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24th January, 2017

UK Democracy Subverted

Basically, the Supreme Court has given the Europhile MP's carte blanche to overturn the EU Referendum vote on the 23rd June, 20i6, and nullify the effects of leaving the EU in any meaningful way - and since the House of Commons contains 80% Europhile MP's, and a large majority of Europhiles in the House of Lords, this ruling is a subversion of our Democracy.

It is outrageous that Parliament had already voted in favour of the 2016 EU Referendum, and agreed to act upon its outcome, but now, after the fact, they have been given a second opportunity to overturn the vote - A disgraceful anti-Democratic ruling, in favour of the EU - which will not tolerate Democracy.

When looking at the Supreme Court ruling today it is important to note that, if Mrs May wanted to appeal this ruling she would have to take the case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), simply because the UK is not an Independent Sovereign nation anymore; and the real UK Supreme Court, the one to which we are subjected, is that EU court. 

We have not been an Independent Sovereign nation since our nefarious politicians "hijacked" our sovereignty and placed it in the hands of the EEC (EU) through the European Communities Act (ECA) (1972) - and thereby gave them permission to rule over us; whilst our politicians in the UK have pretended, ever since, that they act in the interests of the British people - except that they have never openly admitted that they gave away our Sovereignty (the law making powers which belong to the British people - and which are only ever on loan to Parliament) - and have been holding our Sovereignty "hostage" ever since. 

When New Labour came to power in 1997 Blair repealed the Treason Act (1795), in the Criminal Law Act (1998) and removed the death penalty for treason - he is such a helpful little Europhile; who was also looking after the interests of the MP's who have sold the British people into subjugation at the hands of a foreign power.

To protect themselves from the consequences of their treason they retained the power to repeal the ECA (1972), but only if a UK government could acquire a majority in both the Commons and in the Lords. 

In fact, Blair (and Brown) did much more than that, and the legal position that we currently find ourselves entangled within, is all down to Blair - the implementation of many EU Directives and objectives which are detrimental to the wellbeing of the UK, including, Devolution and establishing the so-called "Supreme Court".

Brown enacted the Lisbon Treaty (2007) using the Royal Prerogative to bypass Parliamentary scrutiny. The fact that the High Court and the UK Supreme Court have prevented Theresa May from using the same Royal Prerogative to leave the EU, on our terms shows that the Judiciary are at best inconsistent and at worst acting, not in the interests of Britain, but in the interests of the European Union - and this will always be the case regarding matters related to the EU, until the ECA (1972) is fully repealed.  

The Europhiles need to be replaced with those who want Britain to be free from rule by any power, other than those that we elect, and we can remove whenever they act against our interests. 

No one who has read, or has any familiarity with the Lisbon Treaty (2007) can possibly believe that it is in the interests of Britain to be in the European Union, and subject to its Totalitarian rule.

The ruling from Blair's Supreme Court; which allows our EU puppet Parliament and House of Lords to decide what is in the best interests of Britain is a subversion of Democracy - the very suggestion that MP's or Lords would vote in the best interests of their constituents on any matters regarding the EU (apart from a small number of them) is laughable - we know from the Expenses Scandal that they always act in their own best interests.

These MP's (particularly the PLP, SNP, LD's, Greens) and the Lords know exactly what they are doing - they are no different from those who signed us up to the ECA (1972) - they are being disingenuous when they claim that they accept the will of the people - they simply do not and, in their usual devious manner they seek to make "Leave" into "Not Leave" by trapping our country within the EU - thereby defying the will of the majority who voted on June 23rd 2016 - after which they can join their other failed politicians in the EU hall of shame.   

Unless this ruling can be circumvented in Parliament, Theresa May could be left with little choice, but to call a General Election in order to oust those who wish to turn our country into the status of a "backwater" of a German Federal State, administered directly from Brussels, without any further need for a puppet UK Parliament.