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17th February 2019

The Never Ending Betrayal

When David Cameron promised  that the government would implement the result of the 23rd June EU Referendum result  (billed as a "Once in a Generation Decision")  neither he nor the government nor the EU ever believed that the result would have been anything but a large vote in favour of staying in the EU - just as the UK voted to stay in the EEC in 1975.

The promise made by Cameron was predicated on the "certainty"  that they expected to win any Referendum on the EU - the notion that the result would also enacted in the event of leave vote was simply a lie - a very big lie, that forced HMG and the rest of the establishment to pretend to enact the Referendum result at first, but without having any intention to follow through on the commitment - A classic case of the UK establishment being "hoisted with its own petard"  

What many people, particularly those who voted to stay in the EU, do not seem to realise is how deeply entrenched the UK establishment is in the EU after the signing of the European Communities Act (1972) and through the subsequent 46 years.

During which time each succeeding UK prime minister and senior officials have systematically given away more and more of the UK's competences (UK sovereign powers) over to the EU; none-more-so than; Heath - (ECA(1972), Thatcher - (Single European Act (1986) Major - (Maastricht (1992), Blair - (Constitution for Europe Treaty (2004)*, Amsterdam (1997), Nice (2001)) and Brown (Lisbon (2007) 

Currently, May is about to inflict the coup de grâce on the UK on behalf of her masters in the EU with the "EU Withdrawal Treaty" - if ratified. She has presented a "Capitulation and Punishment" treaty to the UK Parliament which was given to her by Merkel  - designed to prevent the UK from ever being able to compete with the EU and to take revenge on the UK population for voting to leave the EU - we await the betrayal by the UK Parliament as they express their true loyalty to the EU. 

May's new Treaty is simply Remain by another name - so that after its ratification - the UK establishment (working with the EU) will have succeeded in turning a Leave victory in the Referendum; into a Remain victory in Parliament - and the cranky old Marxists, and many of the rest in the Conservative Party will feel secure in the knowledge that the peasants have been put back in their place - and they can continue their corrupt practices without fear of retribution - so they will believe.

The most bizarre part of what is happening with this treaty is that everyone - businesses and individuals alike - have complained about uncertainty being bad for business, new trade deals and our currency - yet May is introducing year upon year; of more and more uncertainty with Merkel's new treaty, and nobody says a word - no complaints from business about not getting any closer to a deal - nothing - zilch.

No one has stood up and said - after the Referendum result why didn't HMG tell the EU that the UK is leaving the EU and we want to leave on good terms with a deal that suits both the EU and the UK - and stick to that position.

But that is the easiest question of all - the  EU is a one way system - there is no quid pro quo - it was never about trade, never about peace and security - it was always about taking over the Member States to form a new Empire in Europe following the defeat of Germany in 1945 - using "banks instead of tanks".

How the UK is controlled by the EU

In the UK, as in other Member States, with the exception of Germany (see later**) our Prime Minister, some senior ministers and other political leaders are puppets of the EU, as prescribed in (FCO:30/1048) - that is to say they cannot act in certain areas without the permission from the EU leaders - in other words they are vassals of the EU.

In a few areas of government relating to the domestic laws and governance they can generally act as our Parliament has previously acted (pre-1973) and as such truly was supreme - now it bows to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Commission - as does our so-called (pretend) "British Supreme Court" - invented by Blair to fool the UK population into believing that the UK is a real independent sovereign power. Does anyone really believe that Gina Miller was able to defeat the government on a matter concerning the UK leaving the EU otherwise?

The EU leaders deal directly with our Prime Ministers, in confidence, and direct their actions to the EU's bidding - not that they are forced to do anything against their will - the real problem for the UK population is the fact that we have, in large part those in positions of power in the UK who have entered into a Faustian pact with the EU - they willingly betray their own countrymen and women. It is also the case that UK ex-Prime Ministers also act in the interests of the EU, not in the interests of the UK.

We see that with Major, Brown and notoriously with Blair who has been directing strategy for the EU in order to assist in overturning the 2016 Referendum result - each one of them is wedded to the EU, like Mandelson and many others - perhaps they are all collecting, or, are in line for, large EU pensions for their loyalty to the EU; paid for by UK taxpayers - and as a bonus they are immune from prosecution for any wrongdoing - a paradise for politicians. 

Blair openly admits to his antics on behalf of the EU - they are just part of his relentless pursuit of his dream of becoming Emperor of Europe; unfortunately for Blair, Merkel will become Empress of Europe first.

Blair has clearly been a prime mover in the Lords (through Adonis and the 5th column multitude of Peers) that he and Cameron ennobled to fight a rearguard action on behalf of the EU - he has also been active in the Commons through the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and outside with promoting a second Referendum - now even Corbyn is onside with the rest of the EU vultures.

In part, Blair has been responsible for the present stalemate in Parliament - part of his plan to induce a 2nd Referendum with the express purpose of negating the result of the first one.

Although the main thrust of interaction is directed through the Prime Minister the EU also controls our Fiscal policies - even though we are not in the Euro - we are nevertheless signed up to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) - which means that our Chancellor (Hammond) has to submit his spending plans and budget figures for scrutiny by the EU before each Budget - the UK dutifully complies with every request.

The EU controls our Police and our Laws - our Police are training other EU nationals to take over - to make sure that there will no longer be a connection between the public and the Police (the end of community policing - it has already gone, practically) - although our politicians can pass laws in the UK for the UK population - they cannot enact any laws which conflict with EU law - and they must accept all laws passed from the EU without question; which cannot be amended nor repealed.

