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23rd August, 2016

The New Wehrmacht

Once again the EU borders, the ones separating the EU Nation States are under attack, - not from Russia nor terrorists, but from the usual suspects; the EU and the UN - the so-called "Independent" yesterday published another article about the manufactured migration crisis citing the odious Peter Sutherland - former everything (Eire Attorney General, EU, BP, Goldman-Sachs) and now a Professor in practice at the LSE - but still interfering on behalf of the Left, Big Business and the Banker's. 

The thrust of Sutherland's intervention article was that the EU Nations States "should not cower behind their borders" and, instead take in anyone and everyone, regardless of their reason for appearing at the EU outer borders - the single purpose of which is to deliberately destroy thousands of years of western civilisation, culture and heritage and replace it with an anti-democratic, intolerant, misogynistic, Medieval Monoculture - in direct contravention of Article 3.3 Page 15, last paragraph, of the Treaty of the European Union (TEU) (Lisbon Treaty (2007)) under which Article the EU are required to protect the very nature of Europe that they are trying to destroy. For a reader friendly version of the consolidated texts of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) please visit

Such mixed cultural groups are likely to contain large numbers of supporters of any government prepared to offer them more attention than they would offer to their host own population - particularly since the host populations are being marginalised by the very same politicians who want their vote. 

These cultural groups shun integration, the western work ethic, steadfastly refuses to accept western laws and the ideals of free speech and free expression; and seek to impose their own values and laws upon the host populations - encouraged by Sutherland who has openly stated that immigrants should not be required to fit in with the host population - what could possible go wrong? Germany and Multiculturalism

The Lisbon Treaty (2007), which is, to all intents and purposes, the Constitution for Europe (2004) Treaty (signed by Blair and Straw) which was rejected in 2005, but the majority of its text was secreted within the text of the Lisbon Treaty (2007), signed by all 28 members and was ratified in 2009. In Declaration 17 (Page 231) of that treaty EU Laws were given primacy over all the Laws of its member states. 

On the 1st of January, 2009 the Lisbon Treaty (2007) replaced the British Constitution with the Constitution for Europe (2004)  (in all but name) and also contains the necessary Articles to require the EU member states to provide its Armed Forces under the control of the EU see Article 43 (TEU) on Page 40 et seq. 

Britain also officially came under the EU's Corpus Juris legal system, under which the state and its agents are above the law and which removes all of our rights under Magna Carta ( e.g EU Arrest Warrant)- see Article 86 Page 82 (TEU) -  thus by virtue of Brown and D Miliband signing the Lisbon Treaty (2007) they allowed, without any say from the British population, to legally and officially create  an embryonic  Militarised Totalitarian EU Police State - with the power to take over and rule the EU with an Iron Fist (see Article 48 highlighted on the home page) - meanwhile that Blairite clown Owen Smith, and many other vested interests are trying to prevent us invoking Article 50 (TEU) and want to get us back into the EU; in order to keep us trapped there, in perpetual servitude, under a foreign power - controlled in the same manner as that of a Nation under military occupation.

German and French Alliance

In 1963 the Germany and France signed the Elysee Treaty, at which time they agreed to work together to run the EU for their own mutual benefit - they even formed a small joint army (originally 5000 personnel) loyal only to the EU - the current EU leaders would have you believe that they are desparate to form an EU army - which had never previously crossed their minds, until now - and only now due to mitigating circumstances, it has become urgently necessary to combat Russia, the Daesh terrorist and problems with immigration.

The idea that the the EU (Germany and France in particular) have been peace loving since the end of WWII is totally absurd, for example up until 2010 Germany was the world's 3rd largest arms exporter (dealer) - with its main clients in the Middle East and the German government has previously admitted supplying dual use chemicals to Syria; France was 4th and Britain was 5th on the list of arms suppliers at the time; China took 3rd place from Germany after the USA and Russia.

The truth is that the EU has been secretly building up an Armed Force -  exposed just before the Referendum - but happening behind closed doors since at least 1992; following the Maastricht Treaty - and Brexit has caused them to change their plans - but not abandon them and they have no need to abandon them because they have the legal right to do whatever they like, with, or to the member states and Brown / D Miliband ensured that they would include Britain with its nuclear weapons - under control of megalomaniacs in Brussels and Berlin - no wonder Brown kept away from the official signing ceremony in Lisbon and signed more privately at a later lunch.

The current urgency in forming an EU (German) army has nothing to do with Russia - if NATO can't defend Europe, the EU Armed Forces would certainly have no chance - they would simply get in the way  - unless the EU also controls NATO during any conflict. If the reason for an EU armed force relates to terrorism then a coordinated response without, a formal change of control from member states is all that would be needed. 

What seems to be happening is that during these "secret" joint military operations Germany has been in charge - for example with the Dutch army, so if the new EU Armed Forces were brought into being, from out of the shadows, and it became clear that Germany was taking over control of all EU forces - perhaps along with an alliance with France - then all the efforts since WWII to prevent the rise of a new military dictatorship in Europe  would have been for nought.

Originally, following WWII Germany and France were required, by the Allies (USA), to share control of the resources needed for war, steel (iron) and coal, so that neither could re-arm in secret and build a huge fighting force - in reality they were both re-armed before joining NATO in 1955 - now though it has not been necessary for Germany and/or France to re-arm in secret since it / they will be able to control all of Europe, without firing a shot and gain an enormous armed force - a New Wehrmacht. 

No member state will be able to counter anything that is dictated to them, since their former armed forces will be only loyal to Brussels (Berlin) - any recruits who aren't will be replaced - which means that they will have no choice, but to open their borders to anyone that Merkel / Juncker decides - removing the borders of the member states is the primary objective of developing the EU armed forces - because controlling the borders of the member states takes away the last vestige of their sovereignty; so it is the necessary requirement for the EU to proceed along the path to its Superstate. 

The need for the EU to bring the member states to heel has been made more urgent as a result of rising discontent with the effects that uncontrolled migration is having on the previously settled communities throughout Europe; and the EU's acquiescence in the ever accelerating crisis - immigrants are continually being invited into the EU by Merkel and Juncker and encouraged by Sutherland and the likes of Soros and Left wing organisations / charities to come into the EU from outside Europe - quite deliberately creating the unfolding disaster for the populations of Europe that is observed today.