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10th November, 2016

They don't get it, do they?

The polls were wrong again, just like the Tory win in May, 2015, the EU Referendum in June, 2016 and now with the US Presidential Election, and the excuses run thick and fast. Some pollsters have dismissed the notion that it was because of the negativity within the campaigning inducing people to follow a particular view rather than, necessarily their true feelings or beliefs. The common thread though, is that the victories are against the political Left in the Establishment, and the common theme of the political Left is that they despise Democracy and rage against anyone who disagrees with them - so very EU, and hence its widespread political support on the Left. This is particularly true amongst the easily propagandised, naive, youth within our society, especially within our tertiary education system where they are a captive audience for their Marxist tutors and professors.

The Left has previously gained power through what appears to be a promise of a society which is all inclusive and good for everyone, but the reality is very different, the reality is an ever increasing wealth of a very few and a downgrading of the quality of life and increasing detachment from society of those that they claim to represent - Blair and New labour are the best recent example of that Leftist elitism - but they are not the only ones because the political Left are ubiquitous in our society, including within the Conservative party.

Whenever this status quo is challenged the rage escalates, egged on by cheerleaders in the Media; in the BBC, LBC and the rest of the compliant broadcast and print outlets, and an ever increasing social media "Troll" presence, not surprising that that such constant browbeating, ridicule and derision leads to a widespread underground movement which keeps its opinions to itself and vents its frustration at the ballot box.

The level of this "liberal" Left onslaught reached new heights with the EU supporters creating such an atmosphere of intimidation that families were riven apart, and still not yet fully reconciled, and entire groups of previously close citizen's were in fear of expressing any opinion that was contrary to the views of the Left (Marxists and their derivatives) - some people were even too scared to place a Leave poster on their property for fear of physical violence against them.

No wonder the Pollsters cannot predict the outcome of these major elections - if they had half a brain they would have figured out, after the May 2015 election, that such a result was inversely proportional to the level of Left wing intimidation and how geographically widespread it extended; they should actually monitor that level of Left wing rage, rather than asking selected groups of people about their voting intentions. 

It does not only relate to pre-Election intimidation, but also the post election results which the political Left will not accept - because they only crave a Dictatorship (EU) and, like good little Fabians, they want no part of any Democracy which leaves them without control or out of power. Following the Tory win in 2015 there have been a constant stream of strikes and protests and attempts to overturn the result and remove the properly elected government - particularly vociferously from the SNP - and it is same with the refusal to accept the EU Referendum result and instead to manufacture any legal or illegal means of overturning the result.

There has been very little, similar, rage from the Centre or political Right in society, in spite of widespread provocation, only rage and fury from the political Left, and even now, the Left, spurred on by Gina Miller, are attempting to prevent a peaceful march to the Supreme Court to express their views about the discredited High Court ruling; which relied upon an illegal act of Parliament (European Communities Act (1972)) to succeed.

Meanwhile, the LibDems appear to have openly admitted that there is a plan (more properly a conspiracy) within the Commons and the House of Lords to block implementation of the EU Referendum result, on behalf of the EU, and thereby thwart the will of the British people - an act of treason against the British people which requires the complicity of the British Supreme Court. 

Put simply the political Left in Britain are conducting an undeclared war against the majority of people of Britain, on behalf those who they truly represent, their political masters in the EU.