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2nd July 2018

UK Government Special Advisers*Updated

Much of the comments in the press over the weekend and today relate to speculation of the possibility of a Civil Service "stitch-up?" of the final deal that Mrs May will put to the EU negotiators. Whereby, through guile and subterfuge the terms and conditions relating to the final offer to the EU agreed by the Cabinet will be manipulated (rewritten) in such a way as to keep the UK in the Single Market (SM), Customs Union (CU) and under the control of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) without the Cabinet realising.

Just in the same or similar way, that during the disastrous 2017 General Election, when anti-Conservative voter policies - (a) to remove the triple lock on Pensions, (b) to ensure that the elderly with more than £100,000 in assets would have to sell their house to pay for their care and (c) means testing the "Winter Fuel Allowance' - were allegedly inserted into the Conservative Party Manifesto by the Prime Minister's advisers without prior knowledge of the Cabinet (or perhaps even Theresa May herself) - who were not given time to read the final document before publication. see Hugh Bennett's article "A Government U-turn on its fundamental Brexit commitments would be a disastrous mistake" - 2nd July 2018

Another Blair Legacy

According to the website (9th Jan 2017) - "UK Government Special Advisers":-

​"Special advisers are temporary civil servants, exempted from normal civil service impartiality requirements in order to allow them to give political advice to Ministers. Since 1997 there have been a number of moves to increase their ability to direct permanent civil servants."

Our comment - how can they be "exempted from normal Civil Service impartiality" - how can they be trusted?

"Whilst there had been Special Advisers employed by Governments in the past, their numbers increased by a huge amount under Tony Blair, rising to a total of 80 in November 2001. Tony Blair had 29, mainly in the new Downing Street Policy Directorate and his Strategic Communications Unit."

"The bill for these Advisers was £4.4 million in 2001, making the average salary nearly £60,000. The total salary bill for Tony Blair's private office was £10.8 million in 1999. The pay of most Advisers is kept secret, but it is known that both Alastair Campbell, Blair's Press Secretary and Jonathan Powell, Downing Street Chief of Staff, were paid more than £120,000."

"Although such Advisers hold a huge amount of power, none of them are elected and very few of their jobs are advertised - they are all political appointees."

Our Comment: how do they get away with such abuse of our parliamentary system?

The website also lists; by year and party - those individuals who have acted as special advisers and in what areas they advised, a useful database, some of whom are listed below:-

"Since the 2001 election, the Number 10 Policy Unit has been merged with Tony Blair's Private Office to form the Number 10 Policy Directorate, run by civil servant Jeremy Heywood."

"Andrew Adonis; Policy Directorate. Former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate (and local councillor) and journalist with the Financial Times and the Observer. Education and Constitution policy adviser at No.10."

Our comment: Blair's anti-Brexit cheerleader in the House of Lords

​​"Nick Timothy: special adviser to Theresa May. Timothy was previously deputy director of the Conservative Research Department, earlier in his career however he worked in the insurance industry." - he resigned in the wake of the disastrous 2017 General Election.

"Oliver Robbins; He cut his teeth at Gordon Brown's Treasury, helping to co-ordinate public spending policy, before going on to serve in senior behind-the-scenes roles for both Tony Blair and Mr Brown in Downing Street."

"After a spell as director of the civil service and as David Cameron's deputy national security adviser, Robbins became the senior civil servant in charge of immigration policy at Theresa May's home office."

"When Mrs May became prime minister she drafted Robbins in as
her senior EU adviser, prompting speculation the government wanted to put the free movement of people at the heart of Brexit negotiations."

"Robbins generated some headlines in 2016 when he was ejected from a Home Affairs select Committee hearing by then chairman Keith Vaz for failing to give information about the UK Border Force's budget on time."
(after BBC News "Brexit: The people who are negotiating", 16 June 2017)


The most shocking part of the analysis about such "special advisers" though is the extent of Labour Party (Blair) interference and blatant politicisation of the UK Civil Service.

