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28th October, 2016

The Longer we are trapped in the EU, the poorer we will become.

The rapidly deteriorating economic situation in the EU coupled with the ever increasing liability for uncontrolled mass migration which being is being deliberately imposed by Merkel and Juncker, aided and abetted by the UN, George Soros and others, means that Britain will inevitably be landed with ever increasing liabilities - over which Britain has no control whilst in the EU.

The result is that Britain will be passing on to its young a burden of responsibility which will make them ever poorer, with a reduced quality of life, and an ever present danger of developing into a downward spiral of everlasting poverty.

Not only will Britain (including Scotland) be required to bailout such countries as Greece, but also a number of other EU economies, and the EU banking system itself. That is without considering to have to continue to pay the costs of supporting the EU's expansion programmes, and to continue to cover ever increasing burden of EU Directives and Regulation.

In reality, we would be very much better off paying tariffs than paying the more onerous subscriptions, hidden costs, uncosted EU liabilities - which are only helping to prop-up a failing EU system and the Euro - why does the Euro even have any credibility?

A EU is an old, 1950's designed system, which is doomed through mismanagement, corruption, lack of transparency, over bureaucratic practices and control mechanisms, and most importantly, doomed by its ideological adherence to its basically flawed attempts to create an "EU Empire" by stealth, instead of actively promoting cooperation. Rather than taking over the legal systems of its member states in order to bring them to heel - instead it should have aspired to an EEC of independent nations, freely trading for a common good, not a centrally controlled EU of slave states, which is the design in the Lisbon Treaty (2007). If the only way the European States can cooperate is by being "Occupied" and taken over by single a government in Brussels (Berlin) and led by Dictators, then we should keep as far away as possible. 

We cannot continue with the current "Death by a Thousand Cuts" stalled approach to leaving the EU - we must leave the EU megalomaniacs club now and stop giving it CPR - either invoke Article 50 on the 1st of January, 2017, and quickly conclude the basics of trade, or better still use the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969) of which the EU is a signatory to Denounce the EU Treaties and walk away. Offer tariff free trade to any country willing to trade with us on the same terms - then negotiate with those willing partners. Trade does not require trade agreements - it only requires buyers and sellers; markets are naturally evolving systems - which are corrupted by over regulation and control, based upon ideology and dogma.