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 15th January 2019

The UK's 585 Page Suicide Note

The biggest surprise so far related to the "Draft Withdrawal Agreement" (WA) is that the House of Lords - whose members debated and voted on it last night - was not unanimously voted down - the result was 321 to 152 against a majority of 169  (a non-binding vote)

The real question is did those who voted for the proposed Bill actually read and understand the document, attend and participate in the debates or did they simply turn up and "follow instructions" to vote for it?  Whatever the truth it seems that 36% of Peers in our Parliament are happy to see the UK trapped in the EU in perpetuity. Does anyone have a list of the Peers who voted?

The "Meaningful" Vote

Like everything to do with the UK establishment and the UK's relationship with the EU, all is not what it seems and at every turn, the English language is being twisted to mean something that it is not meant to mean.

Take for example the so-called "Meaningful" Vote - we are led to believe that Parliament would debate the "Draft Withdrawal Agreement", make amendments and vote on the resulting effect of those amendments - but that has been manipulated to provide means to prevent the UK actually leaving the EU.

By bringing in amendments which are "meaningless" as far as the WA is concerned - but, critically are designed to ensure that leaving on WTO rules is specifically disabled - for example, voting against treasury allocation of funding for a WTO option; results in attempts at forcing MP's to vote the WA - with a view to presenting the new EU Treaty as the only other option - knowing full well that WTO is the only true delivery of the 23rd June 2016 Referendum vote - and WA is its antithesis.

But, the Parliamentary deception does not end there - ever since the Referendum result was announced, much effort by the EU in conjunction with the majority of our MP's, Peers, former MP's, moneyed vested interests - including Soros and many others have worked tirelessly to bring about another Referendum in order to overturn the first one.

Such an action would represent an end of Democracy in the UK, as the Irish will discover as the EU implodes - they will regret their decision to accept the Lisbon Treaty (2007) with its EU Constitution which now has primacy over the Irish Constitution - though that was not mentioned when they had the second vote.

The "Draft" Withdrawal Agreement (WA) was never a "Draft Agreement" - it was always a final version of an EU Treaty - which the UK is required to sign or reject. it was deliberately presented as a draft when, in fact, no amendments to its contents are allowed - precisely the same for all EU Treaties - and this is what is being presented to our Parliament - an un-amendable 585 page EU Treaty which will have legal force if passed by the UK Parliament (Ratified) 

In addition to this new Treaty, the Prime Minister has also tied Britain's armed forces to the defence of the EU, and under EU command - without parliamentary scrutiny - and, under similar circumstances, she has led the UK to opt into the Draconian EU Corpus Juris legal system which overrides our Common Law protections.

Being a new EU Treaty it is not a "Deal" - it is a Capitulation Treaty from the EU which spells out who is in charge and how the "defeated" population (the UK) will be ruled from Brussels (Berlin) if the Treaty is ratified - there is no wriggle room on the part of the UK population - everything is referred ultimately to the rule of the ECJ as arbiter and enforcer of all EU Treaties. To make it appear palatable it is presented along with a "meaningless" Political Declaration, containing warm words and, it is "paved with good intentions" - just like the road to Hell. 

The Implementation Period

The WA is only part of the problem - the accompanying "Implementation Period" (IP) contains a further sting in the tail - it is the punishment phase of the Agreement. It would come into force with any ratification of WA.

The one major problem with the Implementation Period is that the WA does not contain an exit clause - and our Parliament has not fully repealed the European Communities Act (1972) - so we will still be under EU rule and EU laws will continue to pass, unhindered into UK domestic law (Article - 2 (ECA(1972)) - and we would be excluded from participation in EU institutions under the new arrangement - but still taxed by the EU (Tariffs and VAT)

A classic case of Taxation without Representation - in such a case the people need to take appropriate action and refuse to pay such taxes - even though their government and Parliament would be happy with such an arrangement with the EU.

