry on "Politics Today" refused to divulge any information about her secret meeting with Barnier. UK politicians lose all credibility when they fraternise with the EU in secret meetings.  

Amazing what a chat with Barnier can do to a politician - perhaps that is where Corbyn thinks the "Magic Money Tree" resides (ECB or IMF) - but the EU does not have its own money - it operates like a Bank using other people's money for its own ends - and the required collateral will end with the EU asset stripping its debtor - as with Greece.

In the UK almost every Europhile politician is calling for a 2nd Referendum - but the EU has claimed it does not want a 2nd Referendum or should that be "It will not allow a third 3rd Referendum" if the 2nd is for Remain. We note, in today's Guardian, under its front page "Brexit" column: "Brussels is not making preparations for a second UK referendum, with senior officials regarding it as highly improbable. In the event of a remain vote, however, key member states would probably seek to legally bind the UK into not calling a third referendum in the foreseeable future, officials believe."

It is understandable that after 44 years of integration and infiltration that our selected, elected "Establishment" sees that it has much to lose, even though any of those who should lose their own position in the UK, as a result of defending the EU, would find no difficulty in obtaining gainful  employment, expenses and honours (prizes) within the labyrinthine EU.

The FCO:30/1048 Civil Service warnings to Ministers in 1971, about the effect of the UK joining the EEC in 1972, show that the EEC(EU) would develop through stealth with the explicit support of the UK Establishment viz - "After entry (to EEC, 1972) there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community."

This prescribed UK protection of the EU by our politicians has been the hallmark of the development of the EEC(EU) - through stealth, with the collusion of our Politicians, Peers, Civil Servants and Judiciary - so why would it be any different during the "Brexit" negotiations.

Why would we trust any of them to work for our interests when they have so clearly demonstrated their contempt for those who put their trust in our Parliamentary system over the past 44 years - and they are currently proceeding at a pace with UK-EU integration under the cover of "Brexit".

Theresa May's "Deep and Special Relationship with the EU" is just a code for the EU's mantra "Ever Closer Union", and Brexit negotiations are a perfect distraction to be used for their joint ambitions for the destruction of the UK - through our government placing more and more of our "assets" under EU supervision - such as our Space Technology and Expertise and others - which, by joining EU programmes can be placed under EU (German) Military control. 

The UK Establishment Fights back against the British People 

With hindsight it is straight forward to work out what has been happening since they lost the vote, and to predict the likely final stages of the negotiations - as outlined below.

The overriding principle to be followed throughout the so called "Brexit negotiations" - is to Pretend to accept the EU Referendum vote (without sniggering) and gain the trust of those who voted to leave (Lancaster House Speech); drag out the process of leaving in such a way as to make the process so convoluted and difficult as to make it appear that no successful outcome is achievable, whilst insisting that the outcome would be achieved - but it would have to be in a compromised form (Florence Speech).

Mrs May played her part superbly throughout the first stage in which she was; first required to "pretend fight" the EU controlled UK "Supreme Court", which was used to prevent her using "Henry VIIi" powers to extricate the UK from the EU - despite the fact that our establishment had handed over precisely those same powers to the EEC(EU) in 1973 - and all subsequent EU treaties were accepted without Parliamentary scrutiny or Referendums (apart from the EEC Referendum in 1975) - including the Lisbon Treaty (2007) 

The subsequent charade continued with a lack lustre performance in a faux General Election - faux because it was unnecessary and could have only been designed to reduce the government's majority - it is inconceivable that such a poor performance could not have been intended in advance. Theresa May is a long standing, experienced Conservative MP - would she have ever attacked her own Conservative voters without a reason? - the General Election was supposed to be about "Brexit", but it was hardly even mentioned over the 7 week campaign. 

If you watch any of May's appearances at PMQ's it is easy to see the disparity between her and Corbyn - she could have walked all over Corbyn in the General Election campaign, but she did very little to counter his claims or promote leaving the EU.  Did she deliberately make herself look "Weak and Wobbly" to ensure a close result - which would be in the EU's favour?


At the end of 2017 Theresa May effectively gave away 40 billion Euros to the EU, agreed to a soft border with Eire and conceded more rights to EU citizens in the UK than the UK citizens themselves, in order to allow EU humiliation of the UK to continue through 2018 where the next phase of UK punishment would be coordinated with attacks in our Parliament (in the House of Lords) - all of which is totally unacceptable to the Leave voters.   

All of the above is leading to a single final position - that the UK population will be "forced" into a repeat Referendum in the hope that after three years of collusion between the UK and the EU - a joint enterprise comprising EU punishment, coordinated with UK political manoeuvring in Parliament - the leave voters (who are still alive) will have been so demoralised by the establishment shenanigans that they will be susceptible to promises of a compromise by the EU if they vote to remain - but then the UK will finally be trapped in the EU if the voters don't wake up to what is really happening. 

It is not in the UK's interests to continue the charade and we should walk away as soon as possible - the worst possible option is to fall for a Referendum re-run but it is the only route that the EU will accept - so the options then are stalemate (transition periods during which the stealth integration would continue apace) or capitulation.

So we only have one real choice - call the EU's bluff and leave without a deal; pay nothing to the EU and trade better under Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status through the WTO. Our freedom is anathema to the EU whose only interest is the total control of Europe - in the first instance.  

We need to keep our nerve because the magnitude of the EU losing control of Britain is a major blow for the EU, since it will not be able to offer a population of some 65 to 70 million relatively well-off people "on-a-plate" to its multinational clients, and will have to compete with a much more competitive country - a UK released from the shackles of EU tariffs.

We have had to fight for our freedom before, and if we are not willing to fight now then we will have to follow the rest of the EU and capitulate, just as the Irish did in in 2009 - surrendered to an Totalitarian EU Police State (if in any doubt about the EU's intentions - read the Articles (Clauses) in the Lisbon Treaty (2007))

If we don't fight back then we don't deserve to be free.

Any Referendum re-run will be made on the basis of the worst possible deal terms from the EU - guaranteed by our own politicians - who cannot be trusted to deliver "Brexit" anyway - if this is forced upon us then we must vote to leave the EU with the biggest margin in History.

Members of our "Establishment" who do not respect the 2016 EU Referendum result 

are a "Nest of Perfidious Vipers."