The comments contained in the latter part of the introduction to the above report illustrate the brazen disregard for democracy of those who use power for their own ends - whilst pretending to represent the British people:-

"Many former advisers to the Labour Party have moved on to very well-paid jobs with lobbying and PR companies. Tim Allan, a former Downing Street Adviser, became Director of Corporate Communications for Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB. Anji Hunter, Tony Blair's former 'Gatekeeper' private secretary, took over as director of communications at BP on a salary of £200,000, and now works as a consultant to the lobbying firm Edelman."

"Like the majority of the Labour Government, most of the Special Advisers have been to Oxford or Cambridge Universities. Several Advisers have been friends with senior Labour Party figures for many years, others are partners of millionaires or bosses and all come from a self-perpetuating middle class elite that thrives on patronage, using it to by-pass the grubby world of democracy and slip into positions of power and influence." 

What next?

Those who know the EU for what it really represents despair at the fact that the EU Referendum result could be sidelined in favour of the status quo, on behalf of vested interests, by those whose loyalties and personal ambitions lie beyond our shores, whilst they dare to claim that they are looking after Britain's interests.

Whatever Theresa May comes up with will not be acceptable to the EU - because the UK leaving the EU is the worst possible scenario for the credibility of the EU - even though it is perfectly legal for us to do so - inevitability the EU - working with their supporters in our Parliament will simply force the worst possible deal on the UK negotiators in the hope and expectation that it would lead to an easily "rigged" second EU Referendum.

The phrase "Draining the Swamp" has never resonated so clearly as it does now with regard to our current political system, with all our political parties (in majority) at one with a foreign power.  

*Update 4th July 2018:

As if Blair wasn't bad enough

"The Labour Party under Gordon Brown inserted many of his "Spads" (Special Advisers) into positions of authority in many national charities. Such Chairman of Red Cross is also the chairman of @UKLabourNews and Justin Forsyth, a former New Labour adviser on £163,000 a year as chief executive of Save the Children. 

Brown also changed the Charity rules to allow them to be politically active. 

At least 25 are now actively political in favour of the Labour party.

They should under Charity Rules lose their charitable status." see (2013 – 040) 10th December 2013 - Comic Relief and most other Charities need thoroughly re-assessing.

Labour Party links to Charities and "Think tanks"

"Half of Gordon Brown’s ‘spads’ work for charities lobbying the Coalition..." 

"There is increasing concern among Conservatives that charities and think-tanks are being used as vehicles for a pro-Labour agenda.

Tory MPs said they were evidence of a “revolving door” between Labour and charities. Chris Grayling, the Justice secretary, said he was concerned that supposedly neutral charities and think-tanks were being used to get Ed Miliband “into Downing Street”.

“It’s now the career route of choice: they can use that platform to attack this Government and make their name, lining up alongside former special advisers, MPs and councillors to argue for more spending, or to spread scare stories that are often exaggerated or wholly untrue.”

"He added: “Britain’s professional campaigners are growing in number: sending emails around the country, flocking around Westminster, dominating BBC programmes, and usually articulating a Left-wing vision which is neither affordable nor deliverable – and wholly at odds with the long-term economic plan this Government has worked so hard to put in place.” see "Half of Gordon Brown's 'spads' work for charities lobbying Coalition, as Tories condemn 'revolving door" The Telegraph by Christopher Hope, Senior Political Correspondent 10:50PM BST 15 Aug 2014

The Net Effect

Since 1997 it has become far more difficult to establish "which reports" from "which organisations"are actually unbiased and we find that it is necessary to look at the candidate lists, salaries and funding lists of organisations to assess if what we see is believable, or at least credible, but probably true - of course it is not infallible; just a good indicator.

As pointed out above the website does provide a list of "Spads" by party and year from 1997 to 2016 - which can be easily cross-referenced to, at least alert the unwary to any intrinsic bias.

It is also worth pointing out that the political bias towards the EU is (by majority) almost at the level of "religious fervour" in all the current UK political parties and some of the Media. 

At we are totally against Britain being part of the EU in the relationship that is defined by the EU Treaties. We have no connection with any political party or other organisation and we receive no funding or other support of any kind - we are simply volunteers who believe that Britain under legal control of the EU is a very very bad place for the British people to inhabit - but a great place for Multinational Corporations and Bankers to plunder.