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17th May, 2017

The Rise of EU Nationalism

After the results of the French Presidential Elections were announced, Emmanuel Macron employed the EU National Anthem, Beethoven's 9th symphony, Fourth Movement, "Ode to Joy" from Friedrich Schiller's Poem, to celebrate his victory - rather than using the National Anthem of France - La  Marseillaise. The use of "Ode to Joy" as an anthem, was adopted by the EEC in 1972 and later by the EU - it has seen widespread use by Freedom Fighters and Dictators alike - including being played at Hitler's birthday party in 1942, and at the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.

Macron followed this overt exhibition of his EU credentials by contacting Merkel - who was reported to have dismissed his request for EU assistance with the French economy - perhaps she was a little embarrassed by this show of EU Nationalism, since Merkel and the rest of the EU elite had previously gone out of their way to keep EU Nationalism under wraps - even making sure that when the rejected Constitution for Europe (2004) was secreted within the Lisbon Treaty (2007) - the word "Constitution" was deliberately removed from all the Treaty documentation - along with any other references to paraphernelia of state.

Macron though is Hollande's chosen candidate and presumably, as far as the EU is concerned, he will be a safe pair of hands in all matters relating to EU integration, from Fiscal, Security, Justice and the formation of an EU armed force; together with all other centralising aspects of EU consolidation - we shall see how much he is allowed to say and do as time proceeds. As a banker he is likely to be in a position to attack the UK's decision to leave the EU and attempt to help or subvert the position of our financial sector vis a vis the EU's plans.

Of some concern will be the French (EU) policy of concentrating migrant camps close to the UK and points of access to the UK, in what is entirely illegal activity in International Law (which requires migrants ("asylum seekers" ) to obtain asylum in the first country that they arrive in (Greece or Italy) - in line with the fundamental concept that if they are genuine then they would have no claim to be able to pick where they could choose to settle. The arrogant behaviour of the French (EU), in attempting to intimidate the UK, even before the EU Referendum, amounts to an act of provocation, designed to force the UK to accept EU designated quotas, against Britain's best interests or agreement - and probably played a part in focusing minds during the drive for independence of the UK from the control by the EU.

The reaction of the EU (Germany) to the result of the EU Referendum, began with disbelief; followed by concerted action to use the result as an excuse to push for deeper integration (now brought forward more in the open), in particular, in areas which would most rapidly affect an increase in the centralised power of the EU - with the EU armed forces and taxation etc. This was followed by attempts to prevent the triggering of Article 50, and the mobilisation of the propaganda war, working in parallel with the alienation of the British and attacks on our culture and history. In the UK these attacks are propagated through subversion by its agents in UK society - coordinated by the usual suspects, from within our Parliamentary system and wider infiltration throughout our establishment.

Article 50 (TEU) Negotiations

The EU have no interest in having real "Brexit" negotiations - since they have no intention of allowing the UK leave the EU - because that would make the EU look weak, expose its limitations and lose its credibility in the minds of potential investors - even if we disregard the EU losing a major "magical" money tree; and the EU's loss of legal control over 65 million plus people, in the UK. Not forgetting the apparently remote possibility that other EU states might see the danger of the EU and plot their escape.

So these shenanigans from the EU are likely to continue for the rest of the two year period, and they will do all that can to extend the deadline through faux transition arrangements - whilst the EU continues to make new laws we have to abide by and rules that stifle our ability to act independently.
These new laws will be specifically designed to keep us trapped in, and obligated to, the EU - until we repeal the European Communities Act (1972) and sort out our legal separation from the EU - and all of its institutions. 

 That is why we need to get the General Election result in favour of the Conservative Party and complete the repeal process, before the 2 year deadline.