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  • Bishops (0)
  • Conservative (197)
  • ​Cross Bench (24)
  • ​Labour (1)
  • Lib Dems (1)
  • Others (12)

18th June 2018

Lords for the EU

The government was once again defeated in the Lords on the earlier "Meaningful Vote" in which Parliament takes over the negotiations between the EU and the UK government - this would allow the UK Parliament to nullify the EU Referendum vote on the 23rd June 2016 and tie Britain into the UK in perpetuity - under the guise that they are doing the best for the UK. The rest of the Lords' Amendments were overturned.

In reality, the Lords and the Commons are working together through "place-men" on each house with the EU - to force a deal which would be totally unacceptable to the British people and on that basis they would take the UK back into the EU or promote a second Referendum which would be "rigged", just like the Irish Referendum.

The result of the yesterday's vote in the House of Lords are as follows:-

In favour:-

  • Bishops (3)
  • Conservative (22)
  • ​Cross Bench (82)
  • ​Labour (147)
  • Lib Dems (87)
  • Others (13)

The votes for and against the Amendment totalled 354 to 235 giving a majority of 119. This would give Parliament a veto on any deal by the government - and if passed in the Commons would effectively mean that the EU would be negotiating with itself - the ultimate "Meaningful Vote" as far as the EU was concerned!

These numbers are similar to those for the earlier 15 Lords' Amendments where there is a clear "Red Left-Wing Alliance" in favour of the EU in the House of Lords - it must be noted that Lord Hailsham (Douglas Hogg) was ennobled by Cameron and he only entered the Lords after Cameron resigned in 2015.

Cameron and Blair have ennobled a large number of Peers (244 (Cameron) + 374 (Blair) or 618 Peers in total) and many of those voted for the 15 Lords Amendments and it looks like that is true in this latest round of votes - in other words it certainly looks like many those who are voting against the "Withdrawal Bill" are in place in order to prevent "Brexit"; the Blair / Cameron Rearguard action group - please see for more details and names of those who voted.