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17th January 2019

The Plots Thicken

Well done for voting down the draft Withdrawal and Implementation Agreement - the largest in Parliamentary history, and, on the face of it, a show of support for leaving the EU - but looks can be deceiving, and in this case, not anything like what it appears - the give away was the fact that only 3 Labour MP's voted for it.

in fact, it was a factional vote; with some factions voting to support Theresa May because they are on the government payroll, e.g. Ministers etc., some voting against Theresa May on the side of the UK leaving the EU and not wishing for it to be left trapped in the EU (the Conservative EUsceptics), and a mixture of others supporting one side or the other.

The most surprising result was that the vote seemed to unite the Remain and Leave camps - but for very different reasons. For Leave the UK temporarily escapes the EU trap that the WA represents, and for Remain it was a result that they thought could open the way for a 2nd EU Referendum and/or a soft "Brexit".

The truth is far more sinister - the real reason for the large vote against WA was that it did not go far enough - the majority of those who voted against WA want more EU control - not the other way around - to stay in a "real Customs Union" with the EU; to continue with mass uncontrolled immigration and everything else that was opposed by the majority of people who voted in the EU Referendum - including, to keep the UK in the EU in perpetuity - without any way out. So they want May to make more concessions not the EU

While there are multiple plots emerging, emanating from: the 2nd Referendum lobby, funded by the EU and Soros, to those who are trying to kill off the idea (and the reality) of leaving on WTO rules - it would become a reality if no other deal is reached before the 29th of March 2019 - "Brexit Exit" - and it is the default position in legal terms. That cannot be changed by the politicians "antics" but it can be changed if Article 50 is extended ,or if the politicians take over (a "Vichy" style takeover) the "Negotiations" and cancel them.

Orwell's "Animal Farm"

The current shenanigans in Parliament can quite easily be equated to the "take over of the farm by the pigs in Orwell's classic book about the Russian Revolution, for example:

In the current situation the "Farm" is the "Sovereignty of the People" and those in Parliament who oppose the UK leaving the EU are Orwell's pigs who are trying to usurp that sovereignty and take over the "Farm" - not for them the relentless requirement to subject themselves to scrutiny of the "Peasants" every four or five years - they want a system where they are above the Law - like their counterparts in the EU - a situation where under EU Corpus Juris - that is the case for the government and its agents.

They are also using much of the methods used by Orwell's pigs - instead of "Four Legs Good - Two Legs Bad" it is "EU Good - UK Bad" - and "WA Good - WTO Bad" - but it is still just meaningless propaganda - because the only way for the UK to get out into the wider world is by reverting to WTO rule and most of the rest of the world trades with the EU under those rules - the EU just built a protectionist bloc on top of the WTO rules; to enrich and empower Germany and France..

Perhaps no-one has noticed, but the "supply chains", that the motor manufacturers claim will be changed by leaving the EU are all about to be changed anyway - because "Electric Vehicles" require fewer and different parts than diesel vehicles - so, if anything this is a good time to leave the EU - since things will have to change because of the "Green lobby" in the EU.

In any event, according to the EU Constitution (Lisbon Treaty (2007) - and, as stated by Ken Clarke, Westminster will become little more than a Council Chamber in the EU after the UK political parties are merged with EU-wide parties; the Conservatives, Labour, LibDems, SNP Plaid Cymru and Greens etc., will no longer exist and the politicians will no longer be accountable to their own Constituents.

A one page summary of the EU Constitution is presented below - and was incorporated into the Lisbon Treaty (2007 ) by stealth - the document dates from 2006 - Gordon Brown refused to give the people a referendum and, referring to the Lisbon Treaty (2007):

  • The Labour-dominated House of Commons European Scrutiny has led the charge with a warning that the guarantees on justice, foreign policy and the Charter of Fundamental Rights will "leak like a sieve". (By Bruno Waterfield and Toby Helm in Lisbon 18 Oct 2007

The Lisbon Treaty (2007) became the de facto Constitution of the EU prior to 2016, by virtue of its adoption by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) - through its own "Case Law"* (see EU Constitution Summary)


There is much argument about "Sovereignty of the People" - principally because those in power detest the very notion of the people having any say in their own country - and consider the UK population as "cattle" to be farmed for taxes and the politicians believe that they should not be required to lower themselves, and have to explain themselves to their "inferiors" in General Elections - and that includes the majority of members of all the political parties - the "Marie Antoinette Syndrome".

For the record: Sovereignty can be properly defined as the organisation of groups of people who do not have the time to run the country (their affairs) themselves, and so they elect representatives to take care of that on their behalf. The people allow their representatives to look after all important matters - but when they start looking after their own interests instead, they generate the displeasure of the people, and the politicians can be replaced in organised General Elections.

