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EUEXIT - 12th July, 2017 - From an earlier euexit article on Theresa May's appointment in 2016.

6th July, 2016

Tory leadership

​I can't help thinking that Theresa May is like the "Sniper" left behind by the retreating "remain" army to slow the progress of the "leave" army; whilst remain regroup and call in reinforcements from Juncker, Merkel and Schultz.

The context for everything that is happening in parliament during this leadership campaign though is that; since 1973 all British political parties and the House of lords, have been under the control of Brussels - this means that the new Tory leader Theresa May has already been decided by Brussels and the Tory politicians have been instructed on how to vote to bring about this result - Commission staffers have already been "outed"  in the Press for sending instructions to Tory MP's to vote to remain in future debates.

​In an article in the Telegraph by Jonathan Foreman headlined “Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary” - which was pulled after pressure from her campaign - it is clear that in every respect required by a leader of the Brexit from the EU negotiations she would be a total disaster - whether it is on immigration control failure or border force cuts or even on monitoring of migrant flow and in many other areas she has been totally ineffective in protecting Britain from the onslaught of mass migration - not forgetting her support for Sharia Law in Britain.

In fact, Theresa May is a dream player for the EU - but not for the UK - she must not be allowed anywhere near the Brexit negotiations because she will make all the effort from the Leave Campaign disappear without a trace.

We know how the Tory MP's will vote but the Tory members must put a stop to the interference from Juncker, Merkel and Schultz and make Brexit work for the people of Britain - not for the so called leaders of the EU.

The full text of Jonathan Foreman's article can be found at the link below - please pass it as widely as possible.

12th June, 2017

New Comment:
Since the time of the above article: The Article 50 (TEU) has been delayed by 9 months, further delays have come with the recent election, legal case and the subsequent, current re-organisation within the Tory Party - whose Manifesto can only have been deliberately sabotaged to help Brussels - there is no way that May & Co., did not know precisely what the "triple-attack" upon their core voters would do to the Conservative position.

Even after it became perfectly clear that it was damaging their campaign, May simply offered no respite from what came across as the prospect of widespread, perpetual misery, that the Tory Manifesto embodied - "just trust me and we'll discuss it after the election, she entreated. Now the EU Jackals (in Brussels / Berlin et al.) are circling the politically wounded UK; aided and abetted by the rest of our EUphile Parliamentary establishment, dominated by the Political Left and a collection of subversives on the other end of the political spectrum (apparently)

In stark contrast, as if in a coordinated action, the Labour Party offered an alternative to the prolonged despair promised in the Tory Manifesto - A Utopian vision of a land where Unicorns roamed freely, and where money grows on trees, and everybody loves everybody else; where we all sit down and drink tea with terrorists and leaders of rogue states - except that under a Corbyn Communist government's rule, we will all be equally poor and freedom will be an illusion - apart from those in the Corbyn's Politburo, their friends, the Unions and  apparatchiks.

And when we learn today, that Juncker had, reportedly, encouraged Mrs May to hold a General Election to increase her vote, it becomes clear that the EU have been interfering in our government actions directly - so, if true, should we conclude that Juncker "instructed May to hold a General Election"? which would lead to the question "Was May also encouraged / instructed to help the EU avoid any real "Brexit"? - in the true sense of the word?   

It is also telling that when questioned by Jeremy Paxman - she refused to explain whether or not she had changed her mind about Britain staying in the EU, and, instead, simply stated the mantra that she will deliver what the British public voted for on the 23rd June, 2016 - except that she has, so far, done everything possible to avoid such an outcome.

Who could have possibly predicted the outcome? Actually, the only surprise was that "Brexit" came out on top with 85% of voters wanting political parties which supported leaving the EU. Whereas, Farron and Sturgeon - who were most vocally against "Brexit" were left floundering - even if many supporters of "Brexit", such as the Labour Party,  were only really pretending to support leaving the EU.

We can do little to help the situation at the present, but hope that the Labour Party are kept out of office before it gets the chance to give EU citizens more rights than those of UK citizens, and, as a result, keep us in the EU by the back door; with the UK under the control of the ECJ - which will lead to the rapid destruction of the UK.

Other dangers originate from within the Tory Party itself: in England and also in Scotland, and the exact position with the DUP which is not yet clear - at best we are likely to suffer further delays, at worst the EU will be allowed to walk all over us - courtesy of our EU controlled politicians.

The conclusion from what we have witnessed is - that, following the June 2016 Referendum, our politics have been stage managed by the EU from Brussels and Berlin - through our EUphile politicians (at least 80% of the Commons, and most of the Lords) who were just EU puppets taking part in fantasy discussions, set-up political dramas and phoney legal cases. All supported by the BBC (Brussels Broadcasting Corporation) the Media, Judiciary and numerous commentators and agitators - all leading to the prevention of any form of "Brexit" that might possibly reflect the wishes of the majority of those who voted to leave the EU.

The British people have been betrayed and manipulated on behalf of the EU - through the connivance of all our political parties - with one single intention - to keep Britain hostage within the EU by any and all means.