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3rd February 2018

Time for the EU to Change - but not in the way that Brussels wants

Now is the time for the EU Member States to look to their future and decide that (as things are turning out) they had wanted the EEC, but not the political EU - the idea of the EEC was good for the Member States, but the EU is bad for them. This is for the simple reason that the political EU means the end of the Member States in their traditional form and a new, more coercive, top down, one size fits all government able to dictate every aspect of the lives of the populations of Europe - that may be nice for the previously failed politicians who would continue their travels on the EU gravy train, but not for the rest of us.

The EU came into existence (without any legal power) in 1992 with the Maastricht Treaty, but it gained its own legal Sovereignty in 2007 with the Lisbon Treaty - under which it acquired primacy over the Constitutions of its Member States - its legal supremacy was already established, de facto, when each member signed up to the Treaty of Rome (1957), by joining the EEC (EC) and accepted the principles of the Four Freedoms (Capital, Goods, Workers and Services) and handed over, wholesale, to the EEC their sovereign right to make their own laws to bureaucrats in Brussels to make laws for them - some in the knowledge that the EEC was a "Trojan Horse" for the EU which planned to take over all of Europe - from the Atlantic to the borders of Russia, the Middle East and North Africa plus any other area it could occupy - others were perhaps less clear of its ambitions.

Since then the EU has systematically worked to remove more and more control from its members and centralised that control in Brussels (Berlin) in order to completely confiscate their sovereignty and concentrate the EU's own sovereignty in its place - this makes, quite deliberately, the individuals in the EU more and more remote, with less and less influence as the EU expands. The populations of its members will become little more than numbers for bureaucrats to crunch - as their leaders salivate over the prospect of unified taxation - which they can exploit and abuse as the EU kleptocracy expands and changes its constitution - to the "The Fundamental Law" - thereby replacing the Lisbon Treaty (2007) for a new, more rigid and all encompassing new Constitutional Treaty (see The Fundamental Law) 

UK-EU Negotiations

Any EU of the Member State populations with any sense should have realised by now, that no matter what their feelings are about, the UK (good or bad), the behaviour of the EU regarding a member state's desire to leave the EU is that of a Dictatorship and more like a "Nightmare Neighbour From Hell" - doing everything it can to subjugate the UK population - than a respectable trading partner. Other members should be worrying about their own position in the EU - at the moment the members are able to exert some power to protect themselves (as the Visegrád 4 are currently displaying) - but in the relatively near future they could be placed in intolerable positions themselves from which they cannot escape. 

This is exactly how the UK leave voters perceive the EU - as a trap, yet to be sprung and with the writing-on-the-wall the other members should take heed and form into blocks to protect themselves because otherwise the EU will walk all over the Member States - it is only a matter of time. Our own establishment is planning to keep the UK in the EU, by fair means or foul, but the majority of the British population do not plan on staying in the EU - they have made up their mind and will fight to escape, if necessary.

The only way forward for the EU which is acceptable is for it to give back the sovereignty that the Member State politicians have usurped and handed over to the EU and operate as a group of sovereign states, working together for a common benefit - and the members should turn their backs on the idea that Germany and France, or any other country, should be allowed to takeover the bloc for their own ends. 

Stop the pretence and establish a real directly elected Parliamentary Democracy - with elected Lawmakers, an Independent Judiciary and establish true checks and balances - elect a truly representative European President (not some "Bilderberg stooge") and stop trying to control everybody from cradle to grave. 

Question Time 1st February 2018

We were pleased to see Labour's John Mann expose the workings of the Treasury in its construction of the latest attempt to stop Brexit with made-up predictions - according to Mann - all the Treasury forecasts are predicated on the basis that the UK, has been, is now and will continue to be, a low skill economy reliant on ever increasing cheap labour from abroad. Based upon those criteria its latest forecast is simply predicting that because "Brexit" would result in lower migration of low skilled labour into the UK that would mean that the UK economy would suffer, whereas staying in the EU with increasing low skilled labour would be beneficial.

The idea that simply bringing into the country more and more unskilled labour is the best way forward for Britain - it is simply the quickest way to destroy the country - and that must be the plan - since it makes no sense except in the short term. But the Treasury forecast, the Florence speech U-Turn on the Lancaster House speech all lend credence to the claims that the Civil Service was politicised (by Blair and New Labour) and are acting on behalf of the status quo - totally expected after 44 years of EU indoctrination and infiltration - the upper echelons of the Civil Service should have been culled following the "Brexit" vote, as New Labour did when they came to power. 

"(According to The Times) she (Margaret Beckett) signalled a 'cull of the mandarins' in January 2003. 'Around 500 senior officials in her department are to be subjected to rigorous psychometric testing to prove their worth for the job ... possible as many as 50 officials were to be asked to [leave]. ... [She had] sanctioned the clear out after being disappointed in by [their] lack of willingness to embrace new ways of working ... [ and had] been embarrassed by criticism of her department's performance.' It was telling, I guess, that the initiative was credited to Minsters and not to the department's own civil service leadership." see Civil Service Reform - Detailed History - Note 2 ... by Martin Stanley (

Being in the EEC(EU) for the past 44 years has led the UK to this point, where instead of looking to the future and ensuring that our own youngsters acquire high skills for the future - we simply condemn them to eternal low skilled occupations to be replaced by immigrants with higher skills - so that our inefficient, slack and lazy business leaders can cash in on cheap labour at the expense of the UK taxpayer, through an immigrant friendly benefit system, also created by New Labour - founded upon Marxist dogma since that time and which has permeated the political system ever since - being followed not just by the old Labour and the LibDems, but also Conservatives and Peers.

John Mann pointed to the future, and the future is not open borders and cheap imported labour, but building technological advances in such areas as Robotics with our own people gaining the skills to innovate, design and build the technology of tomorrow - not live on benefits - the future that the liberal Left want for our children.