The UK truly is a Vassal State of the EU even without the new Merkel Treaty that May is trying to push through Parliament - we became a vassal state in 1973 and that has been re-enforced in all successive EU Treaties (see Article 42.3 TEU) - the first line describes the requirements that define a Vassal State.

The EU's Constitution (Lisbon Treaty (2007) now has supremacy over our Common Law protections and the UK will move to rid us of "Trial by Jury" and "Habeas Corpus" on behalf of the EU (really) and EU prosecutors will replace our CPS as part of the new EU wide legal order - Corpus Juris - in all the new EU Regions that have been prepared - to replace our County structure of the UK - and all the other Member States - as preparations are made for direct rule from Brussels (Berlin)

We will be taxed directly from Brussels (we already pay tariffs and VAT to Brussels for the EU's faux "free trade area") in addition to our subscriptions and numerous other costs associated with the EU - such as QUANGOS that we pay to propagate EU propaganda.

The above are only examples of what we are losing or we have lost, and how we are being controlled - it is very much more extensive than laid out above - since it also extends throughout every layer of society; in the devolved Parliaments, local councils, trade unions, in QANGOS, NGO's and practically all UK institutions.

Back to the present day

Recently, David Cameron was spotted at Number 10, where he has, apparently, been working with Theresa May - as advisor? He also admitted that he had sold the idea of the UK having a Referendum on leaving the EU to the EU leaders - not as a leader of a people who in majority want to get out of EU control - but as an EU vassal asking permission to betray his electorate and the British people by offering a Referendum as the means of permanently locking Britain into the EU - thereby ending the Conservative "infighting" over the EU.

"In his latest book "What Next: How to Get the Best from Brexit", campaigner and Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, explained that the reason why Mr Cameron and British negotiators failed to secure a good deal ahead of the referendum was because “no one believed that Britain might actually vote to leave”.

"Mr Hannan said: "Jean-Claude Juncker rather indiscreetly blurted out that David Cameron had privately assured him of his intention to use the referendum to 'dock Britain permanently in the EU.'" ( Martina Bet, Daily Express 18th February 2019)

But that is precisely what May is trying to do with the EU Withdrawal Treaty that Angela Merkel gave to her for that very purpose.

Theresa May's "new Treaty" came about from the Chequers agreement - given to her by Merkel and presented to her Cabinet on the 7th July 2018 - and through bullying, sleight-of-hand and downright deception she forced her Ministers to accept the document  - the country must be so proud of such an upstanding Prime Minister - making decisions affecting the UK on the orders of a foreign national who wishes only to punish the British people - as her new Treaty amply demonstrates.

But way back in 2017 she was also taking instruction from J-C Juncker after he apparently told her that she did not have a large enough majority (17) to push through a "Brexit" deal (he meant that she had too large a majority) - she duly obliged by having a totally mismanaged General Election and lost her majority completely - with the help of Jeremy Corbyn - who we now know is secret EU admirer.

We can be pretty certain that when Mrs May goes on her travels to Brussels or Berlin or where ever she goes she is not looking after the interests of the UK - only those of the EU. Further, when she returns to the EU for more "faux negotiations", following meaningless votes in the UK Parliament; it is also true that she is just taking instructions from Merkel via Tusk or Juncker, on how to dupe the UK parliament into trapping the UK in the EU - just like she did with Chequers.

What May is doing now is just Chequers Mark II with the British Parliament - but it is a bit more difficult to do when you don't have a captive audience like at Chequers where the Cabinet were physically "locked- in" - surrounded by May's sycophants - a Cabinet which had its mobile 'phones taken from them and told that they would be replaced by junior backbenchers, if they refused to agree - and then, if they refused they had to walk down the long Chequers' driveway to hail an "Uber"; having had their ministerial cars removed - perhaps reminiscent of the tactics of Merkel's East German Communist Comrades.

There is too much information and analysis on the new Treaty for there to be any doubt that leaving the EU on WTO rules is the only way to leave the EU - in order to negotiate properly from a position as the 6th largest economy, with a worldwide reach (Commonwealth) that vastly exceeds its own physical and population size (2.4 billion in 53 freely independent countries compared to 0.5 billion in 27 vassal states) - accepting what May is offering is only giving total advantage to the EU in perpetuity - JRM and his ERG group must think again about accepting that the "Backstop" as the only problem with the WA Treaty - it must not be ratified at any price.

The Remainers' are the only ones who want to obey EU laws and allow unrestricted integration into what is more like "a copy of the old Soviet Union", but with a centralised liberal economy - than a properly functioning democratic entity - and which is controlled on behalf of lobbying bankers, multinational corporations and other vested interests.

*The Constitution for Europe (2004) was rejected in 2005 by the Dutch and French populations. It was subsequently hidden within the texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007); cross-referenced and distributed within the earlier Treaty texts; then renamed as a "Reform Treaty" to avoid a Referendums, and finally elevated to the status of the EU's Constitution through "sleight-of-hand" by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - using its own "Case Law" in 2013.

** We now discover that unlike the rest of the EU Member States - Germany may not be required to abide by EU Laws and can ignore anything that it does not like - and it can also leave the EU without any of the hassle imposed on the other 27 Member States. "German Federal Constitutional Court has longed prevented Brussels Eurocrats from implementing its true integration strategy." see below: