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15th July 2018

The Merkel-May Accord

It is my personal opinion that Theresa May has been working with, or accepting instruction from the EU (Principally Merkel directly, or through Juncker or Tusk etc.) since at least the time that she went on a walking holiday to Wales in 2017 and subsequently called a General Election. I have no reason to believe that she was not in that same position from the moment that she became Prime Minister; and during her time as Home Office Minister - working not in the interests of Britain, but in the interests of the EU.

Sadly that also seems to be the same case with the leaders of the other political parties, either directly or indirectly and that Britain is being betrayed now in a way which is worse than it was betrayed in 1972 and throughout the past 45 years, if that could even be possible. We are being led quite deliberately, by the whole (apart from a few) political system away from leaving the EU and accelerated into a position where Britain's relationship to the EU is descending into a master (Germany) and slave (27 other Member States) relationship effectively as a vassal state.

The government's "White Paper" has been examined by a number of experts and found to be

  • (a) a re-hashed version of a standard association agreement between the EU and Morocco and others - 'Reference to a “Common Rulebook” is a duplicitous way of saying Britain would continue following EU rules, and therefore the ECJ would continue to be supreme.'  (Roger Bates - Brexit Central)

  • (b) full of potential traps which effectively nullify any real power that Britain would have in terms of determining its own direction of travel away from the EU or even acting in any way other than at the direction of Brussels (Berlin) (Dr Lee Rotherham -Latitude and Wrongitude: Red Lines and Fault Lines in the Brexit White Paper

Dr Lee Rotherham highlights the circumstances surrounding the Chequers Merkel - May "stitch-up" - (our comment) in which he points out that: 

"The publishing of the Government’s Brexit White Paper1 has been accompanied by a leak of the key details behind the counterpart document – the version that was preferred by ministers at the Department for Exiting the European Union." 

So, in fact, there were two plans (White Papers) circulating around Brexit - one being put together by the David Davis team and one by Olly Robbins on behalf of the British establishment: the former seeks to honour the 2016 EU Referendum result and enable the UK to leave the legal "tentacles" of the EU and the latter dishonouring the same Referendum and sticking two fingers up to the British Electorate. May is trying to "Bulldoze" the Merkel-May White Paper through our Parliament before the Summer recess - so that she celebrate her deception on the British people - no doubt on a walking holiday at the "Kehlsteinhaus" in the Bavarian Alps with Mrs Merkel  

May simply forced agreement of the Olly Robbins (EU collaborators) version on the Cabinet and the treacherous Merkel-May "White Paper" was published the following Thursday (12th July 2018) - we publish both alternative White Papers.

Two White Papers

We include both for scrutiny

The Merkel-May "White Paper" is simply accepting that Britain will be a Vassal State of Germany and that it will last in perpetuity - it reads like parts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) and includes those parts which basically commit the UK to supporting total integration into the EU; with the EU in control over everything that Britain would wish to have control over - but couched in terms that are interpretable! That is to say that everything that precipitated the Referendum would be unleashed upon the British people as punishment for their temerity to even question the EU's right to control all of Europe.

In effect, we would remain in the EU as a Vassal State with no way of escape - no exit clauses - and everything which is written is under the scrutiny and interpretation by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), once placed in the form of a new treaty.

Therein lies the real problem for the British people - the ECJ is mandated to work with the European Commission to bring about "Ever closer union" and it is the European Commission's primary weapon in bringing Member States to heal - the "White Paper" is a surrender document to the EU; a total, abject capitulation by our ruling class without even a whimper - a betrayal which will live in infamy and in future will be oft quoted as the very definition of perfidy - and that must not go unpunished.

On the other Hand the Davis "White Paper" is best summarised by Dr Lee Rotherham in his assessment of the government's "White Paper:-

"The latter (Davis's) holds far more closely to the ambitions set out in a series of speeches by the Prime Minister and Cabinet colleagues." Those commitments have themselves been set out, theme by theme, in a past Red Cell paper. ( (bracket added)

"The fundamental problem is that the core premises of the two models are incompatible. The Cabinet Office has been unambitious in its drafting, having retained its Cameronian fear of the European Commission, and has retained in the form of the Common Rule Book the supranational approach that is inherent to the EU’s way of doing business. This might be expected of senior bureaucrats steeped in the EU’s comitology. DExEU by contrast has sought to implement both the spirit and the letter of the referendum vote by shifting to an intergovernmental model. Much time has consequently been wasted by Downing Street seeking to reconcile the irreconcilable." 

See the two White Papers below:-

What we now Know

We now know above all that the British people cannot trust Theresa May or our Civil Service to deliver upon their commitments to the British Electorate - but we have seen that it is also true for Corbyn, Cable and Sturgeon et al., and being able to prove that is a significant step towards changing the system. The former Brexiteers Gove, Fox and Leadsom all now seem to be signing up to the Merkel-May plot and Hammond seems to be trying to help the EU take control of our Financial Services sector - we are being attacked by our own government on behalf of a foreign power.

May needs be removed as soon as possible in order to deliver the UK from the clutches of the EU and prevent her from doing any more damage to our country - we now see why we had a continuation of mass migration from the EU during the 6 years that she was Home Secretary - she is totally committed to the EU:-

  • but it is also the integration of our legal and justice systems as well - she has been deliberately taking us into an EU Police State  
  • the inclusion of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) where we act on behalf of the EU
  • she has committed the UK to be part of the German controlled EU Armed Forces

We must now assume the worst about our country in terms of the true nature of our integration into the EU since Blair/Brown in 1997 - we cannot trust our national statistics related to immigration, population, entry of criminals and terrorists and the social consequences and costs.

We now need an honest assessment of how our society has been changed through subversion at the highest levels of our political system.

We need to change our political system before it is too late -

  • remove all those who support the idea that Britain should be tied to the EU legal system,
  • change the higher management levels in our Civil Service whenever the government is changed 
  • put in place processes to open up government to more transparency and scrutiny
  • drain the House of Lords
  • change the honours system and provide MP's with accommodation

It is now time to oil the wheels of the Tumbrels.


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UPDATE:Merkel-May "White Paper"analysis by Hugh Bennet at Brexit Central