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29th February, 2016

UN-EU Policy

It is the stated aim of the United Nations (UN) to encourage the European Union (EU) to flood Europe with migrants, in order to destabilise the Nation States of the EU and render them Multicultural, a policy predicated upon false economic principles. 

That is to say that the stated aim of the UN is to assist the EU to change the demographic of the Sovereign Nations States of Europe who joined the EU, as diverse populations with strong traditions, customs and Christian ethics going back for 2000 years. Populations who had only recently escaped to what they thought was freedom from the tyranny of Nazi Germany (1945) or the USSR (1989), to be subjected to an influx from an anti-democratic, intolerant Middle Eastern Monoculture imposed by the UN-EU. The same fate to which Blair, Brown, Mandelson and New Labour has subjected Britain, and with the same subterfuge that migration is good for the country, good for the economy. 

Such a policy is only beneficial under a well designed programme of migration control, where the country only accepts those who would benefit the national interest and with the consent of the host population, not operated behind their backs.

The reality is that Germany (Merkel) knew that the migrants would not integrate from Germany's previous experience with the "Guestworker" programme in the 1950's to the early 1970's, so that begs the question why would they wish to encourage mass migration into the country, particularly from groups that won't integrate?

This policy was put forward by Peter Sutherland the UN Special Representative for International Migration (former EU Commissioner and former Goldman-Sachs Chairman for 20 years) to the British House of Lords committee on Migration in 2012. The meeting was reported by Brian Wheeler for the BBC with a tag line that Sutherland had stated that the EU should "do its best" to undermine the National "homogeneity" of the Nation States of Europe in order to make them Multicultural.

Sutherland did a round of interviews whilst the migrant crisis was developing pushing the UN-EU policy as Merkel encouraged the Syrian "refugees" to travel across the Sovereign borders of the EU Nation States in order to reach Germany, and shortly afterwards Juncker began offering EU passports to anyone who wanted to come to work in the EU, and seems to have suddenly decided to encourage more to come to Europe.

Neither Sutherland nor Juncker placed any restrictions on the numbers of new arrivals or their origin and in fact Sutherland was specifically suggest migrants from Africa, and pointed out that the EU had a population of around 500 million and he suggested that unlimited migration from Africa would be a benefit to Europe (RTE radio interview June, 2015). 

The key point is that the UN and EU are working together to change the face of Europe by disrupting and altering the nature of Europe, in order to bring about a single Federal Europe, which requires a total surrender of the Sovereignty of each Nation State to the EU, as prescribed by the Lisbon Treaty (2007), without any mandate from the populations of Europe; since only Ireland has ever voted on the Lisbon Treaty (2007).

However, this is the nature of the EU and it would appear that either none of the European politicians have ever read the Lisbon Treaty (2007) or are complicit in the fraud on their populations, or simply trusted their advisors. The fact that parts of the Eastern European bloc are now opposed to the changes that the UN-EU are trying to force upon Europe, suggest the latter.

Subsequent events indicate that the migrant "crisis" is going to plan and that phase two is underway. Having tried to cajole and intimidate the EU Nation States into accepting migrants (and the loss of Sovereignty that it entails) that they neither want nor need in order to "take the pressure off Germany." The EU are now in the process of taking over control of the borders of those countries which have refused to cooperate with the UN-EU plan, either using NATO or the EU Armed Forces.

Such forces include military assets taken from member states controlled by Brussels (Berlin), including British forces who have been or will be required to change their loyalty and swear allegiance to the EU; as required by the Lisbon Treaty (2007). 

Whether or not this will lead to a Civil War in Europe is likely to be revealed  before the end of this year.