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28th August, 2016

To whom do they owe their Loyalty?

Just a quick reminder of how we ended up where we are today - subjected to interference in Brexit from Gus O'Donnell.

In 1971, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned the Heath government of the consequences of the Britain joining the EEC in their document FCO:30/1048, which was kept secret until 2001, under the 30 year rule. 

The warnings included:

"For the first time Parliament Parliament is binding upon its successors"; "loss of external sovereignty will increase as the Community develops in line with the ambitions set out in the Treaty of Rome(1957)"; "European Court decisions will be binding upon our Courts"; "There would be a major responsibility on HMG, and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community."  - for more see FCO:30/1048.

This latter warning is particularly significant because it requires our so-called "representatives" to act to protect the EU from scrutiny by the British people, and ensure that they are kept in the dark about the ultimate aims of the EU project; this has, largely, been the case apart from the minority Eurosceptic politicians who have, over the intervening years, attempted to expose the true nature of the political EU. 

All of these warnings by the Civil Service, and much more was kept from the public, and the Heath government, with the help of some Labour MP's, passed the European Communities Act (1972) which was, in effect, the same as signing the Treaty of Rome(1957) and being bound by its Articles, Declarations and Protocols.

One of the effects of joining the EEC in 1973 was exposed to public view in the "Metric Martyrs" trial in 2001, during which Judge Morgan's summary included the following:

  • In passing the 1972 European Communities Act, Parliament surrendered its sovereignty to the European Union.
  • Every national court must set aside any national law that conflicts with Community law. Implied repeal of the 1972 Act by the 1985 Weights and Measures Act cannot apply since the old principal which said that where two laws are incompatible the later one is good, is no longer relevant. The 1972 EC Act is a "bold new source of law".
  • The 1998 Human Rights Act is similar in nature to the 1972 EC Act. It states that the courts can overthrow any act that contravenes it in the future.
  • The European Union would be destroyed if states went on legislative frolics of their own.
  • Membership of the European Union is not entrenched. The 1972 Act may be repealed.

Without the knowledge of the British electorate, "Edward Heath, in order to gain membership of the EEC, had made a deal in 1972 with the EEC and gave away British sovereignty of our territorial fishing waters.  Up to that point fishing had not been included in any treaties, but was later added in the Maastricht Treaty under Articles 38-47."

In the 1975 Referendum Wilson campaigned on the basis of a renegotiated relationship with the EU (which never materialised) and maintained the deception that Britain being in the EU was about trade and that there would be no loss of sovereignty - Cameron pretty well copied the deceptions of the successful Wilson campaign; with a few fear tactics borrowed from the failed Scottish Independence Referendum thrown in for good measure; but by the time of the 2016 EU Referendum the EU had been rumbled for what it really is, and all the lies about the EU began to bubble to the surface where they were exposed. Sturgeon still insists on her ridiculous claim that Scotland would be a sovereign nation inside the EU; unfortunately she is leading Scotland into a disaster, if she persists.

Without going into detail of all the following changes that have taken place since 1973 - which are clearly and succinctly summarised on the Campaign for an Independent Britain website, in other articles on this site and elsewhere


The point of this article though is not to to go into further detail about how we got to this point, but to ask a fundamental question - the Civil Servants were acting appropriately when they produced the FCO:30/1048 document and did not publish the facts of what the Heath government were planning to the wider public (they are supposed to be neutral) - why has our establishment followed along with the biggest scam in History? - O'Donnell is totally out of order when he starts to interfere with Democracy in Britain, when, as a former Civil Servant, he is openly supporting the Remain camp.

More fundamentally, why did none of the subsequent governments repeal the ECA (1972) during the past 43 years since Britain signed up to the Treaty of Rome (1957) - which contains the blueprint for the EU Superstate - all of its components, structures and even the so called "Freedoms" - and the Civil Servants, particularly the ones at O'Donnell's senior level would have been aware of the deception against the British people; as they were in 1971 - why would he choose to speak out now in favour of maintaining the deception, and not speak out earlier to expose the charade - or not speak out at all, as would appear to be the norm? 

The major changes which took place took in the relationship between the EU and Britain relate to New Labour and Merkel - under New Labour Britain was pushed closer to integration within the EU and changed the entire make-up of Britain in which the basic trust between the establishment and the people was corrupted with the politicising of British institutions - even to the extent that under Blair the Metropolitan Police had two cars emblazoned with Vote New Labour slogans - this was symbolic of the corrupting influence of New Labour on British society, many of whom appeared to be acting as agents of the EU.

The Parliamentary Labour Party's attack on Corbyn for not preventing Brexit on behalf of the Blairite Fabian EU cabal is little more than a simple example of the control that the EU has over our establishment through its agents - Blair and Mandelson and many more; and which also seems to include Owen Smith, and of course many in the Conservative Party such as Cameron and Osborne et al., and not forgetting the large support in the House of Lords - the jury is still out on Theresa May.

Is this hold that the EU has over our establishment through infiltration and inducement? and is that the reason why our politicians will not expose the deception that is the EU?  What is clear is that 75% of our politicians cannot be trusted to act in Britain's interests - they chose to back the Remain camp. We cannot trust  a majority of our politicians and it now appears that we can't trust our Civil Servants either.  By giving away our sovereignty - which did not belong to the politicians - it was only ever on loan to them for 5 years - in 1972; they allowed the EU to inculcate their Communist ideology on our young and destroy our society; its infrastructure and public services - our governments and other political parties cannot be allowed to claim that they represent the people of Britain.

We need to repeal the European Communities Act (1972) first, then invoke Article 50 - put the EU on the back foot - because if the ECA (1972) was repealed, then the true nature of the EU would be exposed because they would only be able to change it through the European Courts of Justice (ECJ) (as per the Treaty of Rome (1957) provisions) which would completely blow away any pretence of British sovereignty in the EU. Once out of the EU we need to bring those who have acted against the interests of the British people to book; and reorganise our Parliamentary system to ensure that we can never again be sold out to a foreign power by stealth or any other means.