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27th June, 2017

Too Much - Too Soon

Mrs May needs to stop fawning over the EU and acting as if the UK is a weak vassal state - stand up for Britain. The position of EU migrants in Britain is totally different from the situation with British nationals in the EU. There are an estimated 3 million plus EU nationals here, and just over 1 million UK nationals in the EU.

UK nationals face restrictions in the EU: related to finding employment and for healthcare provision, whereas May is offering unfettered access to every public service in the UK in a ratio of 3 to 1 compared to our nationals - the largest part of which relate to Health and Education. Our nationals pay some part of their healthcare in the EU member states, and many are retirees; paying their own way, and therefore do not rely on EU benefit systems. In fact, we also pay for their healthcare and we do not obtain repayment from the countries of origin of EU nationals living in the UK. Our nationals are also not generally taking up school places in the EU - so there is massive difference in the circumstances and costs between our liabilities to EU nationals in the UK, compared with EU's liabilities or our nationals; even if the EU did reciprocate - too much for our leaders to be handing over our hard earned taxes so easily - too much too soon.

The UK taxpayers are simply being "taken for a ride" by the EU, and by most of our politicians - it is not the fault of the EU nationals - it is the fault of our politicians.Our so called representatives are supposed to being acting on behalf of those they represent - but instead they (mostly on the the political Left)  are falling over each other to hand over our Public (taxpayer's) money like every day is a Christmas Day. This needs to be stopped.

Public money is supposed to be spent in the best interests of the UK, not on ideological political fantasies, vanity projects or charitable donations designed to promote self-agrandisement; gain favours or to conduct corrupt practices, through bribes or inducements to foreign governments or support political movements (Foreign Aid)

It is also not there to allow politicians to build little empires within our public services through quangos, and politically active management layers (more interested in keeping power than giving service to the population); or to buy votes from foreign nationals or promote and fund anti-UK sentiment; and use public services (BBC) funding to promote anti-British propaganda - once again mostly the playground of the disreputable left wing in British politics.

Our political system needs completely overhauling - not just the Lords, but also the Commons - we need to have, as our representatives, only those loyal to our country, and at the moment that is not the case. The system of political appointments to the House of Lords, or "gongs" for cash, or favours, has gone too far - towards those who hate Britain, and everything it represents - preferring instead, to be controlled by a Communist dominated Dictatorship in Brussels (Berlin) - that needs to change.  

That said, there should be some arrangement whereby those from the EU, who have contributed to the UK, should be allowed to stay, and be entitled to what the UK has to offer, as long as that is not abused, and not provided to any who have already acted against the interests of the UK, through criminal acts or have sought to exploit our generosity.

Free Movement of Workers from the EU

In its original manifestation Free Movement related to "Workers" (originally Capital, Goods, Labour and Services) - in order to fill vacancies in a particular member states without the restrictions to access, such as work permits - and no-one would object to such a system, since it benefits the host employer and the migrant alike - but it would never work without some system of control.

The problem is that the underlying purpose of the Freedom of Movement of "People" is to simply open borders to mass movement of people, whether or not they have employment or means to support themselves; saint or sinner; an open house - which leads to the development of a large scale underclass, and ghettoisation within the society of each member state. This creates demographic changes within the member states - and eventually leads to loss of national identity.

Removing national identity has always been the primary objective of the EU, it is a cornerstone (along with the other "Freedoms") of the EU strategic plan, otherwise it would be impossible to develop the single government structure in Europe - except by force - since a single EU government in Brussels (Berlin) is totally incompatible with the governance of a collection of Sovereign member states.

One of the main reasons for wishing to leave the control of the EU political and legal systemwas so that we would control access to our public servicesto those who have contributed to its upkeep - plus any none UK nationals who were in need of ourhelpand assistance.

The Free Movement of People into the UK from the EU must end after the two year Article 50 (TEU) specified date (end of March, 2019) - any extension is simply ignoring the outcome of the EU Referendum vote - and a denial the will of the British people - If Theresa May cannot conclude the exit negotiations within that period, then someone else, from the Conservative government, or an outside, independent negotiator, needs to be appointed to take charge of negotiating on our behalf.

Other Stories - 1999 Scottish Tower Block Fire

According to a BBC report a 14 storey tower block - in Irvine, North Ayshire, Scotland, in which one man died, five were injured and damaged nine flats - caught fire and lit the outside cladding of the building, spreading the fire to the 12th floor in 10 minutes. As a result, regulations were changed in 2005 and no buildings in Scotland have been fitted with flammable cladding since that fire.  (see BBC News How 1999 Scottish tower block fire led to regulation change, 26 June 2017, From the section Scotland)  Despite the evidence that the fire spread through the cladding, cladding of tower blocks - as part of a programme of improving the thermal insulation - continued in England.

"The cladding of tower blocks began under the Blair government whose Decent Homes Initiative, which demanded that 95 per cent of social housing be brought up to specified insulation standards by 2010 but which failed to lay down adequate fire standards."(