The key element of Sovereignty is trust - The people trust their representatives to keep them safe and make laws for the benefit of the people - and it is through trust that the people obey the laws they enact.  When that trust is abused and it becomes clear that their elected representatives are not looking after the interests of the people; the people want change - there has been deep unease and suspicion about the EEC, EC and EU ever since the beginning - the people have been fobbed-off and manipulated by unworthy politicians on all sides of the political divide.

When an opportunity arose for the people to have their say - which was always their right - they took it and voted to leave the EEC (EU) in an EU Referendum on the 23rd June 2016.

The people realised that their representatives were not looking after their interests, but the interests of a foreign power - and when that was brought into sharp focus - during the Labour government's time in office (1997-2010) - after which the majority of people no longer trusted their elected representatives.

The key point is that over the past 46 years that deep suspicion about the EU -  which developed through stealth and misdirection, against the UK population - beginning even before 1973; but more keenly noticed following the signing of the European Communities Act (1972) - in particular accepting Article 2 of that Treaty - which gives the EEC (EU) sovereign powers (Law making powers - Directives and Regulations etc.) which the people of the UK are required to obey - some may be beneficial, but the choice is not given to the people it affects and those who make the Laws in Brussels are not directly accountable to the people of the UK.

We can change our domestic government by an election if we don't like what they are doing, but we are required to obey EU laws - without any way for our domestic government to intervene - apart from complaining to their real masters in Brussels (Berlin) -  about the "Natives Getting Restless" - and any complaints are usually just ignored.

When May's government began transferring EU laws - Directives and Regulations - into UK domestic law - there was an estimated 120,000 regulations - which the government planned (at least they claimed) to have examined by parliament and decide which should be kept after the UK left the EU.

"Exit Date"

It is true that our sovereignty has not yet been given away by our elected representatives - in fact, It is being held hostage by them - on behalf of the EU.

in order for the sovereign law-making powers of the EU over the UK population to be revoked it is necessary to have a majority in the House of Commons and House of Lords to repeal ECA (1972) - which would void all the EU treaties as they relate to the UK and free the UK from the EU control. When the UK political parties are abolished (see the EU Constitution - aka Lisbon Treaty (2007)) there will no longer be any political parties that would be able to repeal ECA (1972) and our sovereignty will be lost forever.

For the majority of time since 1973 there has not been a majority in Parliament wishing to to repeal that ECA (1972) Act - it is too tempting a "gravy train" and retirement option for UK politicians for the majority of them to restore the sovereign law-making powers to the people of the UK.

As a result of 46 years of EU infiltration into our political system, our Civil Service and our society more generally - the majority of politicians, from all parties, have been selected as parliamentary candidates based upon on their loyalty to the EU project.

Parliament has only partially repealed the ECA (1972) - but it has not repealed Article 2 - the one that gives the EU its sovereign power over the UK population - it will not be fully repealed until "Exit Date" - which, as it stands is the 29th March 2019 - then without any other Treaty in place the UK population would be free of control by the EU. Which is the reason why Corbyn, and the rest, want the WTO default option prevented - to keep us trapped in the EU Customs Union, Single Market and under control by the EU Commission working in conjunction with the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

The WA is designed to replace ECA (1972) and it is a trap - it would never allow the UK to leave, but allows us to continue to be taxed by the EU (tariffs and VAT etc.) and keep providing funds for the lavish lifestyles of EU politicians etc., which is why the EU and UK politicians need WA to be ratified before "exit date".

But they do not want the current form of WA - they want a worse one for the UK - one in which we will never be leave the EU and which keeps the UK in the EU Customs Union and Single Market forever, and under permanent ECJ rule - in other words they want WA to be the same as staying in the EU under existing terms and conditions - e.g. under the Lisbon Treaty (2007) without any Article 50.

The politicians can extend the "exit date"; and some of our sordid politicians are working with the EU to ensure that either the "exit date" is never reached, or another Treaty replaces it - before the 29th March 2019.

That is why WTO is so much of a problem for the politicians - because there would not be anything to replace ECA (1972) - so they are desperate to extend Article 50 - to push it back while they find another way to stop us leaving: new Referendum; politicians take charge; General Election is called etc. - anything to overturn the 2016 Referendum result and prevent us from leaving EU control.

it is not the UK economy nor jobs nor workers rights nor the environment that our politicians are protecting (which the UK is more than capable of solving itself ) - as long as we are sovereign country with our own currency - and we keep the Marxists out of power.

It is the EU and their own long term interests that our politicians are protecting.

*Note:"The EU Court of Justice has decided that the EU treaties constitute the European Constitution and prevail over national law and national constitutions. The Charter of Fundamental Rights is legally binding according to art. 6 TEU. It prevails over national constitutions when EU law is being implemented by the member states – according to the Melloni-case from 2013." From "The EU Treaties - A Readable Version with Notes and Index" Jens Peter Blonde 2016 (