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7th November, 2016

The Real Problem is...

The real problem, particularly now, is that, hypothetically, any Judge, Politician, or Peer etc., who sides with the EU would be fêted across the EU members states and could claim from Brussels (Berlin), riches beyond the dreams of avarice - which is how the EU has so successfully infiltrated the member states during the past 43 years. This statement is more credible at this juncture because of the fact that Merkel has been told by German economists, effectively, "Brexit" must be stopped at all cost. 

It would be very tempting for anyone in the British or any other member state Establishment, but the trick would be to side with the EU and not get blamed - which is what the Remain camp are up to now, by claiming that British Judges have made the British ruling in a British Court - so it is British Democracy and that is what the Leave vote was all about - how very deceitful.

The ruling that they claim was British Democracy in action, relied upon an act of Parliament, the European Communities Act (1972) which was enacted illegally under our laws - it was an act of treason by our politicians and it is now being used against us - we can only have a truly British judgement if we repeal the very Act that the Judges have used to give our Politicians and Peers carte blanche to stop "Brexit" ever happening, or delay it in the hope that something will push it into the long grass. 

Further, our Constitution was superseded by the Constitution for Europe (2004) which was hidden in the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - because it had been previously been rejected (in 2005) - and New Labour ensured that we would not be allowed a vote on that Treaty - so that Merkel could move the EU project along - and as a result our Democracy has been entirely usurped by the EU, courtesy of New Labour. The Lisbon Treaty (2007) reinforces the fact that EU law has supremacy over all the laws of the member states through Declaration 17. 

EU law is not English law, it is an EU version of Corpus Juris, which is based on Martial Law, and ensures that the state and its agents are unaccountable, either to its jurisdiction or to its population, without any pretence. If the Supreme Court does not overturn the High Court judgement then May will only then be able to refer the matter to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) whose job it is to reinforce the EU Treaties, so have a guess what their judgement would involve. Anyone still believe that we live in a British Democracy?

Britain, and the other member states, are effectively under occupation by the EU, though it is not yet a military occupation, and we are allowed to carry on and pretend that we are a Sovereign British Democracy (which is the easiest way to control a population without the use of force). The member states can only be Sovereign countries, though, up to the point that it does not challenge the EU's supremacy or the imposition of its laws.

The EU has taken over the legal system of all the members states so that it can control every aspect of the lives of their populations, but also to bring them to heel should that prove necessary. Meanwhile we live under the pretence that our Politicians, Peers and Judiciary are independent and are making the most important decisions on our behalf, when in reality they are simply implementing the will of the EU; against the best interests of Britain and the British people - mostly behind our backs.

The EU Referendum did not actually bring much of this out, except in a vague sense - but the subsequent actions by the Remain camp are exposing the true nature of the EU on a daily basis; and, in particular, the fact that our Politicians (the PLP and the fringe parties), Peers and Judiciary on the Left in British politics do not represent the people of Britain, but only represent the interests of the EU - New Labour is the best recent example, closely followed by the SNP.

So we are all being played for fools - aided and abetted by gloating Communist sympathisers in our society and throughout our media, and in the wider world - ignore any claims that we are going through a Democratic process, because we are not, and the only way we will get back our Democracy is to rid ourselves of the embedded EU within our society - that can start with a General Election; rather than simply accepting the current charade.