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2nd May, 2017

The Road to EU Serfdom

The Four "Freedoms" of the Treaty of Rome (1957) form the basis for free movement of Capital, Goods, Services and Workers across the internal borders of the EU - the external borders - where they operate are used to keep out cheap imported goods and maintain high prices internally. All other restrictions, on materials, goods, services, and the flow of money, are in place in order to form a protectionist bloc - controlled from Brussels. The dangers of these arrangements include the major flaw that if checks are not properly implemented at the outer borders there are few means to mitigate their effects, once they pass into the internal market - thus uncontrolled passage of criminals, people traffickers and their victims, terrorists and their weapons, disease and anti-democratic ideologies. - the entire system was flawed from the outset - topsy-turvy.

So far, the concerns of a number of the member states (Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,  Sweden and the Visegrad 4, in particular) have related to the free movement of people (originally only workers) and mostly because they have become the most visible of the four "freedoms"; despite attempts by governments to restrict the increasing population to areas where they were likely to cause the least impact on the local populations. But the side-effects have spread throughout the societies within the rich western EU member states. It has become clear from utility use and retail analysis that the supposed "current" population of the UK, for example, of 65 Million is a long way off the mark, and more the likely current figure is 80 Million, as was recently reported. The increase in population is clearly out of control - and a disaster for the UK population and future generations.

This state of affairs is a dream come true for the Multinational Corporations, and International Bankers - who control the EU - particularly when the additional population of cheap labour is supported (working tax credits and child tax credits etc. in the case of the UK) by the general population through its taxation - which will inevitably have to rise. It is also a massive opportunity for the exploitation of vulnerable workers from poorer countries in Eastern Europe - who are unfamilar with our working practices and standards. Clearly that is also a boon for Left wing political Parties, since the newcomers are likely to vote for more "Socialism", if it provides for them greater benefits - and of, course, the exploitative landlords benefit hugely from the four "freedoms"; providing accommodation for 40 or more in a 3 bed-roomed house, without any protections - landlords who also include earlier migrants, or absentee landlords leaving their properties in the hands of unscrupulous letting agents - also happy to exploit the recent arrivals. This exploitation is particularly harsh if the newcomers have entered illegally, through lax border control, who fear being discovered by the authorities, and are desperate to find any work - they are ripe for subjugation and abuse. This is not the "freedom" that they hoped for in the EU, and only for a few will it ever get a better life.

The other "EU Freedoms"

Less well publicised are the effects of the other three "freedoms", particularly, the financial aspects which are experienced by the member states, but kept under wraps by the governments and other political parties (they really are, all in it together - acting against the populations of their own countries) - in line with their obligations set out in FCO: 30/1048. Most notably, recently, was the privatisation of our public services (Royal Mail) - but as time moves on, all the public services throughout the EU will be up for grabs (though Germany and some other states may be protected) - and sold to the highest bidder (the Lefties know this but won't admit it).

But that is what the "four freedoms" really means - true freedom is not for the ordinary people of the EU - the true freedom in the EU is for those who have the "Freedom to Exploit "- to plunder - the assets of any and every EU member state (with certain exceptions) - that is why Germany and the International Bankers are in control of the money in the EU. Which leads us to the recent announcement that the Juncker is at war over mortgage provision with Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Croatia.

The EU Commission has threatened to take these countries to the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) - which ensures compliance with EU laws - for failing to transpose EU Laws on Credit into domestic legislation - the reason for the Directive was stated to be, that other EU states wanted to offer mortgages, supposedly or potentially at a better rate in these markets - that is to say Germany wants to get into the mortgage market of these countries. Spain's reaction was that it was unable to pass such mandatory EU legislation in the current climate, where the Spaniards are objecting to Spain's level of public debt - and the reaction from the EU was:-

"With this objective (the CJEU court case) we are working to reach the necessary consensus that will allow us to overcome the parliamentary process, an issue that is not only up to the Government". (Daily Mail:JEAN-Claude Juncker has declared war on Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Portugal  By SIOBHAN MCFADYEN 08:00, Sat, Apr 29, 2017 | UPDATED: 17:11, Sat, Apr 29, 2017)

In other words, the EU concocts a new "Harmonising" Directive which the Parliament of every country in the EU is required to enact into its own domestic legislation and, if the people of the country do not want that new EU law, then the EU will take that member state to the CJEU, and since they - uphold EU law, by definition - then the democratically elected Parliament of the objecting member state will simply be overruled. For those who say that these members states signed up to the EU Treaties, so they should abide by EU law anyway - that should only apply to countries where their native populations were allowed a Referendum - and an open debate - on the contents and legal ramifications of the Articles, Declarations and Protocols of each Treaty, spelt out to the public of that country - In the case of the Lisbon Treaty (2007) that only occurred with one EU member state - Eire - so one wonders why they only rejected it once - though not being a net contributor initially, may have been one incentive.

But there is a deeper malaise between Brussels (Berlin) and the southern Member States which is likely to follow the path of Greece - this was also addressed in the above Daily Mail article. Simply put, the EU is blaming Spain for its part in the massive Eurozone debt, and Spanish economists are blaming Eurostat for producing inaccurate figures related to the Spanish economy - the net result is that Spain could be forced into crippling debt repayments which could ruin future Spanish generations!  What is even worse is that the European Commission is also looking around the other member states to find any further non-compliant governments.

The EU (Germany) are extending their influence into the internal workings of the other member state financial systems and this will lead to an increasing debt bubble within those states; based upon, initially cheaper asset backed mortgages and loans for German manufactured goods - this is an extension of the Eurozon'e activities with Greece and this time would also involve State and private assets of Spanish individuals - how long before we see a repeat of the problems that Greece encountered, but on a much wider scale, as the western EU takes total control of the outer, southern and eastern EU member states, and drives them into the state of EU serfdom. One by one the Member States are subsumed within the new EU Empire - without firing a shot - so far - clearly, financial control is mightier than the sword and is a more effective means to enslave populations.


Finally, this brings into focus the activities of the proponents of the EU in the Remain camp in the UK - the ones on the Political Left that are simply offering the UK population the chance be like Spain, Portugal etc. - to borrow and borrow like there's no tomorrow - and end up in the clutches of the EU in a similar new relationship - where Germany is the master and the UK is an EU serfdom or, if you prefer, an EU slave state.