So by passing the Withdrawal Agreement, with its Implementation Period - our Parliament and HMG - through their own dereliction of duty - will make the UK completely defenceless against any actions by the EU or its individual Members States - who will make the most of our presented vulnerability. Yet our Parliament (Commons and Lords) could, if they voted in majority, repeal the remainder of ECA (1972) and take back the sovereignty of the UK from the EU - which has been held by our Parliament, on behalf of the EU, for past 46 years - otherwise:-

The UK will be completely asset stripped - as was Greece and left at the mercy of the EU and the other 27 Member States; related to fishing rights, Gibraltar and doling out UK taxpayer benefits to non-contributing EU citizens and the rest of the world on the EU's borders - pretty much as we do now.

The Irish border "backstop" threat completes the "Triple Lock" and keeps the UK population under EU control in perpetuity - as explained by the Civil Service "whistleblower". 

The Options to the WA

The Withdrawal Agreement should only have been an option in the event that Britain had been defeated during WWII and we were required to apologise for fighting back. It has no place in the UK, and it is a disgrace that our Prime Minister would dare to present it to our Parliament, and for that Parliament to even consider it as an acceptable Treaty.

Above all, it is an insult to the British people that their Prime Minister would dare to present the new EU Treaty (WA) as one which honours the 23rd June 2016 EU Referendum result; when it clearly does the opposite. It simply exemplifies (1) the disconnect between the UK population and its government and (2) the fact that its government is in collaboration with a foreign power and acting against the interests of its own population - governance of the UK has sunk to a new low, as a result of our membership of the European Union.

The only viable option is to leave the European Union on the 29th March 2019 - which on the current trajectory will also repeal ECA(1972) and free the people of the UK from the yoke of the European Union. Our Civil Servants - at least those who act honestly - have already made contingency preparations for our departure - as they are legally required to do - and although there will be "teething" problems they will be overcome and the UK will prosper - followed soon after by the departure of other Member States from the Protectionist EU bloc which was designed "for the benefit of the few (Germany and France) - not the many".

The Norway Option is a non-starter and the 2nd Referendum is an insult to the population of the UK.

The "WTO option" represents freedom and opportunity - with a short term adjustment - which would place the UK in a cleaner negotiating position with the EU for future Free Trades - this is the only option that honours the 2016 Referendum result and delivers freedom to the UK. This would also require a "new broom" to sweep through the corridors of power - the real motivation for the establishment to push these attempts in parliament to prevent the UK leaving the EU.

The Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation period represent; continual uncertainty, short, medium and long term pain and damage to the UK economy; its culture, independence, traditions, infrastructure and public services.

The Bottom Line

Below is included a copy of the negotiating position of the EU, laid out and published in 2017 - a reference to that document reveals that, in reality, no negotiations ever really took place following the invocation of Article 50 - it was all a charade - the EU did not cross any of its Red lines and the UK simply withdrew all of its its Red lines.

This is a cautionary reminder that voting for Jeremy Corbyn (or anyone else) or trying to reform the EU from within, would lead to the same end result.

For a period of two years, the EU and UK have simply collaborated in running down the clock on the Article 50 "negotiation" period, in order to ambush the UK Parliament into agreeing to an arrangement; under the duress of a "ticking clock"; coupled with a large complex document(s) (585 pages) with multiple external references - a con artist's modus operandi - that simply contains what the EU want - plus a punishment regime; for the UK population having the temerity to vote to leave the EU - for good measure.

The expectation is that, in the absence of any viable alternatives (WTO is the only one that is viable - and is being blocked by EUphile Remain amendments)  Parliament would either vote for the new Treaty (EU win-win) or create a Parliamentary deadlock and vote to revoke Article 50 (EU win-win) and calls for the EU's preferred solution - a Second Referendum

For a short summary of the WTO option below: 

We have been driven to this point by collaboration between the EU and the UK and now is the time for those in Parliament who believe in Britain, and who truly respect the 2016 EU Referendum result - to vote against the Draconian Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Treaty - which the Prime Minister and the Remain camp politicians (and other vested interests) are trying to impose upon the population of the UK.